Free Recommendation Letter For Internship (Word, PDF)

A recommendation letter for internship is an option for students nowadays. Moreover, this is not an ordinary letter like any other kind of letter. An internship is an easy way to get because the company would not pay you. For Instance, when an institution organization hire you as an intern you can gain good experience in your field. As a result, your expertise will enhance and a better chance for finding a job in your field. The letter should be well explained so, that it should be stand above all the other potential interns. In Addition, your professor must invest proper time in writing a recommendation letter.

Recommendation Letter for Internship:

There is a requirement for an internship from college or university before moving to a professional career. Similarly, a young person asks you for writing a recommendation letter for them. Further, as a student, you want to know what should include in the recommendation letter for the internship.

Before graduation, there is a criterion in some universities/colleges to complete an internship. Moreover, if there is no requirement, most students like to opt for this option to gain experience. In Addition, internship training is a best practice for rating your resume. Further, you can grip the attention of a prospective employer during cover letters and job interviews. However, some youngster adopts this training for getting experience in a new field.

Whatever, your chosen field is, if you have a recommendation letter from a qualified person you can get a better chance of getting an internship. Moreover, if someone requests you to write a recommendation, it’s time taking process to write a top-class letter.

Instructions to Write a Recommendation Letter for Internship

The following is a step-by-step guide that you ought to follow while composing a recommendation cover letter for a student:

Stage 1: Letterhead

It is the primary part of a recommendation letter for an internship, normally composed before the main contents of the letter.

It covers the accompanying:

Your contact data

This ought to incorporate your email address, actual location, and telephone number. The contact data distinguishes the recommender and can be utilized to contact him/her should there be a requirement for that.

Subject and date

Momentarily express the reason for composing the recommendation letter. While sending an email recommendation letter for an internship position, incorporating the reason momentarily in the headline of an email. Likewise, include the genuine date of composing the recommendation letter.

Recipient’s contact details

This covers the real contact details of the association wherein the candidate is keen on endeavouring their internship. This incorporates the association’s name, the objective division (generally the human resource department), and the name of the individual to which the letter is tended to (on the off chance that they are known by name, in any case, address them as human resource official), and the physical address of the association.


This is generally a gesture or expression made as a greeting or acknowledgement of the recipient of the recommendation letter.

Stage 2: Introduction

You are expected to do the accompanying under this part:

Present yourself

In the first place, introduce yourself by depicting what your identity is, your employer, and your job in that association to catch the beneficiary’s eye right all along.

Describe your relationship with the applicant

Depict your relationship with the candidate by giving a brief overview of the candidate. Likewise, state how you relate with the applicant and how long you have known them.

Stage 3: Body

The principal message is contained in the body. The general idea of correspondence applies here more than elsewhere in the letter. You ought to pass on your message about the applicant plainly and momentarily so the reader understands it accurately and quick.

You should mainly focus on the accompanying:

Expound on the candidate’s abilities, assets, and encounters

In your letter, talk about the individual’s work liabilities, contributions, and successes during your relationship. For instance, you could give instances of commitment, trustworthiness, and difficult work if you were a work environment manager. Likewise, you can stress scholarly accomplishments, homeroom initiative abilities, or other related credits on the off chance that you show the candidate in a secondary school or a college.

Notice how long you’ve known the candidate, as well as why you will give a recommendation. It is important to ask the person for whom you are composing the recommendation to make sense of the position or sort of work they are going for to feature the qualifications and hard and delicate capacities, giving models that will be most helpful in getting the notice of an enrollment specialist.

Give instances of the candidate’s achievements

Examine the reason why the candidate would be ideal for the internship position and advantage the association. Incorporate examples of the applicant’s expertise and credentials.

Stage 4: Conclusion

It is the last part of the recommendation letter for the internship. You do the accompanying:

Restate your recommendation

You ought to restate your recommendation by saying that you “emphatically suggest” the candidate or that you “recommend without reservation”. These particular articulations show that you have faith in the individual you’re suggesting. Alternately, anything less energetic may show up as though you don’t believe in them.

