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A puppy bill of sale form is a document used when a purchaser purchases a doggy from the seller. It means that the buyer is purchasing a pet and the seller is giving ownership. Moreover, after proper documentation, the seller is no more responsible for any illness or injury of the puppy. However, the case when the medical history is not shown to the owner and the seller is hiding any disease before the sale of dog/puppy.


What is a Dog Bill of Sale?

A dog/puppy bill of sale form is a document uses for legal documentation. Moreover, it explains that once the document is signed by both parties then the handover procedure is done. The common practice is when they are selling litters of puppies. Although you can do it for any age of dog or type.


Further, it should include the name, address, phone number and email address of the buyer as well as the seller. In addition to that, it includes the documentation of the dog/puppy so that it can be verified when there is a need. Likewise, the receipt is similar to the document and it uses to record the type of payment and the amount paid. Additionally, both parties sign the document and verify that the information is in the correct format.

Why Use a Dog/Puppy Bill of Sale?

The puppy owners or breeders have a solid reason, why they are selling the pet. Moreover, there is a reason that you don’t take care of the dog or you have a different choice of dog/puppy breeders. Therefore, you should have a proper bill of sale if you want to sell out the puppy or dog.


Both sellers and buyers need to sign a contract before completing the sale contract. Consequently, it makes the safe deal of both the parties that the transaction is done fairly. Sometimes, it is hard for the seller to recognize the cash transactions due to many transactions. The proper documentation is really helpful for the seller to get the details and also in documentation.

The agreement explains the evidence of payment from the customer, any amount which is pending and terms of paying in the specific period. The purchaser needs to sign the document and accept the liability that he agrees to pay the amount within the accepted time.


For the dog or puppy buyer, it is proof that legal ownership has been transferred to his name. If there is any issue regarding the dog/puppy, the responsibility is solely on the new buyer.


Dog Bill of Sale Form Details:

  • Document Name:  Dog Bill of Sale name
  • Other Names:  Dog/Puppy Bill of Sale, Pet Bill of Sale
  • Average Time to Fill Out:  10 minutes
  • No. of Fillable Fields:  55
  • Available Format:  Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word

Why is a Puppy Bill of Sale Important?

The puppy bill of sale form is a required agreement. It explains the details of the terms of the sale of the puppy. It is a contract between seller and buyer and that provides the evidence of the new seller. Below there are details of why dog bill of sale is important:

  • It keeps you away from any misunderstanding after the agreement is complete.
  • It is proof of ownership for the new buyer.
  • Through this document, you have the correct knowledge about the pet.
  • It is a guard for the seller against illegal business deals.

Things to Know About Dog Sale

It is fundamental to figure out a system and to get instructed preceding selling or purchasing a dog. Following are a couple of normal questions about this subject and their clarification:

Is there a particular state regulation concerning selling a dog?

A puppy should be something like eight two months old enough to be qualified and available to be purchased in many states. Notwithstanding, this shifts relying upon the state.

Occurrences Where one necessity a dog/puppy bill of sale form

A canine or puppy bill of sale form is fundamental for dog dealers, reproducers, and proprietors. Having a set-up account of the deal fills in as security on the off chance that any of these referenced people at any point need to check regardless of whether they own the pet.

The absolute most normal occasions where one necessity the canine/little puppy bill of sale form include:

  • Selling a puppy or canine as a breeder: Like some other personal businesses, dog breeders maintain a business, and state-government regulations expect them to document their annual duties occasionally. At the point when a raiser sells a canine utilizing a canine/puppy bill of sale form, they can involve the record as a receipt to allude back to while documenting their expenses.
  • Needs to sell a dog that one can never again deal with: A dog/puppy bill of sale form typically specifies the terms of offer and understanding between the canine’s proprietor and the new purchaser. If there is ever a question and either party keeps the presence from getting the exchange, the bill of sale form is a wellspring of strong proof to introduce in court. In any case, if one party doesn’t stick to the arrangements set out inside the canine/puppy bill of sale form, they can be prosecuted.
  • Needs to sell because of different reasons: Such reasons are ‘because he/she is moving to another spot because of work reasons’, ‘retirement’, ‘the canine’s flexibility with different pets’, and so on By utilizing a canine/little dog bill of sale form, the dog’s unique proprietor has legitimate verification that they have been delivered of any liabilities related with support of the dog and are presently not lawfully answerable for the creature.

