Printable Weekly Meal Planner Templates (Excel, Word, PDF)

A weekly meal planner template helps you to plan your diet healthily. You can organize your meal with the help of a weekly meal planner. Moreover, you can plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner properly with the help of a planner. If you follow your weekly plan it will not be a hassle for you to maintain your diet and make you healthy.

If you want to eat better and get healthier, then you need to follow your weekly meal planner. To keep your diet balanced and maintain your body fat you should eat according to plan. Planning is a key factor in the daily routine of life. Similarly, diet planning weekly is essential to maintain your health.

Weekly Meal Planning Templates

Weekly meal plan templates are designed to help what and when you need to eat? However, it’s your first step towards your successful life to follow a diet plan. Therefore, it’s the best way to keep your life full of energy.

If you design your meal plan wizard seven days a week, it will help you to control your diet and spent a healthy life. Further, you can select one of the best templates that suit your diet daily and take you to the whole week. You can select the more inspiring style. In Addition, you will feel fun filling it. So, you need to edit text and modify the date and time and it’s ready to print. Moreover, by using colour coding the areas will that are a priority will keep you stay disciplined.

Benefits of Weekly Meal Planner template

It helps maintain food for you and your family. It is easy to plan and budget the cost.

The weekly meal planner template is helpful to maintain your plan for the market days. Typically, there are a few days in the state where the market opens on some days of the week. This is ideal for those who rely on fresh producers.

This helps cut down the costs in the family as you know everything is budgeted for. Likewise, food products become expensive day by day and this is the only way of reducing cost and saving large income.

A weekly meal planner model is ideal for organizations like hospitals, schools that have routines and looking for a specified way of diet.

Best in Decision Making and Planning

The weekly planner is as simple as a reference note that is useful in making decisions and planning for a certain period. You can have a standard nature to the estimates you plan. Moreover, working for a blind estimate might result in unsatisfactory results. Further, with diet planning, you can decide which part of the budget to cater for more than the other. A weekly meal planner template is an essential tool if you are thinking of food security, as it helps you save income if it is well balanced. Therefore, you cannot study, work, or live without food, and how well it is planned, the better.

How do I make a weekly menu plan?

  1. Create a list of recipes
  2. Sort the recipes by using protein
  3. Make the lists of weekly planner
  4. You can more figure out what you already have
  5. You need to post it
  6. Just do it
  7. Repeat it for next week
  8. Rotate as per requirement

Healthy Diet Chart

Healthy food includes:

  1. Fat-free and low-fat foods such as yoghurt, cheese and milk.
  2. Protein foods like meat, fish, poultry, beans and peas.
  3. Foods made from whole grains, such as whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, and brown rice.
  4. Fruits in cans, frozen, or dried form.
  5. Classes of Food
  6. Normally, there are seven classes of food like
  7. Carbohydrates,
  8. Proteins,
  9. Fats,
  10. Minerals,
  11. Vitamins
  12. Water

How To Create Weekly Meal in Word?

If you have little expertise in Microsoft Word, you can develop a weekly diet plan. For creating the diet plan there are the following steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Word document
  2. Go to Blank Document
  3. Go to File Menu and click on New
  4. Then In the Menu Click on Insert and “Add a table”
  5. Click on Insert table
  6. There are no. of column and no. of rows.
  7. Just highlight the seven columns and rows
  8. Give Headings of Weekdays from Saturday to Friday
  9. Then add your meal on daily basis and follow it.

By following these steps you will draft a weekly meal plan template and you can highlight with colour each column of the daily meal once you finish it.

Five Steps of Basic Meal Planning

Five steps are important in basic meal planning. Here are the elements of the following:

  1. First, find your favourites. You can request your family members to build a lot of their favourite meals. For Instance, they are desserts and sides.
  2. You need to have a look at your cabinets. Before you write your meal plan, see what you have on hand.
  3. Moreover, you need to check your calendar.
  4. Plan your menu which is based on store sales.
  5. You can cook from scratch.

How Do I Plan a Daily Meal?

There are a few steps that help you plan your daily menu.

  1. You can post a grocery list which you can see easily
  2. You can list down your daily meals which are favourites in your mind.
  3. Search on which is available and which is special to plan your meals
  4. Start Planning on it
  5. You should eat healthy meals and snacks
  6. You can save time on your proper meal planning

If you eat one meal a day, you will likely not get the calories and nutrients your body requires to succeed. Moreover, by eating within a longer time, you may be able to increase your nutrient intake. As a result, if you are selecting to eat a meal one day, you should not do it seven days a week.


A weekly meal planner template is ideal for those who want to spent healthy life. If you are following your diet plan it is beneficial for your body and helpful in keeping your body fit and slim. In Addition, if you make a routine to act on a weekly meal planner, you can enjoy your life full of energy. A weekly meal planner is an ideal tool because it helps save your time and the cost of the budget. The weekly planner templates are easily available on the internet. Your approach is to select the guide according to your need and modify the text and font size. Moreover, you can colour the areas which will show the days are passed and are up-to-date according to the planning.

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