19 Free Old Newspaper Templates (Word / PDF)

In the early times, the newspaper was the only source of information about the world, sports, entertainment, trade and others. The old newspaper template was a good source of old-fashioned looks for designers. Users can use this template to design websites, cards and flyers.

What is Old Newspaper?

Fashion and style are such elements that celebrate for many years. The charm of the old and bygone is often more alluring than the new and exciting. Therefore designers take up the theme of the old newspaper that provides variety in their creations. Moreover, they take templates of such old newspapers from the internet and use them for various purposes. Every organization professionally wants the news and articles. Therefore, people don’t hire professionals for the newspaper template. It is useful when you are creating a look of black and white in it with an old writing style. Similarly, it is useful in any form of substance that you like. Further, research shows that the old style of newspaper template and the new style can combine and create a new combination that is ideal for the people.

Old Newspaper Templates

One of the newspaper templates that is called vintage gives a unique look for the readers. Moreover, the concept and the style provides an attractive look for the viewers. This style was very simple in its format and provides attraction. Further, in these types of templates black and white clour was dominant and had a monochromatic look. You can download the format that looks good to you. Moreover, for an outstanding look, you should follow the style and format of news and articles.

Best Source of Communication

The newspaper is the best source of communication between the people and the world. Similarly, you get aware of daily news and current affairs. Further, they try their best to publish the news in an interesting way that readers understand it quickly with an authentic statistic. Moreover, they divide the newspaper into different sections like sports, entertainment, news, games, economics and ads. You can select your favourite newspaper layout templates from the website and download them free of cost. Moreover, these layouts are editable and you can customize them as per your need.

Elements of Newspaper

It is necessary to read the newspaper and watch the television to remain updated about the world. There are different formats to print the newspaper. You can see the formats in PDF, Words and other formats that work for you. It is easy to download and you can choose to work with these formats. We share different elements of the newspaper that every newspaper should follow.

Anchor Story

Anchor news is on the first page of the newspaper. However, the first page contains the headings of the best news. The headline style of the newspaper is different from the hard stories.


The banner appears on the top of the newspaper. The story is under the masthead of the newspaper.


The unusual story was printed through a printed box.


The name of the article author is between the headlines or article text. This printed line is called a byline.


A printed line under the image that appears in the newspaper is called a caption.


The form of advertisement appears in the newspaper. The trader pays the amount for the advertisement.


This is a line appearing in the story with the date and the name of the place where this is written.


This is the most important part of the newspaper in which name of the newspaper, publish date, place and name of the editor, etc.


It’s another name is a leading article, the newspaper publisher gives the opinion about the newspaper printed on the front page.


There is a printed line that shows the page number, date and day of publication.


These are on the front page and shows the main story or news.

Importance of Newspaper

Below are a few points that show the importance of the newspaper in our daily life.

  • It is one of the most strong communication media between people and the world.
  • Through this medium, you can get information about news, sports, entertainment, economics and advertisement.
  • There is a section through which you get an idea about public opinion.
  • It gives maximum exposure to students, businessmen, old people and the information they need will get at one place.
  • It is also a source of unemployment because most of the organizations give jobs advertisement in the newspaper.
  • The regional, country and worldwide news are also there.
  • It’s a daily routine of people to read the newspaper like a life event. They also use television and mobile for reading news.

Benefits of Newspaper

There are lot of advatages to read the newspaper, some prominent features are as follow:

  1. You get aware about your country , region and world wide information.
  2. It is an important source of knowledge about education, politics , sports and trading.
  3. It improves your reading habbit and that gives you motivation to remain up-to-date about current affairs.
  4. All the things that you want about politics, sports, trading, advertisement are available at one place.
  5. You can find it easily in your area to connect with the people of the world.
  6. There’s something about the old musty smell, the discoloured paper, and the age-old font that grabs the readers’ attention and propels them to keep reading the old newspaper.


This Old newspaper template has been carefully crafted so that it can be easily customized to suit your needs and the mood of your content. However, these Vintage newspaper templates are designed to mimic an old newspaper, with ample space for headlines, columns for content, and even retro images. Therefore, spreading the word or expressing your thoughts in this manner will definitely gain you more followers. But how? Download this old newspaper template. Through these old-style templates, designers get ideas that are really appealing in the current environment. As a result, the old newspaper templates play a vital role in connecting the people of the world.

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