Printable Passport Parental Consent Form DS-3053 (PDF)

A passport parental consent Form, or articulation of assent (Form DS-3053), is utilized on the occasion a minor (an individual under 16 years old) is applying for identification and only one of the guardians/gatekeepers can be available. However, the two guardians/gatekeepers should approve the issuance of a minor’s visa and should give the appropriate documentation of citizenship and guardianship.

If one of them can’t show up for the application interaction, the non-applying gatekeeper should give authorization by finishing an assertion of assent and submitting it with the youngster’s DS-11 Form. Therefore, the non-applying guardian/gatekeeper should sign Form 3053 before a public accountant and present a piece of official photo ID. This recognizable proof requires a copy (front and back) and submitted alongside the parental assent structure. You may also like Vendor Registration Form.

What is Passport Parental Consent Form?

This is the Form that the parent or gatekeeper that won’t be available necessities to finish up. It expresses that they give consent and should submit the minor’s DS-11 Form. The DS-3053 need to endorse before a legal official public, and they should confirm the character with a picture ID that gave by the public authority.

There are 1 of 2 things that should be finished up on the DS-3053; The Statement of Consent, which would be utilized by the parent giving their assent for an identification to be given, or the Statement of Special Circumstances, which would be finished up by the parent applying if they couldn’t get authorization from the parent not-mattering.

Structure DS-3053 should be sent in with structure DS-11 at an identification office that has been supported, or an acknowledgement office. Further, this should be done in something like three months from the authentication data. Visas can take between 4 to about a month and a half. In Addition, you can demand a facilitated handling choice, however, this will be an extra expense from the application charge.

Instructions to Write

Youngster’s Name

(1) Full Name Of Child Or Minor. The name of the Child this application concerns ought to be shown across the three boxes on the top line by providing their “Last” name,” “First” name, and “Center” name where mentioned.

Youngster’s Date Of Birth

(2) Child’s Birthday. Report the two-digit month, schedule date of the month, and four-digit year of the Child’s introduction to the world date in the space given by Section (2).

Motivation behind Consent

Select Item 3 Or Select Item 4 Or Select Item 5

(3) Passport Book And Card. If the reason for this application is to get an “Identification Book And Card” for the Child named above, then, at that point, place an imprint in the first checkbox of Section (3).

(4) Book Only. If this application is being submitted to just acquire an identification book for the Child then the second checkbox should be stamped.

(5) Card Only. Select the third checkbox if the objective of this application will be just to get a visa card for the Child.

Minor Status

Select Item 6 Or Select Item 7

(6) Under Sixteen. Assuming that the child is under sixteen years of age, the “Yes” box ought to be chosen from Section 4(A).

(7) Over Sixteen. If the Child is more than sixteen years of age (yet an underage Minor), place an imprint in the “No” checkbox.(8) Required Adult (If Applicable). If the child is under sixteen years of age, the complete name of the Adult who will go with the Child to the visa office or in any case affecting this application ought to be recorded in Section (4B).

Explanation Of Consent

(9) Legal Guardian. The complete name of the Child’s Parent (or Legal Guardian) whose agreement is expected to support this application’s accommodation should be introduced on paper on the principal clear line of the assent proclamation given.

(10) Address Of Legal Guardian. The physical “Road Address” of the Parent or Legal Guardian’s residence alongside its loft number (if relevant), “City,” “State,” and “Postal district” ought to be delivered across the spaces Section (5) gives. Notice that each address thing will have a remarkable area of the show.

(11) Legal Guardian Contact Information. Present the phone number where the Child’s Parent or Legal Guardian might be reached by providing the region code and number where mentioned then go on with a record of the Parent or Legal Guardian’s “Email Address.”

Dated Notarized Signature

(12) Signature Of Legal Guardian. The mark of the Child’s Parent or Legal Guardian should be submitted before a Notary Public. Accordingly, when this application is affirmed as right, the Child’s Parent or Legal Guardian ought to sign their name to demonstrate that the “Pledge” shown above is valid.

(13) Date Of Legal Guardian Signature. When the person in question has marked this application, the Parent or Legal Guardian ought to present the date at the hour of marking.

Consummation By Notary

(14) Notarization. The Notary Public who has seen the application’s marking and has seen the qualifications of the Signature Parent or Legal Guardian will finish the last area to show the authorization cycle has been finished.

