Printable Internship Offer Letter Templates (Word, PDF)

The Internship offer letter is a requirement for most of the students when they complete their courses. Moreover, a certificate or degree will not issue unless they will do an internship in any organization related to their field. Nowadays this is a requirement for the applicants to show experience if they are applying for a position. It is difficult to join the working world without any prior knowledge of work experience in your related field.

What is Internship Offer Letter?

This document is an official confirmation from the organization that you have been selected for the desired field as an internee. Moreover, this is a part of documents that are given to the candidate after completing his/her training tenure. Further, they get more information about the program they are applying to.

The importance of an internship letter varies depending upon the resources you accept the offer. Moreover, only those candidates get this letter who complete their training. Further, there are chances that you get a job offer after successful internship training from the company you worked for. Therefore, you must show your full devotion and hard work during the training period.

What Offer Letter Should Include?

When your company requires you to extend an offer to internship candidates, then you write an internship offer letter. Normally, the internship letter contains details about the program and terms related to it.

It is also another way of an agreement between the intern and your company. An internship document contains the following details:

  • The Company’s Name
  • The title of an internship position
  • The starting and ending dates of the internship programs
  • The type of work you will expect from the intern.
  • Details about whether it’s unpaid or paid training.
  • Details of legal disclosures like non-disclosure and non-compete agreements.
  • The manager or supervisor’s details who is managing the internship program.
  • A statement of acceptance along with the signature of the applicant and a deadline for the response.

You must make clear in the letter that the agreement includes the terms outlined therein and it surpasses any previous discussion you have had about the internship position.

Internship Letters From Company

Different types of formats are available for this program. You can download the format of your choice and customise it as per the requirements. Moreover, if you have expertise in document builder like Microsoft Word, Excel, you can build it by yourself and keep selected text, font of your letter.

Types of Intern to Consider

As an owner, you can take a lot of benefits from the internees. Moreover, you have a choice to select promising professionals who are at the beginning of their professional careers. Further, you have a chance to evaluate their qualification without getting into a long-term commitment.

Since the internees come to your organization for gaining experience, they are less expensive as compared to professionals. So, you must have an idea of how to compose an internship offer letter as part of this program.

Before hiring, the procedure is you create a position of the intern for them. However, another question that arises in the mind is whether they will be paid or unpaid. At present, the company hires paid interns only. Because they know the reason that it should comply with the regulations of the internship payment set by FLSA.

There are, however, situations when it is logical to hire unpaid interns. For Instance, if there is a request from the local university to hire for the internship program. This is a very common situation and it does not require paying money to the internees.

Moreover, there are many programs in which students are required to go to their respective workplaces before they can graduate. Most universities have attached many organizations where their team send candidates to various internship programs with their employers the location. In such cases, you may receive an internship acceptance letter from the interns you have selected.

Therefore, if you are choosing students for the educational growth and providing experience to them which will help them to gain a good job in future. You should plan your program for unpaid interns because you are not looking for additional employees.

How do I write an internship acceptance letter?

Once the candidate accepts an internship offer letter. They will respond to write a letter to your organization. Moreover, the paid or unpaid letter gives the confirmation that you have accepted the candidate for the program they have applied for.

This offer letter contains all the important information about the program, as well as, all the basic details the applicant should be aware the offer from your side.

Since this acceptance letter means official communication between you and the organization. The candidate should write it in the proper format. Moreover, they should stick to formal procedures before accepting internship offers. As an owner of the company, you should look following details and read the acceptance details from the interns.

You need to check if the applicant uses a polite and professional tone in the letter.

See the language used is easy to understand to avoid any confusion.

The content of the letter should be short and precise – they shouldn’t beat around the bush.

Internship Acceptance Letters

There are different formats available for internship acceptance letters. You can download the ready-made format and fill in them all the relevant details. However, if you know how to develop yourself, you can build your letter by keeping different fonts, text sizes and coloring.

How do you accept an internship via email?

Nowadays more traditional methods are replaced by digital forms by their speed, reliability and ease of tracing them for future reference. That’s why a lot of candidates send their acceptance letters through email. However, when you are sending them through email make sure you attach all the relevant documents and make things easier for you. Further, in traditional letters candidates should observe proper courtesy and professionalism in their emails.

All the good things depend on this when the candidate accepts your internship offer. When they are responding to the letter it should contain the following:

  • They should accept your offer explicitly.
  • Moreover, they express thanks for the opportunity you have given to them.
  • How they are showing enthusiasm for the position.
  • They can provide all the details which company is asking them.
  • They can further ask clarifications and questions about the internship program.

If the student is replying through email it should contain all the relevant details and show their gratitude and professionalism. Moreover, asking for any details related to the letter, the way should be structured and relevant manner. Further, they should maintain standard professionalism and courtesy. Therefore, doing this opens a professional channel of communication with your company.

Tips When Writing an Unpaid Internship Offer Letter

Like how business offer letter templates present their offers, an entry-level position offer letter in pdf ought to give something fair and manageable to forthcoming beneficiaries.

Getting employed for an entry-level position isn’t tied in with getting the ideal remuneration rate. Most temporary job candidates are after the experience.

Here are a few hints on how you could explain an unpaid internship offer letter:

Be direct. Right toward the start of an internship offer letter, be forthright to offer the entry-level position for one to improve abilities and procure insight. It is smarter to be clear firsthand than to confound things in the middle. Offer letter designs in Google Docs for unpaid internship jobs are organized the same way as paid ones. A change in the content determining unpaid conditions makes the difference.

Provide internship position objectives. Planned candidates investigate shared objectives of an internship job. An exhaustive rundown of what the internship aims mean to give ought to motivate candidates to get involved notwithstanding neglected terms.

Ensure internship job responsibility. Have the kindness to guarantee understudies that their responsibility doesn’t liken to the responsibility of standard workers. They are offered internships to advance as they carry out negligible significant duties.


The Internship offer letter means that an applicant or student is selected for the role of internship program in the company or organization. Moreover, different universities have criteria that you need to do an internship program before getting a degree or diploma from their organization. The internship programs are paid to give more encouragement to the applicants that their efforts are appreciated. Moreover, there are bright chances that if applicants are showing good performance, the company will hire them as permanent employees. You can download templates of the internship offer program free of cost and utilize them as per your requirements.

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