15+ Printable Panel Schedule Templates (PDF)

The Panel Schedule template is related to the information concerned with the electrical panel box. Mostly electrical engineer uses it to check the supply of electricity in a building. Moreover, you can download free templates and fill in the details for recording the information on an electrical panel. You can use it in word or excel formats. An electrical panel is made up of a metal box. Its location is near to the door with a built-in wall along with an out-of-the-way corner of the house.

Panel Schedule Template:

A distribution board consists of components of an electrical supply system. It divided an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits. Moreover, it provides a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclosure. All circuit breakers supplying electricity in the different rooms of the house, apartment or building are present in the power panel. For electrical panel related information, you can find it free on the internet. There are also different formats like word, excel and pdf where you can record information. Different tools are also available through which you can check the load of each circuit breaker located in the electrical panel.

Types of Electrical Panel:

There are four different types of panels that are common to use. These include the main breaker panel, fuse boxes, main lug panel and subpanel. Moreover, most of the residential people depend on their local electricity. The power comes from the utility company. It goes through the electrical panel which works as a distribution board. The mainboard distributes the load to each home as per their requirement. In Addition, this can be in the form of lights, appliances or any other devices which are in use by people.

  1. The main breaker panel is the main source of all the panels in your house. It regulates the supply of electricity and consumption in your house.
  2. Fuse boxes that contain small fuses, its function is to control overloading within your circuits.
  3. Main lug panels consist of the line wires that run into the lugs. They eliminate the need for the main breaker.
  4. Subpanels are electrical panels that their source of energy is from the main panel with a specific circuit. They control the man consumption of members of your household.

Do you know how many circuits install in your home? Similarly, Have you any information when you need to replace the electrical panel. The average duration of the panel is near about 20 years. You need to replace old electrical panels like fuse box which needs to update to one that is handling your current electrical consumption. However, if you experience flickering of light, the burnt smell from your electrical panel and frequent electrical trips. Moreover, you are adding more appliances or devices to your home. The advice is you should check your electrical panel with the electrical supervisor. As per his instruction, you can replace your panel as well.

The purpose of electrical panel schedules:

If you want to measure the flow of electricity at different parts of the house, apartment or building, then you need to record that information on the document. Moreover, this is related to the electrical supply during the installation of the electrical panel. Some other elementary use of the electrical panel is as follow:

  • This is the job of an electrical panel to distribute the electricity to each circuit breaker.
  • The distribution panel protects your electricity system from any overload issue.
  • With the help of a panel schedule, you can track the power supply and estimate the load in different phases.
  • Its use in commercial and industrial areas where there is a requirement of the accurate voltage of electricity.
  • Moreover, It helps to manage the distribution of the power during working hours.
  • Electrical schedule panels help you to make a better decision regarding a load of electricity.
  • Through different checks of the electrical panel, you can reduce the risk of power failure in your home, apartment and commercial building.

Key parts of the Panel Schedule Template:

It is important to check the flow of electricity in the commercial and industrial areas. Moreover, you can get the best design template with a few clicks. The best thing is it’s freely available. The different parts that makeup of electrical panels are as followed:

  • Panel’s Location
  • Panel Name
  • Main power/Total voltage
  • Short circuit current
  • Number of wire used with name and type
  • Number of circuit breakers
  • Voltage type
  • Phase type
  • Load on each circuit breaker

The above information is mandatory to create an effective panel schedule. In our templates collection, you will see all the components covered completely. As a result, the use of our templates will help you to manage your electricity system efficiently.

The Creation of Schedule Panel in Excel:

We provided you with the best details of fillable documents that are easy to use. If you want you can design your document with a few simple steps and excel is one of the best tools to create it.

  1. In the First step open Microsoft Excel.
  2. From the File menu, you will select new and a blank workbook will appear.
  3. Then the selection of the header. Go to the insert tab then click the “Text ” group arrow and select the header and footer option. Then give the name of your title “Panel Schedule”.
  4. Further, now you will write “Panel Name” and “Panel Location” after the title of this document.
  5. In Addition, you will make the first column of your document, you will go to the A1 Cell and write column heading as “Circuit”.
  6. Further, go to the B1 cell and write Column heading as “Size of Circuit Breaker”
  7. Further, you will make column header as “Load” that refers to the voltage and another column heading as “Wire size”.
  8. You will follow this pattern and add all the columns as per your requirement. This will help you to record the information.
  9. Go to the File tab and select the option “Save as ” and give the name of your file.
  10. Therefore, click ok and save.


The panel schedule template contains information about the electrical panel box. Similarly, It is also famous for the name of the distribution box. Further, the current from your utility company comes to your distribution box and then load is delivered to your home as per consumption of different rooms. In Addition, if there is a flickering of electricity, trips of circuit breaker and burnt smell from the electrical wires.

Therefore, You should check your distribution box with your electrical supervisor of the local utility company. He will check thoroughly and recommend repairing or replacing the box. There are ready-made fillable templates available. With the help of these, you can check your load information and keep updating your panel schedule with circuit breakers.

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