Free Jury Duty Excuse Letters & Templates [Word, PDF]

When a person receives a summons from the Federal or local court for working as a Jury duty, he/she is selected as a jury member. In the beginning, a jury is a piece of people who are selected to give their opinion in a court case. However, If you want to escape from this, the only solution is to write an excuse from jury duty.

For this purpose, you write a jury duty excuse letter and explain your reason to escape.

What is Jury Duty?

A jury is an important part of the justice procedure. Similarly, the role of the jury is included in both civil trials and criminal ones. In Addition, the role is to determine the question about facts and to apply the law. It is specified by the judge, to those facts which help you to reach a decision.

You will receive a notification that you are chosen as a Juror. If you can’t attend, you have to reply to the court. All jury members must observe trials and decide where the accused is guilty or not.

An individual must be 18 years or older age for selection. Moreover, he is living in the judicial area for one year. He can understand English. You may also like Disciplinary Action Form.

What is an Excuse Letter For Jury Duty?

If It is difficult for you to serve at the request time, you should write a Jury Duty Excuse Letter. Similarly, In the letter, you will give your excuse for the duty according to the rules of state or Federal court. You must read the notice properly. Before lettering, you can check the list of reasons for your excuse.

Every country has its own rules. You have to follow according to rules. In Addition, there is a summon in which the template is present for Jury duty Excuse letter. Finally, if there is no letter from the court, you can use any general letter.

Purpose of Writing a Jury Duty Excuse Letter

The rules for Federal and Local courts are different for Jury Duty Excuse letters. Similarly, different categories are exempted from the service of a juror. You can write your excuse and put it in a dropbox. Further, If you want to serve you can click on the not excuse option.

Include Basic Information

When you or your employee’s writing an excuse letter. You should include basic information like juror number, date and mailing address. Don’t forget to include the clerk’s information. In Addition, give your and your employee detailed information. Further, explain why you and your employee need an excuse from jury duty.

Due to Medical Reason

There is another excuse that is due to disability or illness. You can write an excuse letter by explaining that you are unable to attend due to medical reasons.

Old Age

If you reached 70 years or more your excuse is accepted from jury duty.

Serving as Emergency Staff

If you are giving services to an “Emergency Staff”.

Extreme Inconvenience

When you are in an “undue hardship” or “extreme inconvenience”. If you are in any of these situations, you may write Jury Duty Excuse Letter.

From Employer to Excuse Employee From Jury Duty

Jury or service duty is the responsibility of a citizen. To act on a panel in a jury and carry responsibilities to contribute to a decision in a case.

A person does not want to serve jury duty because of his employment requirements. The employee is not in a position to write an excuse letter. Most of the time employers write down the excuse jury letter on behalf of employees. The reason is due to business and financial hardship.

An Employer can contribute to writing an excuse letter. He will write down the name, designation, and age of the employee. The worker who received the summon from the court to serve as a juror.

Likewise, he is our key worker. The services he deals with are unique and there is no replacement. Due to this specific reason, we need his presence throughout the weekdays. He has to deal with different clients and also required his services in the office. There is no replacement for him. If he will go on Jury duty, in the wages range we can afford out of our limited budget. Therefore, his absence can be a hardship for our organization.

Since his leave from jury duty, he will not eligible for his wages. These wages can be a financial issue for him and his family. As you know everyone has some financial requirements to meet.

This matter has been discussed in detail with him. We can understand the need and responsibility of this matter. However, considering the situation he told us that he would like to excuse himself from jury duty.

On behalf of him, I will request you to be excused him from jury duty. I will appreciate your understanding of our unique situation.

If you need any further information, please contact me on my number. We can provide you with more information if you need it. We are ready to provide you.






Reasons For Being Excused From Jury Duty

Once you received summon for Jury Duty, You need to reply in excuse or not excuse. There is plenty of reason for being excused from jury duty. Few are explained here.

Medical Conditions

Sometimes you have to submit a letter from your healthcare stating your condition. You are unable to perform this duty because of medical conditions.

Dependent Care

Another reason is that I am a carer who is dependent on me. There is no alternative. He also wants an excuse from jury duty.

Student Status

Sometimes students are busy with their exams and unable to perform jury duty. They want to write an excuse jury letter for attending this jury service next time.

Conflicts In The Military

If a jury duty comes for a military person. Due to conflict situation, it’s time to excuse from jury duty and perform in peacetime.

Family Reason

The only person who is supporting family. In his/her absence, the family can go into a financial crisis. This is a big excuse to perform jury duty and write an excuse jury duty letter. You should also check Employee Write-Up Form.


Jury Duty Excuse letter is the reason for giving your excuses in front of local or Federal courts. Your duty as a juror is to observe the trial and decide whether the accused is guilty or not. You should be 18 years or older age and you live in the judicial district for one year.

There can be many reasons like medical problems, Dependent care, military conflicts, student issue, undue hardship, and Financial problems, etc. An employer can also write a letter on behalf of employees. There are many types of Jury duty excuse letters like Work-related, sample vacation, primary caregiver, a doctor, from self-employed, jury duty employer letter, and many more.

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