Best Letter of Recommendation For Coworker (Samples & Examples)

A letter of recommendation for coworker increases your chances when you are applying for a new job. Moreover, the chances of employment are bright due to this letter. This is a scenario when your previous boos or senior thinks of their coworker. This letter should write positively. Further, an applicant submits their application along with curriculum vitae and supporting documents to the prospective employer. Therefore if any of your coworkers ask for the support of a letter of recommendation you show know how to help him/her.

Letters of Recommendation For Coworker:

This letter is a base when your colleague is going for applying for a new job. You need positive remarks that will help shortlist your application for the vacancy. Moreover, there are different formats available online. You can draft a format with the help of a document builder. You can modify the text and font size as per your requirement.

What is a letter of recommendation For a Coworker?

You write this letter for your associate to explain his/her abilities, capabilities and work experience concerning the role applying for. This letter aims to explain the work experience of a coworker that he has in his previous company and the success of projects.

Furthermore, a letter of recommendation for coworker explains how he can contribute to the vacancy he is applying for and can be an asset to the company. In addition, the hiring managers and recruiters review the document for the hiring process along with the applicant’s resume, portfolios and interviews.

First, ask yourself these questions

When you are writing a recommendation letter for your colleague you need to ask a few questions. Further, when you are giving a favour to someone, you should have a complete idea about the work. Otherwise, if you cannot perform this job, you should refuse. If you agree to the task ask a few questions:

Who do you want to address in the letter?

This question has a big significance regarding applying for the new job. You should address the right person who is responsible for the hiring process. Moreover, it’s a good impression that you have a sense of the recruitment process and their requirements.

Do you have a friend’s resume?

Sometimes it looks odd to ask for a resume. However, this makes sense for getting a clear idea of your coworker’s expertise, education and abilities. Moreover, this will help you to drat a better letter of recommendation.

Do you ask for your colleague for a Job Description?

This will support a lot when you are writing a job description of the letter from a job point of view.

Do you want to mention the Achievements of your Colleague?

This is another advantage if you are highlighting the achievements of your colleague. As a result, this will help him/her to provide a good impression before the hiring manager or recruiter.

How Your Associate can be an asset to the organization?

If you are mentioning his/her expertise and skills they possess. Similarly, it will help out to solve the issues in the organization once he is hired for the job.

What you don’t want to mention in the Letter?

It’s also important to check that your colleague is over-qualified for the job he is applying for. If this is a case, you should check that this achievement will go in his/her favour or will not consider him/her for the vacancy. Therefore, you must ask your coworker what to write and what you need to avoid. There is always a chance for improvement. That’s why You should help your associate by mentioning those things in the recommendation letter that can help him/her for getting the bright chance to achieve the job.

Recommendation Letter For Colleague

Your coworker is relying on you for providing the best support by writing the best words for the recommendation letter. Likewise, you should do your best analysis of his/her expertise and bring it in the letter. As a result, this will enhance the chances for the vacancy he/she is applying for. For this purpose, you can take help from the ready-made format available online. These are free to download and after a little modification in the text and font size, you can provide the best reference letter for your associate. You may also like Recommendation Letter For Internship.

How do you write a recommendation letter for a colleague?

If you make sure that you provide relevant information about your colleague, you can be sure of the position he/she is applying for. Here are a few steps for the recommendation letter of a coworker you need to follow:

Complete Information You Need:

First of all, gather all the relevant information about your associate before writing the letter. Moreover, this will help you as a guide in providing an efficient letter. Therefore, you can provide a certain help in shortlisting the candidate.

Verification of Details:

The details should be as followed:

  • What position you are applying for?
  • Who you will address?
  • List all relevant experiences and achievements
  • The due date of the letter
  • Describe your professional relationship in a short introduction

Initially, give your brief introduction at the start of the letter and your relationship with your colleague. Moreover, if you include your job title that will help the hiring manager or recruiter to read the letter and your qualification for writing the recommendation letter. In addition, you can provide the details of the number of years you work together on a specific project or in the company.

Contain some examples and make them as exact as possible

This section is for providing the achievements and works ethics of your coworker in the recommendation letter. Moreover, you can name instances that highlights his/her skills. In addition, you can explain problem-solving and critical thinking that can be proved very useful to the success of the project. You can explain that the same skill can help succeed in the future.

Describe how your worker can be an asset to the company

Sideways from gaining an understanding of work experience and work ethics, the hiring manager or employer wants to know what your coworker can contribute to the company. Further, how he can be an asset to the company for business growth.

Include Contact Details

In the last section provide your contact details. Similarly, if the recipient wants to reach you for any queries, he/she has complete information. Include these details at the end of the letter as a reference.


A letter of recommendation for coworker uses when he is going to apply for a vacant job in another organization. This will use as a reference and checking of your abilities and work experience for the hiring manager or recruiter. Moreover, you should collect all the relevant information of your colleague and then explain it in a better way in the letter. However, if you are not qualified for writing a reference letter, you should politely refuse your associate. In Addition, you should include all the elements that are necessary for the completion of the recommendation letter. Therefore, you should download templates from the internet. Further, you can modify it as per your colleague’s requirements.

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