Authorization of Form DS-3043

There are archives that you should give to get Form DS-3053 for authorization:

  • The minor’s verification of citizenship
  • Confirmation of guardianship
  • Guardians ID

There are sites for enrollment that permit you to get your Form DS-3053 for authentication on the web, so you will not need to put a hold on from work or remove your youngster from school to visit the identification office. You should have web access and a camera-empowered PC, cell phone, or tablet, as well as your ID. Whenever you have downloaded the structure, finish it up, however, don’t sign it. This should complete before the internet-based legal official.

Parental Consent structure for understudies matured under 18

We need to ensure that your youngster is having protection and bliss while concentrating in the UK. Therefore, to assist us, we with asking you (the parent or legitimate watchman) to finish this structure for any understudy mature under 18 who is selected at [name of organization].

If it’s not too much trouble, note that the understudy can not begin the course until the structure is gotten by the [school, school, university].

Information assurance

We vow to keep this data secure and will just give it to individuals who are straightforwardly associated with really focusing on your kid on a restricted information diet when they are selected at the [school/school/university]; this might incorporate medical care and government assistance experts.

Understudy subtleties

First name:           Family name:         Gender: male/female

Date of birth:        Nationality:            First language:

Identification number:                         Passport expiry date:

Guardians’ or alternately gatekeeper’s subtleties


Title:                    First name:                Family name:

Relationship to kid:         First language:       Level of English:


Portable phone:                Email:


Title:                    First name:                          Family name:

Relationship to kid:                First language:        Level of English:


Cell phone:                       Email:

Parental Consent

Affirming that the above subtleties are exact and finished.

Going to consent to the agreements

  • I have examined the concurred plans and rules with my child/little girl.
  • Mark of the parent/watchman:
  • I have examined the concurred plans and rules with my parent/gatekeeper.
  • Mark of the understudy:

How would I get my kid’s visa assuming their mom or father is no more?

On account of one parent passing away, you should give a passing testament. For single guardians, you should get a court request that awards you sole lawful care or that awards consent for you to apply for the youngster’s identification.

Assuming I have sole authority, do I require a Form DS-3053?

No, you don’t. Sole gatekeepers and guardians with sole authority don’t compose consent from the other parent.

Might I at any point utilize a duplicate of Form DS-3053?

No. the archive should be unique, going to finish as of late and should authenticate by the parent who won’t be available and apply. You likewise need to ensure there are no crossed-out regions and that the date of the parent’s mark and the date of the legally approbation match.

Could a dad at some point apply to a youngster’s identification without the mother’s assent to the UK?

Somebody with parental obligation regarding the youngster should apply for the visa. If you want to apply give the two guardians’ subtleties when you. If you can’t give the other parent’s subtleties, you want to say why (for instance, you’re the main parent whose name on the birth endorsement or you took on the kid all alone).

Should the two guardians be available for kid identification in the USA?

The two guardians or lawful gatekeepers of that kid should approve the US Department of State to give the kid’s visa by having each of the three show up face to face at a territorial identification office. Notwithstanding, special cases are available for one or neither of the guardians being available for a youngster’s identification application.

Could a mother at any point remove a youngster from the country without the father’s consent?

Guardians with sole care acknowledge consent to go out of the country with their youngsters without authorization from the kid’s other parent. Nonetheless, to do such, the parent with sole care should show the court-requested guardianship course of action to get the youngster’s identification.

Might one parent at any point get a visa for a kid?

The two guardians/gatekeepers should approve the issuance of the youngster’s identification. However, the most ideal way to do this is for the two guardians/watchmen to go with the youngster face to face to apply for identification. In Addition, consider the possibility that the two guardians/gatekeepers can’t show up face to face. You should submit proof of this with the application.

Must the two guardians be available to recharge a youngster’s visa?

Should the two guardians be available for a youngster to get a visa? Indeed, they do. Except if just a single parent is a watchman.

Might a mother at any point move a kid away from the dad?

Might a mother at any point move a kid away from the dad? Under ordinary conditions, a mother can’t move a youngster away from her dad. Nonetheless, if it is for the kid’s well-being, it will permit it. Therefore, It is ideal to get a court request managing the gatherings’ parental obligations and privileges the situation being what it is.


Whenever a minor applies for their visa, they need to have their folks or lawful gatekeepers present. However, they should give the right guardianship and citizenship documentation at that point. In Addition, there are circumstances where just a single parent can be available, and for this, they will require a passport parental consent form DS-3053.

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