For what reason is the canine/puppy bill of sale form significant?

A canine or puppy bill of sale form is an authoritative report that characterizes the circumstances and terms for the deal or move of responsibility for the dog from a unique proprietor to another proprietor. This report is indispensable as it directs the deal and demonstrates that there is another proprietor. The dog or little puppy bill of sale form settles on the particulars of the arrangement lawfully restricting both the vendor or dog breeder and the purchaser. In this manner, the canine or puppy bill of sale form is fundamental because of the accompanying reasons:

  • It safeguards the purchaser or vendor of a canine from any false impressions or conflicts once the exchange has been finished
  • The structure demonstrates that the dealer has the option to sell the canine
  • The canine or puppy bill of sale form specifies guarantees in the event of misrepresentation, falsehood, or erratic occurrences
  • It is utilized to record that initial investment has been paid for a puppy that isn’t yet conceived or which is as yet subject to its mom’s milk as a wellspring of nourishment

This structure specifies that all the data concerning the dog’s variety, well-being, and the condition is precisely at the hour of procurement. This alleviates the first dog proprietor from any liabilities concerning the dog’s future costs.

Can I Get a Puppy Bill of Sale Online?

As you know, drafting a dog bill of sale is quite challenging with all the formalities. Therefore, the bill of sale online template is available. Nowadays the facility of the internet made life easy. The laptops, computers, smartphones and stable internet connection has made it possible to access the online template.

You can download forms from any website and use them as per the requirements of a different state. You just need to fill in the details of the fields like name, address, colour, breed and other relevant details on the order form. It is available in different formats like PDF, Word and ODT. Similarly, you are a dog owner or breeder, you can customise the bill of sale to suit your sale needs. They are high-quality forms with the legit language which is already in place. Further, you don’t need to take stress about the complicated nonsense.

How Do I Sell a Dog or Puppy?

If you want to sell or purchase a dog or puppy and you have no idea how to start?

You can advertise through social media and make good traffic in the form of customers.
Your Ad must come before the sale starts if the situation is your other dogs are expecting puppies. Moreover, it’s a high chance that your puppy will get a good home quickly. Make sure that you have all the essential documents of the dog within your reach that can certify all the information. Further, you can give details of vaccine, breed and other relevant information.

You can identify the method of advertisement that is through newspapers, flyers, social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In. Similarly, when we talk about pricing, make sure that you give a reasonable price that will not scare potential buyers.

Meet the potential Buyer:

When you attain a prospective buyer you should make sure that it will be a good home for your dog. You should ask the questions that are relevant to puppy purchasing and why he/she is interested in buying? What is the reaction of your neighbourhood if you keep the pet with you in your area and maintenance standard?

Fill out Puppy Bill of Sale:

You can download and print a sale form for a god/puppy from different websites. You don’t need to write from scratch. Here are the details about the sale form.

  • Date of the puppy Sale
  • Full name of the buyer along with the address
  • Customer name and address details
  • Cost or amount of the dog or puppy
  • Dog or puppy details like name, breed, sex, colour and date of birth.
  • Health condition and registration number.
  • Payment mode and deposits(if any)
  • Date, signature and name of the buyer, seller and witnesses.

Confirmation From Notary Public:

After filling out the details you need to make sure that a member of the notary public approach and after stamping the agreement issue a acknowledge certificate. This is the final step and now you can seal the transaction. The seller will provide a new receipt to the new dog owner to confirm that payment is complete.


A Puppy bill of sale form is when you want to sell your dog/ puppy to a new customer who can provide a good home to your pet. Moreover, after documentation, the pet belongs to the new dog owner. The form is proof of payment as well as for the buyer and seller after the date and signature. You can also get the sale form online and is available in different formats like PDF, Word and ODT. You can get the certificate from the notary public after stamping the agreement. Moreover, this is how you can seal your transaction.

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