15+ Free Car Sale Contract Templates (Word)

Selling a car implies a long interaction as it includes an extended documentation process. You should settle the arrangement with a simple handshake, yet it doesn’t ensure that you will remain safe assuming an issue emerges, particularly on the off chance that you’re offering your car to an outsider. To keep yourself protected and out of any lawful issue, you ought to consider a car sales deal.

Free Car Sales Contract Templates

You can find different types of car sales contracts that you can utilize according to your needs.

What to Include in a Car Sales Contract?

A car sale contract template generally incorporates data about yourself as the vendor, the purchaser, and your vehicle. It likewise specifies the vehicle’s cost and the payment technique. A vehicle deal contract comprises the accompanying parts:

Purchaser’s data

This alludes to the individual data about the purchaser and you can track down this in their driver’s permit. The subtleties to incorporate are:

  • The purchaser’s complete name
  • The purchaser’s location
  • The purchaser’s date of birth
  • The purchaser’s Social Security Number

Pricing and sales data

This part of the used car deals understanding incorporates your vehicle’s all-out deals cost, which you will stall into:

  • Your vehicle’s sales cost
  • The costs of each extra choice (if any, rundown them independently)
  • Any remaining expenses including publicizing charge, objective expense, documentation expense, enrollment charge, and showroom charge
  • The deals charge sum

Information about financing

This part specifies all of the applicable supporting subtleties. This becomes huge on the off chance that the purchaser will buy your vehicle through financing. Assuming this is the case, incorporate the accompanying:

  • Your vehicle’s complete cost including expenses and charges
  • The initial down payment sum paid by the purchaser
  • The trade-in estimation
  • The aggregate sum to pay through financing
  • The loan’s interest rate for car sales
  • The payment time frame’s length or term
  • The regularly scheduled payment amounts

How to compose a car sale contract?

Frequently, offering your trade-in vehicle to a purchaser is more efficient than exchanging your vehicle with a vehicle sales centre. The greatest drawback of this arrangement is the obligation of making your car sales contract. Luckily, a vehicle or vehicle deals understanding is a basic record that you can make all alone. Here are the changes toward doing this:

Identify the basic details

The primary sentence of your ought to as of now recognize the total names of the two players, the purchaser and yourself as the vendor, and an explanation that the report is for the offer of a vehicle. Additionally, notice the addresses of the two players. It is likewise smart to append duplicates of the driver’s licenses of the two players for check purposes.

Give details concerning your vehicle

List the distinguishing elements of your vehicle including:

  • Year
  • Variety (outside and inside)
  • Body type
  • Make and model
  • Any remarkable highlights like mechanical or corrective issues
  • Odometer perusing
  • Vehicle ID Number (VIN)

Try to add just exact data

Any false cases about the vehicle’s subtleties or the provisions of the deals can prompt your vehicle deal contract with payments getting voided. Ensure that you and the purchaser see one another and that nobody distorts the car or the assets that you will trade.

Express the price tag and the date of the deal

The contract ought to be extremely clear on whether the price tag incorporates the sales taxes because, in certain states, you’re expected to charge sales taxes when you sell your vehicle. You ought to determine in the archive that your price tag incorporates the sales tax or conclude that you will add the sales tax to the cost.

Show the technique for conveyance

On the off chance that the vehicle you’re selling isn’t situated where you and the purchaser live, notice the technique for conveyance and obligation in your agreement. In such a case, you have various conveyance choices:

Transporting the car

  • Delivering the car to the purchaser yourself
  • Requesting that the purchaser get the vehicle

Employing an outsider to convey the vehicle

In your agreement, you ought to likewise determine who will get a sense of ownership with the delivery costs. The costs caused may incorporate the transportation of the vehicle, return flight tickets or vehicle rental for proprietor delivery.

Depict your car’s condition

Generally speaking, you will sell your vehicle “with no guarantees.” This restricts your risk for any issues regarding your car’s condition. Add an assertion or line in your agreement expressing that you’re selling the car” with no guarantees” and that you “make no guarantees about the car’s condition.” Make sense of the reports that you will give to the purchaser The agreement ought to express that you will furnish the purchaser with the title of the car and other required documentation like the most recent discharge test report, and other assistance or support records. You can reach out to the DMV office of your state concerning some other archive you should give to the purchaser.

Indicate the status of your car’s title

You can sell your vehicle if it has a perfect title. This intends that there aren’t any liens on the title for advances or other lawful activities against you. There are a few cases however where you can sell your car in any event, when the bank holds the title. Simply ensure that the purchaser knows this.

Sign the agreement and date it

Both you and the purchaser ought to sign the agreement and technique. After marking, make duplicates of this report. One party keeps the first and different keeps the duplicate. You could the purchaser at any point can choose this. You can likewise sign your agreement within the sight of a legal official. Doing this adds a layer of security as the public accountant gives strong proof that the two players are who they guarantee to be and that both of you consented to the terms.

The best opportunity to sell your car

Maybe the best opportunity to sell your car and make a car sale contract template is when all that in it works appropriately and there aren’t any services because of the lights on your dashboard. Simply place yourself in the shoes of the purchaser. You would need a decrease in the cost if the car isn’t looking great. Such a derivation compensates for the expense of required fixes and support. On the off chance that you need a decent cost for your car, ensure it functions admirably.

