14+ Free Excel Dashboard Templates (+KPI Dashboards)

free excel dashboard template

In an information-driven world, information is the costliest commodity. However, for it to have esteem, it should be the right data introduced in the most ideal way. Gathering the information to deliver the right data can be a challenge. This is the motivation behind why Excel dashboard templates have become important, as you can utilize them to merge significant information into a summary.


What is an Excel dashboard?

Excel dashboard templates furnish you with a fast perspective on the key performance indicators in only one spot. At the point when you utilize a KPI dashboard Excel as a tool for business, it provides you with an undeniable level perspective on your organization’s work and helps you pursue speedy choices in light of information. There are a couple of sorts of dashboard report templates including:


Strategic Dashboards

You utilize these dashboards to assist you perform activities and pursuing choices with procedures. You do this by following performances connected with key pointers to assist you in understanding them better.

Analytic Dashboards

These dashboards centre around assisting you with contrasting past information so you can recognize spikes, drops, and patterns. Since analytic dashboards include loads of drill-downs and pivot tables, you can use them for interactive use.


Operational Dashboards

These dashboards present everyday measurements to empower you to get a quick perspective on your organization’s everyday performance.

KPI Dashboards

You can install KPI dashboard from our website.


Advantages of utilizing Excel dashboards

Excel dashboard templates are a sort of data collection instrument that you can use to outwardly screen, analyze, and then show:


Key Performance Indications or KPIs

Key pieces of information and measurements that screen the strength of your business, its specialties, or a specific interaction.


A performance dashboard Excel is a private page outline of the investigation of the information, meaning it’s an outline of your system. Since these reports are extremely simple to read and comprehend, the utilization of a KPI dashboard in Excel to survey details and view the situation with tasks gives you a critical chance to make your business more proficient.

You will likewise be much quicker to answer open doors and issues. A few advantages of utilizing this tool are:

They are highly customizable

You can tweak your dashboard with regards to assumptions and clients. You can alter every choice level dashboard to introduce the most helpful and important data. Doing this permits every individual to see the degree of detail expected to take care of business and meet your objectives.

It’s comprehensive

Before the appearance of dashboards, you would need to invest a ton of energy evaluating and breaking down reports prior to reaching a ultimate choice or resolution. With the dashboard, you can initially see the general circumstance report of the data you really want.

It gives a ton of details

Dashboards don’t mean a lack of details. These apparatuses go further in the data on a case-by-case basis by picking just the item or variable you want.

Instinctive presentation of data

Utilizing dashboards doesn’t require thorough or convoluted preparation, as they are normally natural for clients. The visual computerization permits a smooth and simple route all through the record.

Available on cell phones

Most dashboard programming is both customized and intended to suit any cell phone. The fundamental reason behind this is to give you access to the most reliable information, regardless of where you are.

Performance Dashboards

Planning to make your Excel dashboard

Simply envisioning the information representations, you can have while making Excel dashboard templates will urge you to begin. Before you begin making your dashboard report template, think about these arrangements first:

Figure out how to bring information into Excel

Before you can make a deal or project the executive dashboard template, you should initially know how to bring your information into Excel. There are various ways of doing this, with shifting degrees of intricacy depending on where your information is right now. Research the best strategy to import your information.

Clean up your data

Assuming you knew all about how to function with the information inside Excel, you ought to realize that it is vital that each snippet of data has its own cell. In the event that your current Excel spreadsheet is wrecked, set aside some margin to tidy it up first.

Arrange the data into suitable sections and lines. In the meantime, break down and really take a look at the information for any mistakes or errors. This is additionally the ideal chance to look for copies of data that you really want to erase.

To utilize the dashboard, each line of information should be interesting; if not, you will double count. A speedy method for looking for copies in Excel is to feature the entire arrangement of information then, at that point, click the Eliminate Copies button.

Prior to continuing, it’s prescribed to keep your unique informational index elsewhere. Along these lines, you can recover the information you began with in the event that you commit an error.

