12+ Free Rent Payment Tracker Spreadsheet [Excel, PDF]

A rent payment tracking spreadsheet is for keeping a record of building, room or property. It is for checking the rental payments which are paid and which are not paid. This spreadsheet is having detail of how much rent is paid and how much is outstanding. The same applies to the landlord who keeps a record of how many tenants paid the rent or how many are yet to be paid.

With the help of a rent schedule, you make your things easier. Moreover, it is a statement for you that gives you proposed rent for the landlord or the renter. This document provides you with a facility that you can maintain your bank account. Further, you are just aware that this amount you have to pay for rent every month. This rent collection spreadsheet provides you with an example of what you have to fill next. In Addition, you need to fill in the tenant’s details, addresses and landlord’s identity.

Spreadsheet For Rent Collection:

The rent collection sheet is for the use of property and business owners. It is for keeping the record of rent payments paid and upcoming payments. Moreover, you don’t face any problems and keep you safe from legal troubles from the landlord. The owner also checks through the template that how many tenants paid the rent. For the landlord, it’s a source of extra income. With the help of this template you are aware of your rent as an occupant. Further, your relationship with the owner is maintained.

Most people must pay rent in cash. The spreadsheet is good proof for such people. They can check the record and show to the landlord the previously paid rent record.

The Parts of Rental Spreadsheet:

The rent sheet contains the following parts:

  • The Rent Payer’s Name
  • Recipient’s Name
  • Rental Amount
  • Date of Issue
  • Contact Number
  • Address
  • Recipient’s Details

Significance of Rental Spreadsheet:

In some states of the US, the occupants require the rent payment tracking spreadsheet from the landlord. They want to see the details of paid rent and the rent yet to be paid. It is for the benefit of the owner because he can check the paid details of the occupants. Tenants can also see the details of paid and unpaid rent details. For Instance, if the landlord demands the rent for a specific month. The spreadsheet collection sheet is helpful to provide information for the paid and unpaid rent details. Moreover, if an owner sues the tenants for non-payment, the spreadsheet is evidence in the court for the occupant. In Addition, if a landlord asks for late rent payment fees, the spreadsheet is proof for showing him/her the payment details.

Rent Payment Tracking Spreadsheet List:

A rental spreadsheet is a great source for tracking the paid rent amount throughout the rent duration. However, if there is any dispute on the rent amount, this sheet is a quick reference to show the payment details. Further, you can make a good impression on your landlord by showing him/her the paid rent record.

The rent spreadsheet is helpful for the owner to check his/her income through rent. He /she can plan the budget very well. This is the best tool for both the landlords and the tenants’ agents. With the help of this tool, you can check the payment schedule. It is effective for checking the budgeting and keep track of what they have paid.

A rent payment tracking spreadsheet is designed so that you can use it easily. Similarly, this sheet is printed on A4 size paper.

It contains the following details:

  • Term of Tenancy
  • Paid Rent
  • Rent Details
  • Payment
  • Paid Date For Rent
  • Property Details

House Rent Spreadsheet Details:

House rent is like a rent slip that works as an invoice by the landlord to the renter when pays the rent. This slip contains information on the tenant, rent amount, paid date. Moreover, the mode of payment from the renter to the owner is also mentioned along with the signature details. The option Ms Word from Spreadsheet is also explained. You can check that it’s easy to design in Ms Word. Further, it increases the value of work and is easy to understand for the reader.

A rent document is like a spreadsheet that is used to manage rental property. The document is useful when you need to track details about all your tenets and other important information. A rent roll works as a rent register that can be prepared quickly. You can generate them in MS Word and MS Excel.

A good design document has the following details:

  • Occupant Name
  • Rental Agreement Details
  • Description About Property
  • Status of rental payment
  • Contact Details

With the help of this document landlord or property manager finishes the paid work on time. To get the details of tenants you can register the details in MS Word or MS Excel. Whenever you need you can get it from this roll register.

Steps For Drafting a Rent Schedule:

Setting Terms:

Before starting any rent schedule, you should provide the terms for the tenants. This concludes that the owner and the tenant agree to the terms or not. Moreover, you should provide it in simple language that is easy to read and understand. The choice of words should be accurate and easy.

Rent To Be paid:

You can start your document from the payment column. Moreover, You can enter the amount of each month you receive from your renter. You should insert a payment column and then enter the amount at the end of each month. You can also write rent payments due for each month.

Actual Rent:

Delivering the actual rent is the most important part of the rent schedule. Moreover, if you don’t know the actual rent, you cannot draft the rent schedule in its first place.


In each rent schedule document, there should be a detail of deposits by the renter. Moreover, the number of deposits should be there while renting a room or property.

Add the Important Date:

When you include the date, it means when the occupant starts renting and until when he is going to rent it. It is important to keep track of how long the renter is going to rent the property. Further, if you include dates in your schedule you will know all the details.


A rent payment tracking spreadsheet uses to keep a record of rent payment from the tenant. This document helps check the paid and unpaid details. The tenant can ask for the rent payment details from the landlord. This will help him to give payment proof to the owner when he demands it. Moreover, it is beneficial for the owner to keep track of all the renters. He can check who paid the rent and who is still yet to be paid. There are different document builders available for drafting the rental spreadsheet. Further, you can download a ready-made sheet from the internet and customize it as per your state requirements.

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