Give contact details for follow-up

Propose to give more data on the off chance that it will be required. To work with this, give your telephone number and a legitimate email address.

Sign off

Close with a professional letter finishing and incorporate your name, and work title. Incorporate your signature underneath your name on the off chance that you are sending a printed duplicate of the letter.

Tips For Writing a Recommendation Letter:

Selection of recommender:

Try to reach such a person who knows well about your work and character.

Ask with polite Manner:

Always ask him politely. Moreover, plan before and give proper time for writing a letter weeks ago.

Background Information:

Tutors, write a lot of letters for a lot of students. However, you can make the task easier by providing detailed information about internships and how well they recognize you. In Addition, to make your letter more competitive share your resume as well.

What Should Include in the Letter:

There should be a positive approach for writing a recommendation letter. Therefore, if you don’t feel you can approve the student, it’s a better option to decline the request. So, do this right away and the student has the option to find another person for writing a recommendation letter for the internship.

On the other side, if you agree to write a letter, you should provide such a recommendation that will throw light on the student’s talent and skills. Moreover, you can explain to the person why he/she is the best candidate for an internship. In Addition, if you doubt the internship details, you can ask for more information from the student.

The following elements should Include:

Initial Paragraph:

In this paragraph, you can explain your linking with the person you are going to recommend.

Moreover, you need to check how much you know and for how long.

Next Paragraph:

You can explain why the student is the perfect match for this internship. Moreover, how much he can contribute to the organization. In Addition, you can include an individual’s expertise and qualifications.

Third paragraph:

You can summarize the recommendation by saying that you “highly recommend” the candidate and “have strong reservation”. As a result, these phrases will show your strong recommendation behind the person. Further, if you are not showing your full enthusiasm that means you are not truly ratifying the student.

Last Paragraph:

You can include more information like your email and address or your phone number and address in the return address section of the printed letter or the signature section of an email address.

Concluding Paragraph:

You can close the letter by formally closing with your name and job title. Moreover, if you are mailing the hard copy of the letter, just mention your signature under the typed name.

Additionally, if there is an example internship recommendation letter may give your ideas for your letter. Therefore, adapt your letter so that it can be a perfect match for internship requirements.

Recommendation Letter as an Example:

Alan Smith
124 Main Street
The town name, CA
[email protected]
November 10, 2021

Dear Mr Kee,

It is my kind thought that Mark is applying for an internship with your esteemed organization, working with children in a pet care program. I know John for the last five years and worked with him in many volumes. Moreover, he was a part of my caring program from elementary through high school. During that time, he started to gram from a beginner and teach to another new student after getting expertise in the caring program.

As a teaching capacity, he is also helpful in caring for and feeding the dogs each year. Moreover, John shows a keen interest in his work and is involved with the youngsters. He is also involved with the puppies and giving extra care and providing training to the dogs for showing good behaviour with the owners. His commitment to his job in puppies’ caring, teething, washing and helping them to sleep in their houses was awesome.

I am confident that his level of maturity is good, making good decisions in helping the animal be safe and happy. John is a sensible, bright and outstanding guy. He will be an asset to your organization in the winter program.

If you have any queries about him, you are free to contact me at my phone number or email address.

Yours Sincerely,
Alan Smith


A recommendation letter for internship is such a program in which the professor write a letter for the student. The tutor should explain the person’s abilities and provide proper details so that he/she will be a competitive candidate for the internship program. The teacher should provide full attention in writing a recommendation letter. However, if he/she is busy and cannot justify, he/she should politely decline the student.

Moreover, the internship provides a solid platform for young people to get training and become experts in their field. As a result, it will give an edge to the other candidates in getting the related job. The letter for recommendation is available online free of cost. You can download it and modify it as per your requirements.

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