Set up your workbook

The making of an undertaking or deals dashboard Excel template requires 3 separate tabs or sheets inside the Excel scratch pad:

Give the main sheet a name that you can undoubtedly perceive like ‘Raw Information’ or ‘Information.’ This tab contains the entirety of your crude information.

Label the subsequent sheet “Chart Data.” This is where you store the information that you really want to take care of in the various outlines of your dashboard.

Mark the third sheet ‘Dashboard.’ This is where your graphs will show up. For the present, you can leave the last two sheets clear. Right now, the main thing is to prepare your exercise manual.

Understand the prerequisites you really want

In the wake of finding out more about Excel dashboards, you will understand the tremendous number of choices that you can utilize. These choices can feel overpowering, which is why being exceptionally clear on the explanation for your most memorable dashboard is significant. By taking into account the motivation behind why you’re making a dashboard, you will feel empowered to make a dashboard that will meet your requirements precisely.

How would I make a dashboard in Excel?

Practically all Excel dashboard templates incorporate various components like tables, graphs, measures, and figures that assist you with introducing the information. A dashboard report template can deal with any sort of information for different purposes and markets. You can utilize the data for monetary, promotional, or different tasks.

Be that as it may, it’s ideal to utilize a KPI dashboard in Excel for bigger volumes of information since it is very chaotic to go through enormous information volumes, particularly in the event that you’re under time limitations. To make a dashboard, you can either make your own without any preparation or utilize a format. Here are the initial steps to making your own dashboards:

Brainstorm and plan on the fundamental motivation behind your dashboard

You ought to initially conceptualize the kind of information to remember for your dashboard prior to money management the work and time to make one. Formulate a system with the principal reason you believe your dashboard should serve. Then, at that point, you can come up with methodologies for accomplishing this fundamental reason.

Distinguish the best wellspring of information

The subsequent stage in the wake of concluding the object is to recognize the best wellspring of information that you will introduce in your dashboard. The information will be the central component of your dashboard and will direct different parts that you will add to it.

The motivation behind why you make a dashboard decides generally its highlights and appearance. Ensure that your dashboard incorporates just the applicable parts of the information connected with the dynamic interaction.

Its appearance additionally relies upon the people who will get the data. You can ask yourself inquiries like:

What are the preferences of your crowd?

Are your interest groups shoppers, supervisors, outer clients, or your associates?

How long does your audience need to go through the dashboard?

You ought to think about these qualities while planning your dashboard while recollecting the inclinations of your ideal interest group.

Design your dashboard

While you brainstorm, you ought to likewise make a layout of the important components that you intend to remember for its design. You can choose whether to improve or involve pre-assembled layouts to save assets and time.

The vital components of dashboard templates incorporate static tables, turn tables, auto-shape objects, dynamic outlines, other non-graph gadgets, and check gadgets. The space involved by every one of these things can likewise decide the intelligibility and presence of your dashboard. While planning, ask yourself questions like:

Does my dashboard have an excessive number of objects making it look jumbled?

Do I want these components?

Do I want several greater articles that are a lot simpler and quicker to study?

Distinguish every one of the fundamental components that you need to add to your dashboard so you can classify comparative components in a similar segment inside the dashboard.

Besides, the foundation shade of your Excel dashboard can likewise influence the lucidness of the data generally. The best method is to choose a variety code for comparative items.

This makes it more straightforward for your readers to go through the data introduced on your dashboard. The selection of varieties can likewise assist your readers with recognizing specific classifications of components for more straightforward correlations.

You can improve the UI of your dashboard by working on the route boards. A powerful method for doing this is by adding names to diagrams, including freezing boards and drop-down records to restrict looking over.


It is very cool to sort out simple administration hacks that give fast outcomes and save time. In this situation, the Excel dashboard sheets are generally utilized as an administration device to sort out and streamline information and records. One can make the working cycle simple through the Excel dashboard template, keeping it perfect and smooth by covering it with the additional sections and columns.

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