Printable Commercial Invoice Templates (Excel, Word)

The commercial Invoice template is a document that is a proof of transaction between the seller and buyer. A commercial invoice is normally for international deliveries. Unlike a regular invoice, a commercial invoice use is when you cross the border. Further, the documents required are country of origin, harmonized system code, freight terms etc.

What is a Commercial Invoice?

A commercial invoice is a document that is as a request for payment. Further, it uses for goods sold internationally. This paper is the requirement of the customs department. They are controlling the imports. They require the invoice for checking duties and tariffs. Moreover, they prevent hold-ups. In Addition, a proforma invoice is a medium that is a negotiation between seller and buyer. Normally this is before issuing a commercial invoice and issuing goods. The proforma invoice gives the buyer a better estimate of the final invoice and when the delivery will occur. Therefore, this invoice is not for requesting payment. However, this gives the idea to the buyer about paying amounts in future.

Types of Commercial Invoice Templates

  1. Canadian Commercial Invoice – For the sole utilization of sending a bundle from beyond Canada and into the country.
  2. FedEx Commercial Invoice – When transporting an item universally utilize this form while presenting a bundle to be sent by FedEx.
  3. DHL Commercial Invoice – Use at chosen DHL areas while sending a package to another country.
  4. UPS Commercial Invoice – Submit to a UPS delegate, either at a corporate or establishment area, and use to universally send a package.
  5. USPS Commercial Invoice – To send a bundle universally with the United States Postal Service.

Reasons for using a Commercial Invoice

Reduces delays – If the fitting documentation is clear, brief and comprehensive of all expected data, it will essentially diminish delays inside Customs, as they will have all data important to effectively settle on a choice of the items. Illuminates custom’s security regarding contents – If Customs doesn’t have the necessary documentation the package(s) could confront extra assessments. This would involve holding a shipment however long important to lead the test and might cause all future shipments sent by the transporter to be deferred too. On the off chance that the data on the Commercial Invoice matches the traditions section structure, the Customs Agent can derive that the bundle is no problem at all. This will settle on the choice of the freight bundle to go into the country quicker. Gives history of the package – Providing the historical backdrop of the package will be valuable data for the Customs Agent to need to concede passage to the package. This data can assist with following the bundle beginnings if crossing numerous nations or on the other hand if the items/makings of the package at one point were restricted from the country it is entering.

Components of a Commercial Invoice

  • The transporters’ first name, last name and address.
  • The consignee’s first name, last name and address.
  • The provisions of the deal, the amount paid and cash data (in the country it was sold and the nation it’s coming into).
  • The full export reason.
  • A completely definite portrayal of the thing or things sold, comprehensive of what lies under the surface for the thing.
  • Name of the thing and the reason for the thing.
  • Data distinguishing assuming the thing requires Harmonized Tariff Codes.
  • The region or nation of beginning for everything as far as where it was fabricated.
  • The complete number of things or units, all out worth of every unit (likewise thought to be the price tag).
  • The total weight (net and gross) of each package and the complete number of packages.
  • The shippers’ signature and date.

If a thing contains no business esteem then an honest evaluation or ostensible market esteem should be expressed on the Commercial Invoice. Furthermore, to diminish defers the data on the Commercial Invoice ought to be expressed in the language of the nation of flight and nation of import to lessen delays.

Step-by-step instructions to Complete a Commercial Invoice

Set up the package for shipping

Guarantee the package is ready and has space for the Commercial Invoice.

Download and fill in Commercial Invoice

Finish up the Commercial Invoice to the end. Contact nearby Customs and Border Protection for extra help and data concerning prerequisites.

Add Commercial Invoice to the bundle

The Commercial Invoice ought to be open from beyond the package. The Commercial Invoice ought to be taped to the beyond the package in a fixed clear bundling posting the air waybill or the following number and ought to be remembered for within the package too.

Send package for transportation

When documentation is prepared the package can be shipped off the suitable substance for delivery.

Could I at any point utilize a Commercial Invoice with Amazon?

On the off chance that a shipper is keen on using Amazon to sell products, a Commercial Shipment can’t be utilized as that is intended to be a traditions statement form. The transporter ought to use a Billing Invoice to lead the business through Amazon.

Commercial Invoice Templates

You can download free templates of commercial invoices. They are online available. You need to customize this document as per your requirement for goods. Further, the payment request is through this invoice. The customs department checks it for duties and tariffs.

Is it always necessary to include a commercial statement?

Normally, this document is not for everywhere. However, its requirement is for international borders. For Instance, if your package is going to deliver between two states of the US like from Florida to Texas. There is no need for a commercial invoice. In Addition, the same rule is for all European Union(EU) countries. The movement of goods and services is free of customs regulations. They also follow the same regulation. If there is any other type of shipments like from the US to Canada, Canada to EU, the US to Asia and so on. There is always a commercial invoice requirement. It should attach to the shipment.

