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Invoices for HVAC services can be created by any company that sells and installs HVAC units into homes and businesses. However, the HVAC invoice template may be used by contractors who only install units for companies who outsource their installations. Further, as soon as the unit(s) has been sold and/or installed for the client, the document will provide itemized information to them.


What is HVAC?

Heating-Ventilation- and-Air-Conditioning is what provides most Americans with all-season comfort in their homes regardless of fluctuating temperatures, humidity, and allergens outside. Similarly, the modern house is full of ducts, heating and cooling units, and other machinery that work together to keep the home cool, hot, dry, and otherwise comfortable.


Elements of an HVAC Invoice

Invoices serve as a formal record of work and a payment request. Similarly, make sure to prepare it carefully and deliver it promptly. Moreover, an invoice needs to explain in detail along with date. There should be a description of all services rendered, itemized costs and total due plus taxes, as well as payment terms, such as the due date and late penalty.

What is an HVAC Invoice?

Let’s start by explaining what HVAC stands for. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. How do HVAC invoices work? It is not your typical invoice you see every day. This type of invoice uses to provide information on the services and repairs of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. A machine repair mechanic or the company’s technician may use it in response to a warranty you received upon purchasing the product.


What is the purpose of an HVAC invoice?

HVAC invoices are used to keep track of and manage all air-conditioning units and refrigeration units purchased by clients and customers. Moreover, invoice samples themselves act as a warranty for the devices the customer has purchased. How does warranty work? Warranty means that the product will last up to the company’s expectations, and if the product does damage or defective in some way, the company will take it and either repair or replace it.

Here are some tips on how to design a professional HVAC invoice

HVAC invoice creation can be simple, depending on how you want to approach it. Similarly, have you heard the phrase simplicity is perfection? In most cases, a basic HVAC invoice template is more effective than a complex one that is more decorated. Further, the advantages of using a basic invoice design are that it is easier to create and easier to print. To avoid any confusion about a product’s features, another tip would be to describe the products in great detail in the HVAC invoice. Free invoice templates are going to appreciate by the online community, but finding good-looking templates is difficult.


How to Bill for HVAC installation/maintenance?

Consult a Client For a Fair Price

Before work begins, all terms should agree. Although businesses often use set prices for both parts and labour, there may be some room to negotiate with clients. However, word-of-mouth referrals can be a gift that keeps on giving to tradespeople. Therefore, working with clients to make sure they’re happy – even cutting the occasional deal – is usually both a nice gesture and a good business move.


Troubleshooting of Current System

To determine the source of the issue, the professional will troubleshoot the system. Similarly, the air conditioner may have stopped working due to a worn filter or the heat pump may have iced up. Residents may have noticed an otherwise unclassifiable sound or smell.


Make an itemized list of all parts

Afterwards, the tradesperson must determine all the replacement parts required for the job. Moreover, a job is best approached in stages, so troubleshooting and diagnosis should be completed before purchasing parts.

Calculate Insurance and License Fees

Professionals do what they do for a reason. Moreover, to become a licensed and insured HVAC technician, you must pass licensing exams and maintain liability insurance. To make sure that businesses cover all costs, they should deal with billing rates.

Finalize HVAC Invoice For Payment

Be sure to send accurate invoices to your customers. Moreover, Follow up as necessary to make sure bills are completed.

HVAC Invoice Templates

Creating invoices can be simple if you know how to do it. However, What is the purpose of an invoice? The invoice is a great way to list down the services that a customer may request from your company. Further, it also gives them a deadline for paying the amount owed to the seller by the buyer. You can create file formats in PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, Google Docs and Google Sheets. You should also check Commercial Invoice Templates.

How To Write in PDf and Word Format?

Step-1 Download

You can download the HVAC invoice in Adobe PDF or MS Word (.docx).

Step-2 Business Information

In the top-left corner, enter the name, address, and phone number of the HVAC company. Moreover, To insert a company logo on an invoice using Adobe PDF, follow these steps:

  1. By selecting “Tools,” then “Edit,” you can delete the black “Logo Here” placeholder.
  2. If you’re in Edit mode, click and drag a square over the “Logo Here” box. Let go when the square is completely covering the box.
  3. To delete it, hit the “delete” key on the keyboard. It should now be highlighted. Moreover, to add a company logo, click “Add Image” at the top of the page (it’s two (2) spots over from the “Edit” button).
  4. Click “Open” once you have selected the correct logo from your computer.
  5. The logo should be dragged to the upper-left corner, and clicked once it is in the desired position.
  6. The edges of the logo can be dragged until the correct size is reached – once satisfied, save the file.

Step 3 – Customer & Technician Details

The left side of the invoice should have the following information:

  • The Full Name of the Client,
  • (Street, City, State, ZIP Code),
  • Their Cell Phone Number,
  • The time at which they need to call (e.g. “1 PM”), the Location of the Job,
  • The Job Name,
  • The Job Number (phone number of the technician working on the job),
  • The person who prepared the invoice or job, and the technician’s name.

Step 4 – Materials & Services Expenses

Enter the charges that incur during the job below the client information. To do this, enter the following information:

  • (Quantity) – The number of Materials or Services purchased or used in the project.
  • Material & Services – A brief description of the product or service going to charge.
  • Unit Price- The price per unit of the product or service.
  • Amount- Multiply the quantity by the unit price to find the amount.
  • Total Materials – Determined by adding all entries in the “Amount” column.

Step 5 – Labor

Enter the following information for hourly work:

  • Hrs. – The number of hours spent on a single task or job.
  • Work- Describe the work that finishes in a few works,
  • Date – When the project was completed.
  • Total – Found by multiplying the hours by the total amount. By the Rate.
  • Total Labor – Sum the “Amount” column to calculate this value.

Step 6 – Total Summary

Put the previously calculated “Total Materials” and “Total Labor” values into their respective fields. Then enter any miscellaneous costs in the empty fields (if none, leave blank), enter the taxes into the “Tax” cell, and sum all of these values to obtain the “Total” invoice amount. Check the box corresponding to the completed work to the left of the total.

Step 7 – Job Info

On the top-left of the template, check the box corresponding to how the client will bill. Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) refers to the completion of the task or project. Enter the type of work performed like the Service area. The technician can list “Heating and Cooling Systems,” “Heating and Air,” and “Hybrid Heat Pumps.”. The technician can list recommendations for the client, notes about what was done, or anything else the customer might need to know.

Step 8 – Payment & Signature

The customer’s credit card information does find in the bottom-left section of the document if that is the method of payment you are selecting. In the case of a different method of payment (such as cash or check), leave the area blank. The following step is to list the Terms of the agreement. It specifies how long the client has to pay. Invoices do write as “Net ___” where “Net 30” indicates that the customer has thirty (30) days to pay after receiving the invoice. After completing the previous steps, the customer will need to sign and date the invoice.


When you install or repair an HVAC unit, do you ever receive a bill? Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning invoices are what you receive in return for HVAC unit service. This section contains the services you receive, the cost of products used for repair or installation, labour cost, other charges, and the total the customer must pay. It is the most elegant way to request payment from a client. The HVAC invoice template serves as proof of what type of service you provide and how the client is going to pay. You should create a professional invoice document to ensure a healthy cash flow to avoid any problems regarding service and payment.

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