18 Free Painting Estimate Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]

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A painting estimate template is a useful tool that allows its users to estimate the cost of painting in an effective way. Before starting it, it is important to estimate the cost of a painting job. You have to do proper planning to accomplish this task. By estimating the accurate costs, you can gain customer’s trust and enhance your market value. So, the painting estimate template is the perfect tool that best fits the painting estimation. Before estimating, you have to understand the following things;

  • How much you need paint
  • What is the value of the painting
  • The cost of the labor
  • The cost of the other material such as paint tape, masking paper, brushes, and roller.

You should also discuss this cost with other professionals. However, it doesn’t matter either you will paint the interior or exterior, the important thing that you have to understand is whether the estimated cost is affordable or not. Also, not every person can perform the estimation. Important skills with estimating calculators and templates are needed to perform this task. You should also check Free Petty Cash Log Templates & Forms [Excel, Word, PDF].


How to estimate the painting job?

We know that every project needs the perfect planning to accomplish it successfully. Thus, for a painting job, it is important to estimate the cost and time required to accomplish it. Here are some steps that you should follow to make a perfect estimation;

Choose the estimate tool:

There are different estimating tools to estimate the cost for a painting job such as templates and calculators. You should use those tools that are easy to use and work for you. Hiring a professional painting estimator is not affordable for all. So, you can download free editable and printable painting estimating templates to complete your task.


Measure the area:

Measuring the area that you are going to paint is the most important part of estimating the cost of the paint. The tools you can use for this purpose are the ruler and the measuring tape. Additionally, if the room you are painting contains windows or doors then subtract the area of the windows or doors from the total area.

Identify the cost of paint:

Now, you have to identify the cost of the paint. It is easy to estimate the cost of paint if you know how much paint you will require for a certain measurement. According to the quality of paint, the price of a gallon of paint varies. Moreover, it also depends on the quality or brand. Good quality paint has the following characteristics;

  • Good spreading power
  • Work smoothly
  • When it dries there are no cracks
  • Dry quickly.

The cost of labor:

It depends on the area you are going to paint that how much labor you require. At first, identify the hours you will need the laborers to complete. Then, multiply it with the labor rate to determine the total cost of the labor.


Identify the cost of materials:

The next step is to estimate the cost of materials you are required during painting such as brushers, rollers, and tapes. Write the cost of each material in the template to figure out how much you have to pay to purchase these materials.


Sum the total price:

In the end, after identifying the cost of all factors, sum the cost value of all items with the help of a painting estimate template. You may also like Free Delivery Schedule Templates [Excel, Word, PDF].

Advantages of painting estimate:

  • Painting estimate is an effective way to estimate the cost of the painting earlier.
  • It enables you to make a better decisions.
  • It develops a great relationship between you and the client.
  • It provides more flexibility in the work and accomplishes the project efficiently.
  • With the help of a painting estimate, you can complete the work on time.


In conclusion, by using the painting estimate template, the painting contractor adds more colors to customer’s lives and structures their profession. Estimation is the most important task to accomplish your painting job on time.

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