Free Michigan Bill of Sale Template & Form TR-207 (PDF)

To buy, sell, or register a vehicle in Michigan, you need to have a Michigan bill of sale template. However, both the seller and buyer are protected by a Michigan Vehicle Bill of Sale if an issue regarding the vehicle arises. For Instance, the buyer can prove they do not own the vehicle if questioned about the ticket the seller received just before selling it. For the Michigan Vehicle bill of sale to be valid, both the seller and the buyer must sign it. Although notarization is not a requirement, it can provide greater protection. Similarly, Michigan’s Secretary of State provides documents only in English, but interpreter services are available if needed. It will be necessary to translate your own Michigan Bill of Sale form into English if it is being used to register a vehicle.

Requirements Related To Michigan Bill Of Sale

As part of the Michigan bill of sale, the seller must either record the odometer reading on the title or, if this is not possible, complete Form BVDR-108 (Odometer Statement). However, if someone else is going to buy, register, and title the vehicle for you, they will need to fill out a Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form M-2848).

Details Required on a Michigan Bill of Sale

Either use the bill of sale (Form TR-207) provided by Michigan’s government website or create your own. When creating your Michigan vehicle bill of sale for a car, you must include the following information:

Both the seller and buyer’s legal names

  • Information about the buyer and seller, including their full addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses (optional)
  • The VIN, make, model, year, colour, body type, and condition of the vehicle should be provided.
  • In addition to the purchase price.
  • When it was purchased
  • Information regarding any possible warranties or liens
  • Location of the sale
  • The seller’s and purchaser’s signatures

How To Register a Vehicle In Michigan?

When you purchase a vehicle first-time, you need to register it within 15 working days. However, out-of-state vehicles should register once you settle your residency in Michigan state.

Where To Register Vehicle in Michigan?

Vehicle enrollment restorations are done every year. However, a recharge should be possible internet utilizing the Secretary of State’s ExpressSOS entrance. Similarly, you can do face to face at a neighbourhood SOS branch. It is suggested that, in private deals, both the merchant and purchaser come to the SOS branch together to deal with the moving of the title.

Requirement of Documents For Registering a Vehicle in Michigan

When you are going to register and title the vehicle, the following documents are essential.

  • A Michigan Bill of Sale is the requirement (Form TR-207)
  • A flow and legitimate Michigan Driver’s License
  • Assuming there was no room on the title to enter the odometer perusing, or you don’t have the first title, you should finish Form BVDR-108 (odometer exposure)
  • Endorsement of Title. On the off chance that the first title has been harmed or lost, you can demand a duplicate utilizing the Replacement Title Application
  • Assuming the vehicle being enrolled is an out-of-state vehicle, you should finish the Application for Michigan Title (Form TR-11L)
  • Have the fitting assets to cover Registration Fees.

Have evidence of protection from an enrolled Michigan vehicle protection supplier. Insurance contracts should cover the base necessities of individual injury assurance, property security, property harm, and lingering substantial injury responsibility. If you are enrolling the vehicle for the proprietor, you should finish a Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form M-2848)

Taxes Related To State

In the territory of Michigan, while enrolling your vehicle, you are expected to pay a 6% widespread assessment in light of the price tag or blue book worth of the vehicle at the time it was bought.

Dealership Sales

While purchasing a vehicle from a showroom, the seller by and large finishes the naming and enrollment process for the benefit of the purchaser. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you want to demonstrate responsibility for the vehicle before your plates, title, and enlistment archives get through the mail, you can utilize the duplicates of the buy.

How to do Private Sales?

In a private vehicle deal, it is the vender’s liability to record the right odometer perusing on the title or complete an Odometer Disclosure Statement.

How you can buy a car that doesn’t have a title? Could the person who sold it to you charge you with theft?

The interaction is genuinely clear here in Michigan. You ask the vender for what good reason it doesn’t have a title. On the off chance that the explanation sounds genuine, you purchase the vehicle at a powerful markdown and get a bill of offer from the vender. Then, at that point, you never work it on a public street and never lose that bill of sale. If you need to go through the difficulty of getting another title, you can get the dealer to finish up a Power of Attorney for Automobile Transactions structure so you can do the legwork on it. It’s a decent method for getting a modest homestead truck, racecar, or parts vehicle, however, there is a gamble to it.

If the Original owner sold his car and the buyer didn’t transfer his name, Can I buy a Vehicle from him?

Entertaining planning. I’m holding up at the DoL right now to do just that. At least this is the way it works in WA. I even brought in the check before I bought this vehicle. The person I got it from has the title from when he got it. Similarly, you can finish up and mark it. I should have simply printed out a Bill of Sale structure and completed it with myself and the individual I am getting it from. Then, at that point, present both the title and the BoS to the DoL and all is great. They simply should have the option to follow documentation from this enrolled proprietor to the new individual attempting to enlist it.

How Can I trace someone If someone transferred a car I sold them in their name or if still driving around in my name?

You likely can’t figure it out. Be that as it may, you can complete a few things to safeguard yourself if the purchaser doesn’t move the title to himself. Most states expect you to advise the state when you move the title to somebody other than a vendor. Some excluded revealing if the purchaser is out of state. The title ought to have a remove stub to make the notification. You ought to always execute 2 unique duplicates of a bill of offer while selling a vehicle. Keep your duplicate as verification that the vehicle is going to sell. Further, you are as of now not answerable for the activity of the vehicle. Tip: while marking the bill of the offer, putIf the labels (tags) remain with the merchant in your state. As a result, make certain to hand them over to the DMV right away.


A Michigan bill of sale template presents every one of the subtleties encompassing a vehicle’s buy and the deal. It is between a private purchaser and a merchant. The State of Michigan requires a bill of the offer. Among other documentation, after moving a vehicle’s title and enrollment from a past proprietor to another one. The structure specifies the vehicle’s price tag, condition, and any extra terms set by the concurring gatherings. Similarly, there are different forms available online. You can use them with little modifications and utilize them for your use.

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