Free Independent Contractor Agreement Templates (Word)

An Independent Contractor Agreement is between a contractor for hire that plays out help for a client in return for payment. The contractor isn’t a representative of the client. Hence, the contractor is answerable for payment of their portion of duty to neighborhood and government specialists. You can improve your hiring process for an independent contractor with the utilization of a standardized contractor agreement. Before looking for the help of an individual or an organization, it is essential to characterize the scope of work and put down every one of the pertinent agreements to stay away from any sort of question later.

What is an independent contractor agreement?

An independent contractor agreement is an individual or a business that is generally independently employed and offers support or item in return for remuneration as a monetary payment. Hence, a contractor agreement is a composed record that expresses the terms and working agreement between you and the contractor.

Contractor Agreements

Here on this website, you can find contractor agreements which are easy to use.

When do you have to recruit an independent contractor?

Before recruiting an independent contractor, you need to recollect that there are a few unique contemplations that you shouldn’t overlook from the independent contractor agreement like any payments instead of employing a permanent worker. One model is the incorporation of a settled upon rate or sum rather than excursion pay, benefits or different costs like dinners and travel. If you’re wanting to enlist an independent contractor, it’s prescribed to allow them to consent to a contractor agreement. This guarantees that each of the gatherings knows their obligations, the terms, and the states of the agreement. True to form, these agreements might fluctuate starting with one project work and then onto the next.

What to include?

A contractor agreement is a composed record between two gatherings for a particular task or service. It includes an organization or an individual employing one more to achieve a specific task. This report isn’t equivalent to a business contract as the record determines the reason why the party you’re recruiting isn’t a representative for charge and legitimate purposes. A contractor contract layout typically incorporates the accompanying components.

  • Recruiting organization, which is the substance needing a project worker
  • Contractor, which is the substance recruited for an undertaking or venture
  • Administrations, which are the particular portrayals of undertakings to perform or items to convey
  • Remuneration, which is the sum and recurrence the contractor will get compensated
  • Powerful date, which is the point at which the work and arrangement start
  • The end might happen in light of the terms of your arrangement
  • Incidental advantages, which express that the contractor can’t participate in any of your organization’s representative advantages
  • Partners of the contractor whom they employ all alone, yet the contractor bears liability regarding the aides’ costs

Besides the components over, your report can likewise incorporate the accompanying:


The two players can’t move the right to the gig to finish or the payment to another party except if earlier composed consent exists.

Binding Effect

The understanding remaining parts assume that another organization or individual assumes control over the project worker or your organization.

Entire Agreement

Any past arrangements you might have are presently not substantial and you should make any future changes in a composed correction.


Each party bears liability regarding their costs except if you have pre-endorsed explicit expenses and the contractor submits solicitations.

Governing Law

The laws of your state apply to assume you experience any issue.


Assuming any issues emerge, the project worker ought to bear liability regarding it and ought to safeguard your organization from responsibility.


Your organization’s insurance contract doesn’t cover the project worker, who ought to bear their protection.


You should compose and convey all correspondence appropriately.


The two players have the power and ability to enter the consent to make it legitimately restricting.


Assuming one piece of your arrangement becomes invalid, the rest stays legitimate.


The contractor guarantees they have every one of the grants, enrollments, and licenses expected to achieve the assignment or venture.

Nature of the Work and General Arrangement

This is the main segment of the agreement which is an assertion by the two players that details each other’s liabilities.

Independent Contractor Status

This is one of the main pieces of your contractor agreement as it characterizes the specialist as an independent contractor, not a representative. This part records the contractor’s privileges to perform occupations for others except if such administrations will contend or struggle with their work in your organization straightforwardly. The agreement ought to determine whether the project worker should accomplish the work or then again on the off chance that they might recruit others to take care of them.

Worker for hire Installment

In this part of the agreement, payments to the independent contractor are commonly explained. By and large, such payments will exclude keeping for finance duties or personal duties. Except if expected by reinforcement keeping prerequisites, you shouldn’t keep government charge from payments to the contractor. You shouldn’t save these payments for the contractor by the same token.

Who Pays the Expenses

The contract should determine who will pay for explicit costs. Much of the time, the worker for hire is normally answerable for the costs as a whole and these may incorporate vehicle upkeep, mileage, and other travel or operational expense alongside the payments to their subcontractors or representatives.

Eligibility for Benefits

Your contract ought to likewise incorporate an explanation that explains that the project worker comprehends that they aren’t qualified for or qualified for retirement or annuity benefits, occasion pay, get-away compensation, medical coverage, debilitated pay, or other incidental advantages given by businesses.