Instructions to Compose Your Car Purchase Agreement

It is much more helpful and conservative to offer a trade-in vehicle to a confidential purchaser as opposed to exchanging the vehicle with a dealership. The dealer will get a superior value along these lines. In such a case, the proprietor will be liable for drafting his/her buy contract. This contract is known as a “Bill of Sale”. It is a moderately straightforward record requiring extremely essential data about the vehicle bought. Here are a few valuable strides for you to follow: Distinguishing the purchaser, the dealer and the justification behind the agreement. Everything necessary here is the legitimate complete names of the purchaser and dealer and that this agreement was executed to sell the vehicle. Give the purchasers and addresses too. Incorporate the driver’s licenses for the two players for motivations behind distinguishing proof. Give a depiction of the vehicle. In doing as such, incorporating several distinguishing attributes of the vehicle would be prudent. Harp on subtleties to portray it as a novel. Think about this rundown:

  • The shade of the vehicle
  • The model and the year
  • The body type (whether it be a car, SUV, pickup, and so forth.)
  • The shade of the inside of the vehicle
  • Some other special highlights (beauty care products or machine issues, significant scratches, and so on.)
  • VIN or Vehicle Data Number
  • Odometer (mileage counter) perusing

Be certain that all the data is precise. Giving bogus data about the subtleties of the vehicle can prompt a voidable agreement. The two players need to comprehend the items in the agreement and that neither is expressing misleading cases about the vehicle nor the assets that are exchanged for the vehicle. An illustration of this, is on account of the odometer, assuming it at any point was supplanted or fixed, this ought to be expressed in the agreement. Express the date of the sale and the price tag. What technique for payment was engaged with the vehicle acquisition: cash, check, clerk’s check, cash request, and so on? Indicate. It can likewise be a payment plan. In favour of wariness if you consent to a payment plan, clutch the vehicle’s title until payments are completely paid. Then, at that point, send the title to the purchaser through guaranteed mail after all commitments are settled. You likewise need to state whether the price tag is comprehensive of deals charges. Possibly you determine in the agreement that the price tag incorporates the deals charge or conclude that the deals charge is to be added to the cost. Show the strategy for conveyance. The buy agreement will likewise show how the vehicle would be conveyed: A few choices could be: transportation of the vehicle, conveyance by the merchant or get by the purchaser, or an outsider charged to convey the vehicle. Assuming that costs are engaged with delivery, the agreement ought to demonstrate who ought to bear the cost for such Depict the state of the vehicle. It is generally helpful for the dealer to sell his vehicle “with no guarantees”. That would free him of commitments in making fixes on the vehicle and it will restrict his liabilities for any issues in regards to the car’s condition. This ought to be placed in the agreement, that it was sold “with no guarantees” and that the proprietor “makes no guarantees about the states of the vehicle”. Such a proclamation conveying this message ought to be adequate. Make sense of what archive the dealer will give to the purchaser. The agreement ought to likewise have an arrangement about what records the dealer would give the purchaser, for example, the vehicle’s title and some other pertinent to the deal. whenever settled upon, late discharge test archives or administration records of the vehicle. Indicate the situation with the title. The title ought to be a reasonable title, meaning it ought to be liberated from liens for vehicle credits or some other legitimate bodies of evidence against the proprietor. For a vehicle with a funded arrangement, demand the money organization for a result letter. The last option will give you a careful equilibrium of what the merchant owes to the vehicle. This equilibrium will be paid by the purchaser to buy the vehicle. A dealer can in any case sell a car in any event, when the bank holds the title. An issue should be talked about between the purchaser and the proprietor. Yet, the bank holds the title. Ordinarily, in such cases, the purchaser thinks of one check straightforwardly to the bank for the total result sum and one more check to the merchant for the leftover sum processed between the result to the bank and the dealer’s cost. At the point when this comes to pass, the bank can now mail the title to the purchaser after getting the right result sum. Sign and date the agreement. When everything is settled, the dealer and purchaser ought to sign and date the agreement, after which duplicates ought to be printed. The first agreement will be held by one party and the other will hold the duplicate. It doesn’t make any difference who holds what. It is essential, that an observer could likewise be a signatory. Having an observer to the agreement might help in relieving lawful debates about the exactness of the agreement. Provided that this is truly wanted, marking the agreement within the sight of a public accountant could be profitable. It adds more security to the two players as the public accountant will give genuine proof that both purchaser and vendor are confirming that they are what their identity is and that the two of them consented to the agreements of the agreement.,


After at long last concluding what car you have decided to purchase, the last step that will result will be the paper works. This cycle for the most part remembers marks for the car purchase contract or the car purchase agreement. Contained in this record is all the important data about the vehicle bargain entered between you and the showroom/vendor. Like any agreement, you ought to see all the data remembered for the buy understanding. It is typically standard practice to state purchaser and dealer data toward the start of the purchase record. The data contained that incorporates the dealership’s name is alluded to as the vendor and yours as the purchaser; the data in regards to the vehicle: the producer, the make, the model, model year, the VIN, and the mileage. This large number of information ought to be explored exhaustively ensuring that everything coordinates with the data of the car you are purchasing.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

How would you compose an agreement to sell a car?

Instructions to Compose Your Vehicle Purchase Arrangement

  • Distinguishing the purchaser, the vendor and the justification for the agreement.
  • Give the purchasers and addresses too.
  • Give a depiction of the vehicle.
  • Be certain that all the data is exact.
  • Express the date of the deal and the price tag.

What is a purchaser’s/vender’s agreement?

A purchaser’s/seller’s agreement is, similar to the name proposed, basically a vehicle deal receipt. … The agreement ought to continuously incorporate the words ‘sold as seen, attempted and supported without guarantee.

Do I have to give a receipt while selling a car?

On the off chance that you are selling a car, you ought to give the buyer a car Sale Receipt. Legitimate documentation is fundamental while selling significant property, like a vehicle. The receipt confirms the purchaser’s possession and obligation regarding their purchase.

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