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A progress note template is used by healthcare professionals to create effective progress notes. It is an essential document to follow up on the treatment of a patient. It commonly explains the medical history, treatment plans, prescribed drugs, and other important information of a patient. Moreover, progress note templates are used by physicians, therapists, dentists, and consultants to keep records of patients in a better way.

What is a progress note?

A progress note is a document that contains the patient’s current status, diagnosis information, and achievement during the treatment. It can be considered as an important document when different health care workers participate in the treatment of patients. Healthcare professionals use it to deal with the patient’s condition effectively. Additionally, it is a useful document when a new doctor handles the course of treatment. A progress note generally consists of four parts;

  • Subjective
  • Objective
  • Assessment
  • Plan

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What to include in the progress note?

The progress notes should contain all the necessary information that makes them effective and useful. The following information must be included in the progress note;

Patient’s information:

It includes the patient’s name, age, gender, contact number, and relationship status.

Clinic/hospital information:

Mention the clinic’s name, address, contact number, logo, and other necessary information in the progress note.

Patient’s complaint:

The patient’s complaints should be described verbally. It helps in judging the medical condition of the patient.


Write the symptoms that will be observed by the doctors or nurses or that patient has.

Medical history:

Medical history includes information about allergies, medication history, past diseases, and the patient’s past medical issues.


List the medicines that the doctor prescribed.


Discuss the medical treatment or procedure that the doctor provides the patient.

Discharge information:

At the end of the progress note, you must include the summary of discharge.

Guidelines for writing the progress notes:

Here are some guidelines that will help you in creating a useful progress note for all medical problems;

  • At first, use a standard format. You should use a standard format such as SOAP or PAIP to create an informative, effective, brief, and understandable progress note. Selecting a standard format helps the doctors to understand what steps should be taken to solve the patient’s problem.
  • Write the progress note in a way that is easily understandable and readable by everyone. Try to avoid the use of passive voice, lengthy sentences, and poor grammar. It should be well-written and precise.
  • Next, the medication and treatment prescribed by the doctor should be clearly explained. It helps a new doctor to provide better healthcare treatment.
  • When the patient’s condition is serious then it would be better to take notes each hour. However, if the patient’s condition is not serious takes note after 2 or 3 hours. It is important for patient’s care to write observations every hour.
  • Make sure that the information you have included in the progress notes related to the medical problem and treatment.

Benefits of progress notes:

Some of the benefits of progress notes are as follow;

  1. During medical treatment, progress notes help a doctor to compare the patient’s status at different stages.
  2. When different healthcare providers treat the patient at different times then they read progress notes to treat the patient according to it.
  3. The progress notes inform the patient’s condition whether it is good, bad, or the same. In addition, by having progress notes, healthcare providers provide a better course of treatment to the patient.
  4. This document is also helpful if you have medical insurance. You can submit this document to the insurance company for the reimbursement of the medical expenses.

When is a Progress Note Template Issued and For How Long is it Valid?

A progress note template has turned into a compulsory piece of any tolerant record. A specialist or medical caretaker will doubtlessly give a progress template note for all patients they take care of or visit the reason. Both present moment and long haul patients have a progress note composed on their clinical status. Progress notes are kept legitimate for the most significant length of time under the clinical records. It tends to be said it stays important until the patient is relieved yet is as yet saved for future reference.

Utilizing the soap format to create effective progress note

In this part, we will perceive the way you can each letter of the SOAP abbreviation to make a powerful progress note.

S: This is Where The Information Provided By The Patient Needs To Be Recorded

As a doctor or other medical services subject matter expert, you ought to permit your patients to illuminate you pretty much all regarding their interests. In any case, you ought to just note down the things applicable to the intense clinical issue like breathing issues/upgrades, gut/bladder issues, and new clinical objections. You must don’t keep the feast inclinations and other unimportant things in the S or emotional piece of the progress note. Besides, this isn’t where you keep the review results or lab discoveries.

O: This Is Where You Need To Note Down The New Lab Results And Physical Exam Findings

You should note down the crucial things like O2 immersion and everyday loads first. Other data to be kept in this segment incorporate ventilator settings, channel results, and liquid equilibrium. Likewise, under labs, you can incorporate Chemsticks. Here, you want to remark on whether the patient looks intensely sick momentarily. Different things to be reported here incorporate the actual test parts pertinent to the dynamic clinical issue (s) of the patient.

A few specialists like to look at all organs of the body no matter what the clinical issue. While there is no mischief in doing this, it isn’t required. What is significant however is including the blood tests, ECGs, x-beams and other actual assessments performed on the patient.

