25+ Free Punch / Reward Card Templates [Word, PDF]

If you are running a proper business, the punch card template will work best for you. Punch card is a valuable strategy for marketing. In addition, by using the templates, you can make the punch cards more enthusiastic for the customers.

What is a punch card?

A punch card is a piece of paper or cardboard that is used by businesses to get more sales. It is used to provide benefits to the customers. It is also used to keep track of how much and how often customers make purchases in a store.

Moreover, it is also known as a loyalty program because businesses start increasing their sale by offering reward points after completing the card. When the customer completes the card then he/she receives a reward from the business or company. There are different kinds of rewards that customers obtain.

Benefits of having punch cards:

Some benefits of having punch cards for your business are;

  • You can use the punch cards to introduce a loyalty program which will increase the likelihood of the customers. Providing your customer’s loyalty cards encourages them to keep coming back.
  • By providing something to the customers when they complete their cards, you will express gratitude and appreciation. However, it also acts as motivation for your customers to not only keep on coming back but also make a good image of your business.
  • As an owner of a small business, to take a step ahead of your other competitors, you can start a loyalty program. It is the most useful and easiest marketing strategy. So, if you providing rewards to your customers then they will surely give you an edge over the competition.
  • Designing and making punch cards aren’t just easy but also don’t cost much. Also, with the help of social media, it became very easy for the word to spread.
  • These cards can be designed by anyone.

How to make your own punch card?

Here are some tips that will help you in making your own punch cards;


At first, when making a layout, select a normal card size in a landscape format.


You can select an image or a minimal design for the background of the front side of the card. You should select those images or designs on which all the text and information can be clearly read.


If you choose a photo for the background then there is no need to add a logo because it will make your card too crowded and full. You just have to write your company’s name. on the other hand, if you choose a simpler design, you can add your company’s logo along with the name of your company. You should also check Printable Stock Certificate Template.


Next, on the front side of your card, you can also write the title of your loyalty program. Keep it simple and short so that it grabs the customer’s attention.


You should also add your establishment’s address on your punch card. It is helpful for the new customers to visit your establishment after hearing about your promotional program.


Provide your contact information along with your address. It will be helpful for the customers in order to get more information about your program.


Now, at the back of the card, you just have to write down all the terms and conditions of your punch card promotion. There is no need to put much thought into its design.


Leave some space for the icons to be placed in front of your card. Your icons can be more complicated like graphics.


In conclusion, a punch card template is an effective tool that you can provide free as many customers as you want. Bear in mind that during providing punch cards to the customers ask them to fill them in and return. Also, ensure them that the reward is justified.

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