The contract ought to likewise clarify that your organization will not give auto responsibility protection, obligation protection or other general insurance for the contractor. This implies that the contractor will not get inclusion in the responsibility insurance contract of your organization. Remembering this provision gives your organization assurance in case any misfortune or injury happens that the worker for hire causes.

Termination of the Contract

Since this is an arrangement between your organization and an independent contractor, not a representative, the agreement should indicate that either party might fire the agreement with or without notice, contingent upon how your project pushes through or how your relationship develops.

Download Free Contractor Contact Templates

You can find contract templates here and they are easy to use for your requirements.

How to compose an independent contractor agreement?

The best opportunity to settle on explanations in your contractor example is toward the beginning of the work arrangement and the best method for achieving this is by expressly stating everything. It’s not fitting that you ought to chip away at presumptions as these can cause issues, which could bring about tedious and expensive cases from here on out. Following is an aide that can assist you with composing a straightforward project worker understanding.

How to Hire an Independent Contractor

When an individual or organization has concluded that administrations are required, they should figure out which independent contractor turns out best for them. When a contractor is found, the time has come to compose an understanding.

Stage 1 – Independent Contractor Finishes IRS Structure W-9

IRS Structure W-9 ought to be given to the independent contractor and finished before consenting to any arrangement. This will recognize themselves and expect them to give their Manager ID Number (EIN) or Federal retirement aide Number (SSN) before playing out any work. This structure is expected to be put away by the client for a time of four years although isn’t expected to be documented with the IRS.

Stage 2 – Verify the Contractor

Before employing the services of an outsider, it’s ideal to confirm the certifications of the individual or business by looking into all surveys, and past work, alongside leading important historical verifications.

Business Entity

For entities, it’s a piece harder to play out an individual verification. The most effective way is to just lead a pursuit on Google and attempt to see any adverse outcomes. To guarantee the entity is legitimate to carry on with work in the state where the services are being played out mind the Secretary of State (search by state). Sites like Howl, RipOffReport, Facebook,, and TrustPilot are incredible assets for reviewing client tributes.


It’s ideal to direct a criminal foundation endlessly check with past references to confirm the personality of the individual. For past work, use LinkedIn to survey past businesses. Assuming that concurred by the project worker, the previous managers ought to be reached with an end goal to get to know their trustworthiness and hard-working attitude.

Stage 3 -Negotiate with the Contractor

When the contractor has been screened and qualified, it’s no chance to examine the terms of service. This ought to include:

  • Payment
  • Term
  • Extent of Work
  • Obligations
  • Privacy
  • Non-Contend
  • Liability
  • Insurance

After a verbal agreement has been reached, the parties can choose to approve a work request or move directly to a limiting composed independent contractor arrangement.

Stage 4 – Finishing the Form

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), or Open Report Text (.odt) Utilize the format and keep in touch with yourself or look for legitimate advice. After the gatherings have filled in the report and finished it is currently fit to be agreed upon.

Stage 5 – Consenting to the Arrangement

The agreement ought to be endorsed by every one of the gatherings within the sight of an observer or public accountant public (or both). Furthermore, the form ought to be instated on the lower part of each page to check that everything in the contract has been settled upon by the gatherings as a whole. Right now, the contract is settled and lawfully binding to the two players.

Stage 6 – File IRS Structure 1099

If payment to the contractor is more than $600 throughout a calendar year, the client will be expected to record IRS Structure 1099 with the Inner Income Administration (IRS) when they pay their charges on April 15.


Independent contractor recruiting can be a resource in your by and large staffing methodology, assisting you with accessing specialty abilities and supplementing your labor force at a lower generally speaking expense than employing extra full-time staff members. If you’ve never employed provisional laborers, however, one look at a standard independent contractor agreement can send you running for the slopes. However, they can be extensive and are by and large loaded up with heaps of lawful talk, independent contractor agreements are critical to have set up before you start any specialist relationship. Besides the fact that they guarantee the two players have lucidity on the work that will be finished, they hold you back from being held responsible on the far-fetched occasion that the relationship goes south. Fortunately, independent contractor agreements don’t need to be unnecessarily muddled. However long you have a couple of key conditions set up, you can continue certainly in involving contract representatives for the work you should be finished. Here, we’ll make sense of the rudiments of independent contractor recruiting and what ought to be remembered for an independent contractor agreement.

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