A: This Is Where You State What The Patient Is Suffering From And Whether It Is Stationary, Worsening Or Improving

Assuming it was recently archived, you don’t be guaranteed to have to analyze the condition once more. Whenever you’ve analyzed the condition and realized what precisely is the matter with the patient, find out and note down whether the condition is fixed, deteriorating, or moving along.

P: This Is Where You List Plan For Treating The Condition

This is where you list down the most ideal way (s) of managing the state of the patient. Likewise, you ought to give reasons on the off chance that what you’re proposing or requesting isn’t clear to the patient or other medical services suppliers treating the patient.

That’s it — how to utilize the SOAP configuration to make compelling advancement notes. On the off chance that you’re as yet uncertain about how you can make a viable progress note, investigate a progressive notes template. Discussing formats, you can undoubtedly find various templates connected with the medical care practice, including Health History Questionnaire and Patient Satisfaction Survey.

Before we further talk about progress noticed, we should recap what we’ve realized up to this point. There are a couple of motivations behind making progress notes including:

  • Working with patient consideration
  • Having a clinical authoritative record
  • Help to charge
  • Carrying out analysis

The issues managed by progress notes include:

  • What condition is the patient experiencing?
  • What is the ongoing status of the condition for example fixed, declining, or getting to the next level?
  • What is the proper treatment for the condition?

Notwithstanding the previously mentioned things, progress notes include:

  • A synopsis proclamation
  • Impression and plan segment

The progress should note you make is engaged, focused on, explicit, efficient, refreshed day to day, and easy to use. We should now investigate a couple of Do’s and Don’ts of making progress notes.


There are a couple of rules to keep while making progress notes. Following are the 10 Do’s and Don’ts of making progress notes.

Be brief

You must be brief while composing progress notes. While reporting all vital data is significant, you should try not to incorporate superfluous subtleties.

Incorporate satisfactory subtleties

As referenced above, it means quite a bit to report all important data. Leave out no data that you feel is expected to go with treatment choices. Assuming that significance is excluded from the progress noticed, the treatment and state of the patient might endure. The signs you see and the side effects the patient is illuminating you about ought to be generally remembered for the progress notes.

Be cautious while depicting the treatment for a patient with the self-destructive senses

This is one of the things most doctors don’t consider while making progress notes. While making progress notes for a patient who’s self-destructive at the show, you ought to depict their treatment in an unmistakable and very much contemplated way. Fundamentally, the progress note ought to give evidence that the patient needs to live and has zero desire to end it all.

Guarantee the progress notes are comprehensible to other medical services suppliers

Doctors genuinely should remember that medical services suppliers other than them would utilize the progress notes made by them. Since the existence of the patient relies upon this, you should guarantee that the other medical services suppliers can settle on a conclusion about the consideration of the patient by taking a gander at the progress notes given to them. Likewise, at times, a point-by-point record of things may be expected by different clinicians dealing with the patient.

Guarantee the progress notes are readable

To guarantee their security against the lawful activity, numerous doctors are urged to make neat progress notes. By making progress notes legitimate, doctors can save themselves from being wrongly blamed for something. Guaranteeing the lawfulness of the progress notes is in light of a legitimate concern for both the patient and the doctor treating him/her.

Regarding the protection of the patient

As referenced, regarding the desires and security of the patient is significant while making progress notes. You must don’t name or cite anybody who has scarcely anything to do with the progress of the patient’s wellbeing. A break of protection is including the name or government-backed retirement number of one more persistent in the progress notes.

Try not to incorporate protests about staff individuals

Whether the protest is from the patient, a specialist, or an individual from the staff, grievances about staff individuals ought not to be remembered in the progress notes. You actually should name any specialist who wasn’t accessible when the patient required care in the progress notes. A specialist’s inaccessibility ought to be tended to face to face and not in the progress notes of a patient.

Note down the reactions to and from other medical services suppliers

Progress notes should incorporate the reactions to and from other medical services suppliers. A doctor treating a patient should recognize the specialist by name and give subtleties of the experience when he/she counsels one more specialist for exhortation.

Make sense of the justification for dismissing another expert’s recommendation

On the off chance that a specialist dismisses the exhortation given by another expert, he/she should make sense of the justification behind doing as such in the progress notes. Doing this is significant because it shows you regard different doctors and truly care about the well-being and prosperity of the patient.

Never offer offensive expressions about the patient in the progress notes

At last, doctors actually must try not to offer disparaging expressions about the patient in the progress notes. Offering overly critical expressions about the patient is against the lessons of clinical consideration. Consequently, it is critical for doctors or other medical care experts to approach patients with deference and thought.


In conclusion, a progress note template is used by healthcare professionals to maintain the medical record of the patient. It should be well-written and contain all the necessary information that explains the patient’s current and past condition.

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