Free Internship Confidentiality Agreement Templates (Word / PDF)

Internships are essential for any fresher or student looking to gain experience in their chosen field. Internships provide students with training and experience while they are employed by the organization. Similarly, the employment status of an intern is unclear no matter how long the internship period lasts. Therefore, an Internship confidentiality agreement is best to avoid any misunderstandings.

Understanding of Confidentiality Internship Agreement

In its simplest form, the Confidentiality Agreement is a document that outlines how an intern and a business partner/sponsor/mentor will keep all confidential information private. As an intern, one will most likely receive confidential information, such as financial transactions, trade secrets, marketing strategies, and client lists. The Internship Agreement, therefore, binds the interns and prevents any public disclosure. Despite this, it’s not always advisable to rush to conclusions and have every intern sign the agreement. As a result, to begin with, you need to make sure the intern won’t disclose any confidential information. Will your normal operations be affected if your intern leaks the information to the public? If you answered no, then the Agreement will not be needed. However, if it’s a yes, then you should prepare to sign the contract. Additionally, if you have patent rights, copyrights, or trademarks, then the Confidentiality Agreement would be sufficient. unregistered information is usually confidential. Therefore, you should look for other ways to prevent their leakage to unauthorized parties. You may also like Internship Offer Letter Templates.

How to Draft an Internship Confidentiality Agreement?

Introductory Details of the Company

You need to include a section in the agreement that introduces the company. Moreover, please include the name of the company, address, introduction of the intern, and the date the agreement takes effect.

Non-Disclosure Information

Add the information that will keep confidential between the intern and the company after the introduction. However, if you document something, you should watermark it as confidential and provide the intern with a non-confidential clause so that he can give his written consent.

Term and Immunity From Liability

The agreement’s term duration now needs to be included. Similarly, the agreement will remain in effect until the confidential information is not disclosed. Confidential agreements, however, last for a minimum of six months. During that period, the employer also offers immunity against damages and other fees.

General Provisions at the End

At the end of the document, you should include the miscellaneous provisions, such as severability, waiver, and integration. These clauses are to protect the company from lawsuits over legal arguments and complaints about violations of the confidentiality agreement.

Signature Page

You shouldn’t forget the signature page after drawing a complete draft of the confidential agreement. Moreover, after reviewing the terms and conditions of the agreement, both parties should sign this page. One of the company founders and the intern must sign. Along with the date, including the candidate’s signature and the printed full name.

Internship Confidentiality Agreement Template

An organization must draft a confidential agreement with five paragraphs for temporary employees. Moreover, this handy Confidentiality Agreement Template, available in PDF format, makes it much easier to create a confidentiality agreement. As a result, editing the file is convenient since you can easily change the content and add details of your company. You should consider getting our ready-to-use Agreement Example once you have downloaded it on your device if you are wondering how to draft basic agreement forms for the upcoming interns at your organization. The format is completely customizable in a professional layout, which gives you the freedom to make it perfect for any use. Therefore, do not worry about disclosing information any longer! You should also check Recommendation Letter For Internship.

Confidential Agreement In PDF

You’re not sure how to make your freshers keep the company’s secret information away from the outside world? There’s nothing to worry about. Further, this Confidentiality Internship Agreement in PDF is available on different websites for your convenience. In its well-organized framework, you can find a step-by-step guide to drafting an ideal intern agreement!

Student Intern and Parent Confidentiality Agreement

Our team of experts have specially designed this Student Intern and Parent Confidentiality Agreement in PDF format keeping in mind the problem of sensitive information between companies. However, to protect your confidential details from competitors, you should create an agreement with your intern or employee and include your terms and conditions in it. For all of your Apple editing software, get in touch with our free, affordable, and user-friendly agreement for Pages.

How to Protect Company’s Privacy?

Concerned about how to protect your company’s privacy from temporary interns? Use this Simple Internship Agreement Example right away and enjoy drafting agreements with interns regarding the matter. Moreover, this content is so user-friendly that even beginners can understand it the first time around. For help, you can download free agreements.

When should I ask my interns to complete an Internship Agreement?

If your interns are likely to access private and confidential information, they should complete a Confidentiality Agreement. If, however, the intern should assign a work area where little or no confidential information should share, then the intern may not need the Confidentiality Agreement.

Does the Confidentiality Agreement cover issues such as publication review and intellectual property?

You are usually able to use confidential information without disclosing it to the public when you sign an Internship Confidentiality Agreement. Similarly, a separate agreement governs the actual conduct of a project.

If the Confidentiality Agreement is violated, what happens?

A student who violates the Internship Confidentiality Agreement faces the threat of being sued and may have to pay all financial damages caused by the violation.

Is an Internship Agreement legally binding?

A confidentiality or trade secret agreement makes a non-disclosure agreement binding. Moreover, the agreement becomes a legal document when all parties involved agree to sign it. Therefore, both parties must adhere to the confidentiality practices stipulated in the document.


An internship confidentiality agreement forbids an intern from sharing a company’s proprietary information with a third party. The purpose is to protect an organization from interns working for competitors who could use proprietary knowledge against them. Similarly, in a confidentiality agreement, both parties agree not to share or profit from confidential information. As a result, to protect their trade secrets and proprietary information, businesses usually give employees or contractors confidentiality agreements.

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