Use of Commercial Bill

Commercial bills are for different purposes. However, the seller and buyer should know when to use them and how to fill them correctly. Further, importers and buyers should have platy of information about the bill and when ask to prepare. Here are few details of its use: As an exporter, you will use it for your insurance claims, grants and loans. Therefore, if you have this in your hand, you can do faster and smoother transactions when presenting the requirements. It is as proof of records for purchase & sale for buyers and sellers. If you have records of purchases and sold items, you can use them for financial recording and accounting purposes. With the commercial invoice. It is for issue the payment through the bank to the exporter. If you don’t have the statement, the bank refuses to release the payment as per the policies. This is also working as a supporting document when there is a claim on a particular shipment. Further, you need to present this commercial statement. When goods ship to another country, the importer need to hand over this before the merchandise clear through customs. Without this, items are held at the airport and you have to fulfill other requirements. That’s will be very inconvenient. Banks properly check this commercial bill before giving money under the letter of credit(LC) or documentary collection. This statement is also links with inspection certificates. This is proof that whatever you are sending is of the best quality and as per the demand of the customer. The government also use it to check the worth of goods when assessing duties. It serves as a binding contract when there is a transaction. It is the key requirement when there is an import licensing requirement by other countries.

Necessary Information In Commercial Document:

Being a seller or an exporter, you should plan a commercial bill carefully. However, you should have complete information about filling it correctly. Further, all the information should enter properly to make it an official document.

  1. Full name, postal address and contact details of the seller.
  2. Full name, postal address and contact details of the buyer.
  3. If in the case of merchandise, full name. postal address and contact details of the person the merchandise is shipping to.
  4. Reference number along with the date of issue of the invoice. Further, the number of orders of merchandise.
  5. Complete details of the good in which marking, quantities and weight include.
  6. Detailed trade description of merchandise in English.
  7. Quantity with net and gross weight of the merchandise.
  8. Merchandise’s currency and price.
  9. Any discounts and charges if any, verify the prices mentioned in the invoice.
  10. Time and mode f payment with delivery.
  11. Merchandise origin of country and if the manufacturer is there it is useful.
  12. What is the route and means of shipping.
  13. Date along with sales reference number.
  14. The time and date along with the place for the goods sale.
  15. Signature and date(signor’s title is also compulsory)

These are the requirement for the complete commercial invoice. Further, you need to assure one original copy with you and other copies for seller and buyer.

Unfilled Commercial Invoice

The blank statement can also be download free from the internet. You can fill in the details with the person who knows all the information about the commercial bill.

Create a Custom Invoice Template

You can design your template for the company or business if you have complete information. A few steps will guide you to create your customized template.

  1. You can go to any reliable website and look for the template that is the best match. They have a pre-made document. You can download it as per your requirement and can use it.
  2. It’s better to fill your bill online which will give you a better understanding of the format.
  3. Use Microsoft Excel format and forms and design your commercial invoice template. Moreover, you can find it online and see the format which is according to your business. Fill it with all the necessary information to look at it as an official document.
  4. There is a requirement but there is no specific format that you need to follow. It’s better to use a pre-form wizard with the help of which you can enter all the details accurately.

Awareness about terms before Filling Invoice

Commercial invoices contain a lot of information. To fill it correctly you should know the proper terms present on any invoice.

  • Shipping or Exporter means the person who is selling, shipping or exporting merchandise commercially.
  • Consignee where the purchase merchandise is ship.
  • Intermediate Consignee: The person or company who will work as a liaison in the other country to complete the delivery.
  • Date: refers to the exact date when merchandise is about to ship.
  • Invoice Number refers to the commercial invoice number, which seller or exporter gives.
  • Customer PO Number refers to the reference number for the order, which buyer or the customer gives.
  • Currency means the actual currency used in calculating total amounts in the invoice.
  • Country of Origin means the country where the merchandise came from.
  • Country of Destination links to the country where the merchandise is going to export or ship to.
  • Carrier belongs to the company or the route which is to export the merchandise.
  • Terms of Payment refers to the terms and conditions, agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller.
  • Terms of Freight refers to any terms and conditions which would apply to the whole shipping and delivery process.
  • Notes refer to any shipment and delivery instructions from the buyer.
  • Unit Value refers to the cost of each of the items, individually.
  • Weight refers to the total weight of all the items combined.
  • Freight refers to any transportation charges.
  • Insurance refers to any insurance charges.
  • Signature refers to the title and signature of the shipper along with the date the merchandise ship.


The Commercial Invoice template uses as payment for sold goods internationally. It is proof between seller and buyer. The customs department is there for checking taxes and tariffs. Further, this invoice should be with you to save from any inconvenience. Moreover, you should use all the terms so that you can fill them accurately and make it official documents. As a result, it’s preferable to use pre-made forms and match them with your business. You can download the online form and use it for your purpose.

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