Free Printable Vehicle Power of Attorney Form Templates (Word / PDF)

A vehicle power of attorney form uses to assign responsibilities like purchasing, registering and selling your vehicle to another person on your behalf. However, in most of the authorities, this form is signed in the presence of the notary republic.

A power of attorney means that you are delegating the power of purchasing, registering, titling and selling the automobile to another person. Moreover, you are hiring an agent who is performing duties of vehicle-related matters for you.

What is a Vehicle Power of Attorney?

Many times you face situations in which a car owner(called Principal) which could be a company or an individual needs help of another person(Agent) to solve issues related to vehicles. Moreover, you have a choice that you make your vehicle power of attorney specific or cover a broad range of services.

You should use a power of attorney for the vehicle if:

  • You have a physical problem attending to the needs of your vehicle.
  • Need services of an employee for paperwork/registering for vehicle/ title for a company vehicle.
  • You need an agent to transfer the vehicle’s title.

How to Use Power Vehicle of Attorney?

Before completing the vehicle power of attorney you should provide information of year, make, model, style, VIN and odometer(milage count). Moreover, this information will be input into your motor vehicle power of attorney. Further, when you got all this information, an attorney-in-fact will act on your behalf in favour of your vehicle.

Once your motor power of vehicle attorney is done, you can get the signature of the owner in the presence of a Notary Republic. You should also check Auto Expense Report Templates.

How to give Vehicle Power of Attorney?

If a vehicle needs registration, purchasing, title or sold, the owner selects another person to finish all these tasks on your behalf. The owner which is famous with the name of the principal is required to sign the form in the presence of the Notary Republic.

Collect Vehicle Information

The owner will collect ownership records which include:

  • Certificate of Title,
  • Registration
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Local Plates and
  • Other documents can be required from the vehicle officer.

Select the Agent

You can select an individual or company to handle the matters at the owner’s request. This should be trustworthy and he can fairly handle the responsibility.

Choose Powers

If there is a limitation in the power of the agent, you should define it properly. For Instance, if he is allowed to register the vehicle, it should be properly documented. Moreover, there are many vehicle power of attorney forms that are written in a way that gives responsibility to sell a vehicle. Therefore, the form should write according to the needs of the owner.

Signing Infront of the Notary Republic

After downloading and completing the written portion of the form, the principal should give the delegation power in the presence of the Notary Republic in the following way:

  • Physical Location
  • Financial Institution(Bank of America, TD Bank, Chase)
  • Use of Notary Directory(Provided By the American Association of Notaries)
  • Online
  • Notarization of the form enables the agent to use the acquired powers.

How To Write Vehicle Power of Attorney?

When you are going to write, it is the best approach to use the state vehicle power of attorney form. However, if there is no specific form for your state, you can use the generic one for filling.

Principal and Agent

In the first field of the form, you need to enter the name of the owner(the Principal) along with the mailing address. Similarly, you can follow the same for the agent(attorney-In-Fact). Further, to complete this step you have to mention the state where the vehicle will register.

Vehicle Information

Enter the following details.

  • The year of the vehicle
  • Make
  • Model
  • Vehicle Identification Number(VIN)
  • Odometer Reading

Vehicle’s Owner

For the owner of the vehicle, you need to enter the date of birth along with your Social security number. However, for the company’s vehicle, you need to enter a federal ID/EIN. For Instance

If this power of attorney is an individual’s name include the following.

  • Date of Birth: 08/09/1975
  • Social Security Number: 005-02-4567

If this power of attorney is the company’s name include the following.

  • Federal ID/EIN:


  • Principal’s Signature
  • Date of signature in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • Principal’s Signature:———————- Date: ————————–


The signature should be in the presence of the Notary.

It is the Notary’s responsibility to complete the acknowledgement of the validity of the form.

Further, the notary will affix their official seal.

Can Power of Attorney Purchase a Car?

Yes, he can! The powers delegated to him/her are largely optional. However, if an owner wishes, it is possible to purchase and even resale a car by using the form. Further, the condition here is that the owner should be fully aware of the execution of the car.

Is the “Vehicle power of attorney form” required to be notarized?

Yes, it does. It is already discussed that the worth of the document is only when it will be notarized. Therefore, the presence of the Notary Republic is compulsory. After notarization, it is acceptable. Similarly, there is no provision for use of the form without notarization. However, the conditions governing the notarization varies from state to state.

The Principal needs to use the Vehicle Power of Attorney Form when appointing an agent. He/she has to perform duties on the behalf of the owner. The signature on the form in the presence of the notary public regarding the POA to the agent. Further, the Principal, after signing, should retain a copy of the form for future reference.


The power of vehicle attorney form is for delegating powers to the agent for purchasing, registering, titling and selling your vehicle. You can sign the document in the presence of the Notary Republic with the date in the specific format. Once the agent gets the power, he/she can resale and purchase the vehicle on the behalf of the Principal. The form for vehicle power of attorney varies from state to state. However, if there is no specific form you can use the generic form.

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