Printable Sublease Agreement Templates [MS Word]

A Sublease Agreement template uses to rent an apartment, entire house or even just a room within the rental property. In other words, you can say “Lease within a lease”.

In a sublet, Lease terms and conditions apply to the subtenants. Furthermore, the original renter remains only responsible for any damage, payment of rent ad any breach of an initial leasing agreement. A subleasing agreement is also known as:

  • A Subleasing Contract
  • Subleasing Contract Form
  • The Subleasing Rental Agreement

The sublease is like a lease agreement with a little difference that parties are involved.

Subleasing is helpful for those who don’t need their apartment, entire home or room for a specific duration of their lease. Therefore, they feel relief with the rent obligations, when they sublease their apartment and are away from home. In Addition, when you are planning to go away from home and spending some vacations

Writing a Subleasing Agreement

There is the following information when you are finalizing different sections of Subleasing contract.

Premises: Provide the address and a description of the residence you are renting.

Tenant: Full Name & Address of the renter.

Subtenant: Subtenant’s full name and address.

Term: Starting and ending of the lease duration.

Original lease: The information about the original lease with date and landlord.

Rent: The subtenant pays money to the occupant each month.

Further, you must clear the occupant about the details of the house and its address. Moreover, you should clarify what rent he will pay to you. In Addition, it is a single room rent or a complete unit. The name of the renter and the lessee should be in the subleasing agreement. You have to decide about how long you would like subtenant for rent. This is famous with the name of the term. Your new lessee should be aware of any provisions made in the original lease agreement.

Further, a general statement explains that the sublease and occupant are obligated to comply with the original lease is also sufficient. In Addition, you will explain to the roomer that how much money he be indebted. The occupant will pay the amount to the renter till further notice.

In any situation, if the occupant fails to pay to the renter the monthly rent or any damage to the property, the responsibility is the tenant to pay the landlord. Moreover, if the agreement breaks between subtenant and renter, the tenant is only responsible to remedy the situation.

Other factors also play an important role in sublease contracts:

  • Approval From landlord: If the original lease is there, the lodger should take written approval from the landlord.
  • Security Deposit For Sublease: How much amount roomer is paying for security in case of any damage.
  • Late Fee For Rent: In case of late payment of rent, how much extra he will pay?
  • Utility Bills: The utilities are included in the security or he has to pay separately for that.
  • Fittings: The premises will be furnishing or not.
  • Alterations Issue: Normally subtenants are not allowed to do any alterations.
  • Guidelines: The policies in which keeping pets, smoking and subletting are included.

Sublease Contract Templates:

There are different templates available for sublet state wise. You can download it free from the internet and customize it as per your needs.

How to Sublease an Apartment?

If you are moving then you should try to adopt for sublet option. Similarly, it gives you benefits when you are away from home. Before subleasing, you should need to know few important things. You should read few important points before subletting it.

You have permission:

A sublease contract is between the tenant and subtenant. However, the renter should bring it to the notice of the landlord before subleasing. The roomer should take written permission from the owner. Sometimes, the proprietor approves partial space. You cannot give the whole area for subletting. In case of any violation, he has the right to cancel the lease agreement.

Subtenant Search: After the approval from the landlord, you should search for an occupant. The sub-renter should be reliable and truthful. Further, you can ask the landlord for the type of roomer. In Addition, you should check the requirements of your subletter that he is comfortable with the space and can accommodate.

The Amount to Charge:

If you are planning to sublease your house, apartment or room for sublease, you don’t need to get an amount equal to your rent amount. However, you should keep in your mind that you will receive less amount and the remaining amount you will pay from your pocket.

Precautions Before Finalizing The Agreement:

The occupant can ask you for changes in the structure of the property of the rental s[ace. Further, if you do changes for him/her, that amount will not add to the cost of the rent. You will responsible for any damage or changes in the structure of the rental property.

Taking money in advance from the subtenant is a big relief. Moreover, this will help you in the future for any damages and changes from your occupant. In addition, you can take it as a security deposit from your roomer. Therefore, it is important before the contract that you mention what comes under damages and what does not come.

Sublease Agreement Samples:

Many samples are available online. You can access it through the internet and download it easily. Moreover, you can customize the sample as per your requirement and use. The content can be changed with the help of a lawyer and make according to your needs.

Things Required Under Sublease Agreement Template:

A sublease contract form is between the occupant and the renter. However, the lease contract is between the tenant and the landlord. Moreover, the sublease agreement cannot be signed without the approval of the landlord. A sublease form requires certain parties and elements in the form.

If you have a plan to go on vacation for few months and you want to sublease your house or room. You can give it on sublease and get your rent from your subtenant during your time away. In addition, the agreement should clearly explain all the clauses so there will be no confusion and discrepancies in the future.

Parties Names:

During the agreement, the name of the roomer, renter and landlord should be there. The contract should with the permission of the landlord. Moreover, the signature from all three parties should be in the form.

Details about property:

You need to mention the street number, apartment number and the address of the house or apartment. If your landlord allows you a certain portion for rent, you should only rent that portion to your subtenant. For Instance, if he allows you a single room then you should rent out only that room.

Terms & Conditions:

The terms and conditions should be mentioned in the sublease agreement. The dates should be there. Moreover, the possession date should be clear there to avoid any misunderstanding. The contractor or the renter makes it clear when to renew the sublease contract.

Include Rental Amount:

The amount the occupant will pay to the renter should be in the sublease form. Normally it is given to the tenant on monthly basis. In addition, you can add more things with the mutual understanding of both parties.

Utility Usage:

The utility usage should add to the sublease contract. Further, the services the renter is responsible for. In addition, anything related to utilities should be written in the sublease.

Discussion with Roommate:

When you are living with a renter, you should inform him about the subletting plan. It is a better approach to inform him about the plan so there will be no confusion in the future. Further, it also comes under courtest and your responsibility as a tenant.

Signature of all Parties:

Once the subleasing form is ready, you don’t forget to sign on the end. Moreover, the signature of the roomer, as well as the renter, should be in the document.

Advantages of The Subleasing For Subtennats:

Many people who go for a short time away from home opt for this option. There are many positive points for selecting this option:

  • There is a relief of rent for you during your time away.
  • You will get less amount from your rent but it will provide you financial aid.
  • The landlord also checks the credit history of the tenant. They require rental application details. However, when a subtenant is renting from you, he doesn’t check the tenant’s credit history.
  • There are many options for you to do subleasing contract. You can download it from the internet to avoid any mistakes and use it as per your requirements.


A Subleasing agreement template is a document that is for an apartment, the entire house or room for a short period. This happens when the renter is going on vacation or away from home for few months. Moreover, this will give the renter a relief that he will get rent of his property during time away. In Addition, this subtenant amount is less than the tenant amount. Therefore, to avoid any mistakes in writing a sublease contract they use read-made forms. These forms are freely available on the internet. You can download and use it as per your specifications.

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