Free Personal Statement For Teaching Job (Samples & Examples)

Personal Statement for teaching job requires that when we apply through an application, we need to keep in view what are school requirements. Moreover, Your statement is a great place to highlight your training, achievements, and aspirations. Well-written personal statements can give you an edge over other candidates applying for the same job. We discuss how to write a personal statement for a teaching job, bonus tips to make your statement stand out, and examples to help you create your own.

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is a place where you can share your thoughts, strengths and aspiration of careers through your employer. For a post of teacher, this statement provides an occasion to explain the ideal candidate for the position of the teaching post. Similarly, the statement should be approximately 200 to 500 words.

Further, you need to include an overview of who you are in terms of strengths, work experience and education. You should keep in mind that for every position you need to write a new personal statement. A unique statement will reflect the individual qualities a school is looking for in its teaching candidates.

How to write a personal statement for teaching?

You can break down the steps of writing a personal statement process. Further, you can easily manageable and help to include all of the important information. Here are the few steps which are important to crafting a personal statement for a teaching job:

  1. Brainstorm your ideas
  2. You can introduce yourself
  3. Highpoint about your achievements, skills and strengths.
  4. Further, you can wind up with your objective

Brainstorm Your Ideas

It is important that before writing your ideas you brainstorm your ideas and what you could corporate into your statement. These include accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, the experiences you had in the post in the classrooms are very powerful. You can read through the job description and look at the words to describe the school is looking for to hire like ‘innovative, ‘creative’ and ‘motivative’. Therefore, the use of these words can make your c.v outstanding as compared to others.

Introduce Yourself

You need to write your introduction in which you will explain your background and who you are. Further, you need to explain your experience and your role at your school. For a strong statement, you need to include a specific teaching position.

Highlights your achievements, skills and strengths

After introducing yourself you need to check what offer you will give to the school. However, you should set different from other candidates. Moreover, what you can include here is your relevant experience, achievements, skills, professional goals and any other talents that will make you differentiate from other applicants. Further, you can add about your expertise in handling the classrooms and how easily you tackle the students. What type of techniques do you implement in impressing your pupils. Make it brief and explain in two to three lines.

End with your objective

You can conclude with a personal statement for the job of why you are applying for this job and what targets you will achieve after getting this job. Similarly, you can share your vision of why you are doing a teaching job and what teaching styles and strategies you will adapt to provide the best learning to students after getting a new teaching job.

Tips For Writing Personal Statements For Teaching Jobs

You should consider these tips whenever you are writing a personal statement for teaching jobs:

Keep your audience in mind:

Twist personal statement for a teaching job whenever you are applying for a new post. Moreover, you can adjust the wording for your job description.

Be specific:

Make sure that statements are to the point and short. Try to make it more informative. Therefore, it is the best-recommended way to limit the words to 500.

Edit Extensively:

Once you create a personal statement, you can come back later. The reason behind it is you can come back with fresh eyes and identify more grammatical errors. Similarly, you are writing your draft and after that, you can write the statement as long as you want. After you have finished editing you can reduce it and make it between 200 to 500 words.

Be You:

You should write a personal statement as you are talking to your friend. Likewise, this will give an impression that it is different from others. This will sound good and unique as compared to other applicants.

Teacher Statement Examples

Using their statements for teaching jobs to help you to create your own.

New Teacher Example:

I recently finished my graduation in Early Childhood Education from the University of London. Moreover, I can perform the lead teacher role in your preschool. I would apply my skills and knowledge which I learned from there. Additionally, I spent the last 5 years in elementary school for children as a child substitute teacher. This helped me to interact and learn the skills of children with a wide range of skills and abilities. Therefore, I have decided to train young children and their minds.

I am sure that I will be an asset to your organization and will be helpful in all regards.

Experienced Teacher Example:

With my experience of 15 years, I am the most suitable applicant for the role of senior teacher. Moreover, I have experience in teaching high school and middle school students. Further, with the experience, I will utilize to train my students and make their habits which will help them in their professional life. I also implement strategies such as filmmaking for students which will make them excited about their subject and make it memorable. Moreover, I am sure that with my love and care students will learn a lot. Therefore, I will transfer the way I showed to my previous students to make their careers at their peak.

What you ought to cover in your statement

Why you are applying for the job:

Allude to any knowledge you have of the LA or the school, including any visits to the school and what you gained from them.

Notice any unique conditions, for instance, your strict confidence, which you believe are relevant.

Insights regarding your course:

Give an outline of your training course, including the age range and subjects covered, and any unique elements.

If you are a PGCE understudy, notice your most memorable degree, your paper (if suitable), any classroom-based research projects and pertinent modules examined. Additionally, notice assuming you have concentrated on any expert modules.

Your educating experience:

What year groups you have educated.

Your utilization and comprehension of developmental and summative assessment practices.

Your classroom management strategies:

  • Give instances of how you arranged and conveyed examples and observed and assessed learning results, including differentiation.
  • Make sense of how you have overseen classrooms and conduct.
  • Detail your experience of working with collaborators or guardians in your group.

Your dreams and convictions about primary/secondary education:

What are your benefits of learning and your dreams for what’s in store? You could address regions like learning and showing styles and strategies.

Consider key arrangements applicable to the age range you need to instruct.

Other related experiences:

This can incorporate data about any previous work experience.

Incorporate preparation exercises you have completed and manners by which your subject information has been created.

Other related abilities and interests:

Give details of specific capabilities, encounters or recreational interests, which will assist the school with finding out about you and could ‘add esteem’ in a school climate.

Any contribution in working with kids (running clubs, youth work and day camps) is especially helpful to note.

Intend to finish strong. An end which shows your energy comparable to the particular application and showing overall will improve your application, however, stay away from general proclamations and cliches.


A personal statement for teaching job explains how you demonstrate your description for the post of teaching. Moreover, the statement should be 200 to 500 words. You can include your strengths, skills and education. The ambition of a new teacher is to train children with their best capabilities and prepare the best nation. ON the other hand, the senior teacher wants that polish young students and bring their hidden talent in front of the public which will help them to be successful people in their practical life. You can download statements for teaching from different websites or you can draft them as per your requirements.

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