Free Printable High School Recommendation Letters (Word, PDF)

The purpose of a high school recommendation letter is to discuss a student’s personality, abilities, ethics, and interactions with others. Moreover, this letter addresses the specific authority. The purpose is to inform the student regarding his performance and capabilities in school. Further, there are many processes where a recommendation letter is used. It helps out a screening committee to identify the items where the student is involved.

What is Student Recommendation Letter?

The student recommendation letter is a reference, normally by a previous teacher, of an understudy’s hard-working attitude, character, and how they cooperate with others. A recommendation ought to be given by the teacher to any individual applying to school, graduate school, an MBA, or any position where a previous instructor’s affirmation would be useful. The letter is to be composed by the former teacher and sent straightforwardly to the party that is mentioning the reference.

Types of Student Letters

School (High School Student) Recommendation Letter – For secondary school understudies applying to school.

Organization Recommendation Letter – For understudies vowing to be in a coordinated gathering of men.

Graduate School Recommendation Letter – For those with a four-year certification looking for extra investigations or an expert’s program.

MBA Recommendation Letter – Also known as a ‘Experts of Business Administration is a master’s level college albeit for the most part can’t be begun until the applicant has had some true insight.

Grant Recommendation Letter – For an understudy looking for an award to pay for education.

Sorority Recommendation Letter – For undergrads promising to be in a coordinated gathering of women.

Who to Select?

A student hoping to have another person compose a recommendation for them ought to ask themselves, “who have I been nearer to than some other educator, mentor, or employee at my school?”. What schools are searching for in the recommendation letter is to get a brief look at the understudy’s character while making the judgment of the decision about whether to permit the candidate into their school. Subsequently, choosing somebody who can compose the most personal recommendations about the understudy is ideal.

High School Recommendation Letters:

The high school recommendation letter templates are available online. You can download it free from the different websites and customize it as per your need. Moreover, these references help to create high school recommendation letter templates. The letter should have the address of all the parties, their contact details and dates. Further, the reference letter contains the name of the student along with the admission/registration number. For making authority and responsible letter it should be signed and stamped.

When does a high school student need a recommendation letter?

A high school student needs a reference letter on various occasions. For Instance, when a high school is going to transfer from one institute to another institute. Moreover, this letter is helpful for the receiving teacher to know about the nature of the coming student. Similarly, the receiving teacher needs to check the strength of the student. As a result, the recommendation letter is the best source for bringing the coming student to the right class and group based on strength.

In addition, this letter is also a requirement for those students who want small jobs to follow their degrees or diplomas. Moreover, some students need money for paying their school fees. Therefore, this letter helps such students in getting a job and continuing their education.

How do you write a recommendation letter for high school?

There are some questions that the reference should ask from the student. Similarly, he/she should include all the relevant information in the letter.

Initially, the recommender should ask that what makes the student work hard. Moreover, this question helps what is the inner motivation of the student. This information will make him/her relevant to the place you are referring to.

Furthermore, ask the students about their certain needs. Likewise, there is an answer to this question in the letter. As a result, this helps the receiving teacher to place the student as per his/her ability.

Next, how the student will interact with his/her class fellows. Similarly, in answer to this question, you should determine the relationship and leadership qualities that a student has.

Finally, ask a student why a student need this letter. Moreover, by asking this question the recommender can know the purpose of the letter. Likewise, if the letter is for further studies or getting a job then you should prove that you select the best candidate for this position. You can also take help from the school templates.

Recommendation letter for high school admission:

You can find different templates which are available free of cost. Further, you can download templates and use them according to your requirements. Moreover, this letter has great significance from the student’s point of view. Therefore, to prove the capabilities of the student this letter should be in such a format that fulfil all the needs.

Gather information from the student (pre-writing requirements)

Writing a reference letter is a time-taking process. Similarly, the teacher can’t finish it within the working hours. Further, you can make this process easier for writing and make it fast for the teacher. For this purpose, the student should provide information regarding their grades and achievements. Further, how the student performs throughout the school years. Likewise, provide the information related to the job position or school program. The teacher needs to ask related questions before writing a recommendation letter.

Deadline For Letter Submission:

The student will share the date on which the letter is submitted and sent to the college where he/she is applying. Likewise, if you spent more time, you can prevent your letter from being rushed.

Details about the college applying for:

The following details should be asked from the student:

  • The name of the school or college where he/ she is applying
  • The details where you will send the letters or email address in case of online applications.
  • The contact details of the school or college such as phone number and email address.
  • The name of the person or recommender who is receiving the letter.
  • The person’s name who will interview the student. However, the name of the person taking the interview is not declared before.
  • The name of the interviewer is not included if it’s not available.

Title with Description:

The teacher must acquire from the student about the position/subject that he is applying for.

Skills and qualifications:

Ask the students about the skills and qualifications needed by the company or college. Similarly, the eligibility criteria they are complying with.


The student C.V. is an important document if he is not having experience. However, the achievements and the certificates from the students are sufficient.

Student Recommendation Letter

  • Recipient’s Name
  • Address
  • City, State Zip Code
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Email
  • Date
  • Receiver’s Name
  • Title
  • High school name
  • Address
  • City, State Zip Code

Dear Sir? Madam

It’s my honour to know ABC as my student for four years in XYZ high school. He is a very dedicated student who always did top in my class throughout the four years. ABC is an outstanding disciplined student who is always on top regarding integrity.

For the years I have known him, ABC did well even in the co-curriculum activities. He represented the school in external competition and provided a good report.

I am fortunate to refer him as a good student in your college. I assurance you that he is going to follow his career peacefully without causing unnecessary drama to your administration. With his integrity and diligence, I assure you that he will be one of your reasons for joy in running your institution as a whole.

Kindly contact me through my email ( ) at any time for any questions, I will be happy in responding to them.

Thank you
Yours faithfully

Why Use Our High School Recommendation Letter Templates?

A couple of justifications for why it is profoundly proposed for you to utilize our secondary school recommendation letter templates are as per the following:

The layouts that are accessible for download in this post are applicable to be utilized for various transactions were secondary school understudies, their folks, as well as educators, are involved. Our secondary school recommendation letter templates are not difficult to utilize and editable. Our layouts utilized as references in making secondary school recommendation letters are organized and designed formally and expertly. Our layouts of secondary school recommendation letter formats might be involved by secondary school understudies at various levels whether as secondary school candidates or people who are now in their senior years.

Besides our examples of secondary school recommendation letter templates, you may likewise be intrigued to peruse our downloadable examples of Letters of Recommendation for Teachers.


The high school recommendation letter shows the academic strength and the career path for the student taking as advice. Likewise, it gives information a student contains regarding discipline, outside the class activities, background information and health. Different templates are available for guidance and you can download them free from the internet. You can utilize them as per your requirements and apply for transferring to the institute or getting a job position.

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