Free Tattoo Consent Form (Word / PDF)

The tattoo consent form permits a craftsman or piercer the opportunity of legitimate and monetary responsibility assuming an unanticipated mishap ought to occur during the technique. … Whenever permitted, the assent structure is expected to be finished and endorsed by the parent or gatekeeper (and legally approved in pertinent States).

As a result of the extremely durable nature and to some degree intrusive methods, you’re not permitted to tattoo or penetrate a minor without composed assent from the minor’s legitimate parent/gatekeeper. In certain states, the parent/gatekeeper should be available at the hour of the methodology also. Further, a few nations will not permit body craftsmanship systems on minors by any stretch of the imagination, and each state has various punishments for not complying with the regulations.

What is a tattoo consent form?

A tattoo consent form permits tattoo craftsmen or piercers to shield themselves from responsibility should an unexpected mishap happen during a methodology. Similarly, It tends to utilize by grown-ups to ensure they figure out the interaction and any unfriendly aftereffects, as well as concerning minors, to ensure guardians have agreed to the technique. In all cases, agreed to structure requirements frame the interaction being done, any dangers, aftereffects, aftercare, and whatever other fundamental subtleties that you really want to clarify before a method.

For the most part, separate structures are utilized for inking and penetrating. Moreover, you can download any of our free layouts and guides to find out about what the assent structure involves and what ought to be on it for your state.

What data ought to be remembered for the Consent Form?

The agreed structure requirements to give clear data to the benefactor of the wellbeing gambles that are related to both inking and puncturing. When the benefactor gets it and concurs, the need to sign the assent structure. There are a few segments that the benefactor should start and sign.

There ought to likewise be a delivery and wave area for the benefactor to sign that delivers the tattooed and the studio from obligation should injury or other harm happens to the individual because of having the methodology done.

Benefactors should close down to state they had the option to get clarification on some pressing issues and that the data given was fitting and justifiable, including aftercare directions. In conclusion, the benefactor needs to approve a segment expressing that they are not affected by any medications or liquor, that they are not on any prescription, nor have any circumstances that could slow down the strategy, and that they are openly and energetically giving agree to have the tattoo/puncturing.

Different subtleties that the supporter needs to comprehend are the potential for disease in the event that they don’t adhere to aftercare directions, and that there can be various varieties from the picture of the tattoo they have chosen. In Addition, they need to comprehend how the two methodologies did and that they know these are long-lasting.

Regulations for each State

Practically all states have their regulations with respect to certain parts of body workmanship. However, 45 states forbid inking minors without parental assent and 38, boycott puncturing and inking a minor without parental assent. Similarly, the territory of Nevada is the main state without any regulations in regard to body craftsmanship, and Maryland has decided that restricts. You may also like Surgical Consent Form.

Generally speaking, a minor can be inked or punctured. It ordinarily requires the assent of the Parent or Guardian and frequently expects them to be available during the method. Underneath, you can track down the regulations to check whether it is legitimate for a minor to get a puncturing or tattoo in your State.

State      Law      Allowed?

Alabama § 22-17A-2 Yes, with composed parental or watchman assent.

Alaska AS 08.13.217 Piercings – Allowed with composed parental/watchman assent. Composed assent should keep by the piercer for a considerable length of time.

Tattoos – Not permitted.

Arizona § 13-3721 Yes, with the parent or watchman present. No composed assent requires.

Arkansas § 20-27-1502 Yes, with the parent or watchman present and composed assent. Piercer or Tattoo Artist should save the composed assent for no less than 2 years.

California PEN Code 652

PEN Code 653

Piercings – Allowed without assent if in the ear cartilage. In the event that not, composed assent is expected with authorization or the parent or gatekeeper should be available during the technique.

Tattoos – Not permitted on minors at all.

Colorado § 25-4-2103 Yes, with the parent or gatekeeper’s express assent.

Connecticut § 19a-92g

§ 20-266n

Piercings – Permitted with the parent/gatekeeper’s assent. On the off chance that in-ear cartilage, assent doesn’t need.

Tattoos – Not permitted except if for clinical reasons.

Delaware § 1114 Yes, in the event that the parent or gatekeeper gives composed and authenticated assent. Ear piercings are not part of this necessity.

Florida § 381.0075

§ 381.00787

Piercings – Permitted without assent if in the ear. In any case, composed and legally approved assent requires. In the event that underneath the age of 16, the parent or gatekeeper should be available.

Tattoos – Yes, with composed and authorized assent. The parent/watchman should likewise be available. A minor more youthful than 16 doesn’t ink except for clinical purposes.

Georgia § 16-5-71.1

§ 16-5-71

Piercings – Yes, with the parent or gatekeeper’s composed assent. Piercings to the ear cartilage don’t need assent.

Tattoos – Not allowed on minors except for clinical reasons.

Hawaii § 321-379 Piercings – No ongoing puncturing regulations.

Tattoos – Allowed with composed assent from the minor’s parent or watchman. Consent forms should keep at the tattoo shop for 2 years.

Idaho § 18-1523 Yes, if over the age of 14 and with composed assent from the parent or watchman. Assent doesn’t need if a piercing to the ear cartilage.

Illinois ILCS 5/12C-40

ILCS 5/12C-35

Piercings – Yes, on the off chance that the minor has composed assent from their parent or gatekeeper. Ear piercings don’t need assent.

Tattoos – Not allowed on minors.

Indiana § 35-42-2-7 Yes, assuming the parent or gatekeeper is available and gives composed assent. Piercings to ear cartilage line from this necessity.

Iowa § 135.37 Piercings – No ongoing guidelines with respect to body piercings.

Tattoos – Unless wedded, a minor may not get a tattoo.

Kansas § 65-1953 Yes, if the parent/watchman is available and gives composed and authenticated assent. Reports do save the business for a very long time.

Kentucky § 211.760 Yes, with the parent or gatekeeper’s composed and authenticated assent.

Louisiana § 14:93.2 Yes, assuming the parent or gatekeeper is available and gives their assent. Assuming a body penetrating, just consent requires.

Maine § 4323

§ 4203

Piercings – Yes, assuming the minor has composed assent from their parent or watchman.

Tattoos – No, it against the law to tattoo a minor.

Maryland §

House Bill 328

Indeed, assuming the minor’s parent or gatekeeper signs an assent structure within the sight of the administrator or a certified person. Ear cartilage piercings don’t need assent. The business should hold assent structures for a long time.

Massachusetts Model Regulations for Body Art Establishments Piercings – Yes, assuming the parent of a watchman is available and signs a type of assent. No permission for Genitalia piercings.

Tattoos – No, minors have no permission to get tattoos.

Michigan § 333.13102 Yes, with the parent or watchman’s composed assent.

Minnesota § 146B.07 Piercings – Yes, if the parent/gatekeeper is available and signs an assent structure before the professional. Piercings to the areola or genitalia do not allow.

Tattoos – No, a professional prohibits working on a minor.

Could you at any point get a tattoo in California with parental assent?

No, it is illegal to tattoo any piece of the assemblage of anybody under 18 years old without composed and authenticated assent from the Parent or Legal Guardian of the minor.

Who can finish the paperwork for a minor to get a tattoo?

In many states, just lawful guardians or watchmen have permission to give consent.

How old do you need to be to give assent for a tattoo?

In many states, you must be something like 18 to give assent for a tattoo.


Inking and body penetrating are types of body workmanship that can be given by an authorized individual or, in certain states, a clinical specialist. Contingent upon which country you are in will decide the kind of assent required while giving body craftsmanship to minors. Generally speaking, this is finishing with utilizing a tattoo consent form.

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