Printable Commercial Lease Agreement Addendum Templates (Word / PDF)

While leasing a business property from another, a business lease agreement is utilized. To make changes to the current terms of the rent agreement, a Commercial Lease Addendum should be settled upon and endorsed by both the individual renting the property and the individual leasing it.

What is a Commercial Lease Addendum?

A Commercial Lease Addendum permits changes or increments to be pursued to a unique rent understanding without composing another understanding report. This is regularly utilized when a landowner wishes to make changes, for example, expanding the period of the rent, making changes to lease sums, or giving specific ceremonies to tenants. Tenants may likewise use the addendum for specific changes.

When Do You Utilize an Addendum to a Commercial Land Agreement?

Numerous circumstances might require an addendum to a Commercial land contract. Commercial adventures are many times subject to change.

Landowners should be prepared to deal with them with lawfully enforceable archives.

Motivations to utilize an addendum include, yet are not limited to:

  • Allowing alterations to the Commercial property
  • Expanding rent
  • Adding new terms to the first understanding
  • Changes to Commercial land funding bargains
  • Changing a term contained in the first understanding
  • You can add an addendum to your agreement by utilizing a free business rent addendum and referring to your unique rent in the new record.

When finished and marked, the Commercial rent agreement addendum joins the rent and turns into a piece of the commercial lease understanding.

Why Utilize an Addendum to a Commercial Lease Agreement?

A commercial lease agreement addendum records in hard copy the changes or increases you need to make.

Such a large number of gatherings trust an oral understanding that might be unenforceable, assuming that a later debate emerges.

You ought to constantly expressly state any progressions to a rent. Doing so dodges any inquiries regarding what the gatherings consented to.

What is in a Commercial Lease Agreement Addendum?

While composing your commercial lease agreement addendum, ensure you incorporate the accompanying key data:

  • The compelling date of the addendum
  • The gatherings that are marking the addendum (i.e., unique gatherings to the commercial lease agreement)
  • The title and date of the first commercial lease understanding
  • The location or depiction of the commercial premises
  • A recitation of the details of the addendum, including any progressions to the first understanding
  • An explanation that any terms from the first agreement not expressly changed by the addendum stay in full force and impact
  • Signature lines with names and titles for the landowner and occupant

You can utilize a bit-by-bit manufacturer to make your commercial lease agreement addendum. Lawful Templates is here to assist you with the beginning.

The most effective method to Compose an Addendum to a commercial lease agreement

Follow the steps below to compose a commercial lease agreement addendum.

Stage 1 – Finish Up Date of Addendum

Compose the date of the addendum to the commercial lease agreement.

Stage 2 – Enter Gatherings’ Data

Give the complete names and current locations of the gatherings marking the addendum.

The principal party is the property manager or the executive organization, and the second is the occupant. On the off chance that there is more than one occupant, enter the name of each extra inhabitant.

Stage 3: Enter the Date of the Commercial Lease Agreement

Compose the compelling date of the first commercial lease consent to which this addendum is referring and connecting.

Stage 4 – Enter the Property Address

Give the full road address of the investment property.

Stage 5 – Portray Justification behind Addendum

Give what the landowner and occupant have consented to add, explain, or reexamine in the first business rent arrangement, for example, a unique rent term expansion.

Stage 6 – Signatures

Both the landowner and inhabitant will sign the addendum.

Essential Addendums and Rent Terms

Addendums can be made to change the term season of rent, for instance, from a month-to-month to a yearly term. There are one or two sorts of rent terms that a business property landowner might utilize:

Fixed End Date Rent: This term gives an accurate date that the tenure finishes. During that time, the lease can’t be expanded, and changes to the rent can’t be made without an addendum.

Fixed Term Time: This term choice indicates a decent measure of months, days, weeks, or years. This can be beneficial on the off chance that an inhabitant is evaluating another property or a landowner is evaluating another occupant since it doesn’t get them into a long rental term. A property manager can then utilize an addendum to build the term if the two players concur.

Occasional rent: with this choice, the rent term will go on until either the property manager or inhabitant ends the agreement. With this choice, a landowner can make changes to the terms or raise the lease as long as they give notice to the occupant.

Programmed Recharging: with this choice, the rent will be restored until either party ends the agreement. The agreement will go on with the very terms that were initially settled upon, no matter what the end or charging date.

At the point when a Commercial Lease Addendum Would be Utilized

The utilization of a Commercial Lease Addendum would be required for:

  • Changes to arrangements for restoring the rent
  • At the point when a landowner is making upgrades to the property
  • At the point when an inhabitant is making upgrades to the property
  • To frame whether an inhabitant is permitted to rent the property
  • For the end of the tenure
  • For protection arrangements

Various Kinds of Commercial Properties

A Commercial Lease Addendum covers the accompanying commercial properties:

  • Office Space
  • Retail Business Space
  • Cafés
  • Modern Bussiness Space
  • Self-storage spaces
  • Inns
  • Clinical Offices

Obligations of Landowners

As a landowner, various obligations should be remembered while making an addendum. This would include:

Property Details and Use: The landowner is responsible for guaranteeing that business property is being utilized lawfully and that it is allowed to be utilized accordingly. This implies building regulations and standing rules should be fulfilled; for instance, an eatery business can’t be run on a business property that is just assigned for production line use.

Select Purposes: It depends on the landowner to decide if the occupant will have sole utilization of the property for their business type. A model would be a business that runs the main bread shop in a shopping centre setting.

Terms of the Rent: The landowner should frame how long a rent term will run for. Various terms might apply to various terms, and this should be illustrated.

Expenses of Working Utilities: The landowner additionally needs to figure out who will be responsible for paying the utilities. In certain occurrences, the occupant and landowner might divide the expenses, or the property manager might charge a month-to-month expense. The equivalent would go toward covering local charges.

Enhancements: The landowner must make any upgrades mentioned by the occupant that will improve the running and well-being of their business. The landowner commonly pays for this to be finished and may cover the expense for the occupant.


A commercial lease addendum rolls out an improvement to the provisions of a previous rent agreement. Upon the addendum being endorsed by the two players, the change might be any solicitation by the property manager or inhabitant. Normal addendums incorporate broadening the rent, changing the lease, fixing privileges, or whatever other terms should be corrected.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the distinction between commercial and residential property rent?

A residential lease contract is utilized for occupants who are leasing a home or individual space to reside in. A commercial lease is used to lease space to maintain a business. There is less security from the public authority for individuals leasing commercial properties than for those leasing residential properties.

What is the overseeing law of a lease?

This alludes to the purview of the state/area where the actual property is found, as opposed to where the landowner or inhabitant might dwell.

What is a “Base lease”?

This alludes to the base measure of the lease framed in the lease agreement, barring any extra lease rates or working expenses.

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