25+ Free Project Charter Templates (Excel, Word)

A project charter template is a formal short document. However, it describes project scopes, project objectives and project responsibilities. Further, it takes approval from the project stakeholders Moreover, in the charter you provide a short, concise explanation of the main elements of your plan before starting.

A good project agreement gives a complete summary of the heart of the project. Further, it is such type of document which is between major stakeholders, sponsor of the plan and the whole team members. Moreover, if you ever review the project charter, it is a short document. It mentions detailed documents such as to request forms. In Addition, it determines the power of the project manager or project leader in the matrix environment.

In developing the project contract, the project manager has the power to lead. Similarly, he/she uses the best skills, information and experience to build a good charter. Further, he involves the sponsor, stakeholders and experts( from inside or outside the organization). Moreover, the help of professionals meaningfully adds to the progress of the charter.

It is the responsibility of the project leader in building the charter. Similarly, he uses helpful methods like brainstorming, resolution of conflict, problem-solving and expectation management to build it in a perfect form. Moreover, once it’s approved and signed. In Addition, the project manager can officially lead to carry out the project. The Project leader utilizes proper use of funds and resources in making the plan successful.

The Project Charter Template

You will get details about the project charter, the documents about the agreement and the best examples regarding a contract. You will know about the benefits and building of charters as well. You may also like Project Scope Statement Template.

An overview of the benefits of project charters

Project Initiator or sponsor issues the project charter document. Similarly, he authorizes the existence of the scheme. Further, he/she authorizes the project manager to utilize company resources in completing the plan.

The project scheme has great importance. Similarly, it states the high-level requirements to please the stakeholder’s needs. Further, it shows the authority of the project leader. You will get benefits if you have a project plan.

Defining the project objectives clearly:

The project charter is the best document that explains the complete details of your project. Similarly, what are your targets before closing? Further, you use clear and business oriented sentences to outline the plan and makes it easier to understand. Moreover, it also determines the starting of the project. Therefore, the project manager and all the participants get knowledge about it.

Detailed information about the scope of the project

The whole scope of the plan must be clear. Similarly, without definition, the project leader and its team members will not aware. Further, they will not determine which processes and procedures are out of scope.

Establish the timeline for the project

The complete schedule of the project should develop. Similarly, everything should be present in the charter. If you define a proper timeline, it will guide you through all the work activities in the plan. Further, it helps you to track the progress of all the actions. Moreover, if there is any delay, you can check and correct it.

An example of an ideal project charter is that all the tasks are explained with the timeline. However, if there is any delay, the project leader checks to correct it. Therefore, you can save your project from a negative impact.

Define Roles and Responsibilities:

Roles and responsibilities from manager to participants must be clear to everyone. Further, with the help of the project charter, you can check the roles of members and their in-charge duties. Moreover, if you know the roles, responsibilities and duties according to the charter. This will help you in increasing the productiveness of all the members. In addition, with the efficiency of members, the project will get successful.

An idea about Project Method:

It is also crucial to know the project approach. Further you have a functional and technical method to be employed. Functional methods include sourcing and gathering data, setting up requirements, processing, profiling and much more. Similarly, technical methods are software and hardware setups and IT processes. In Addition, knowing these approaches will help you in a smooth transition and work activities.

Knowledge about Change Control:

A good project charter shows the process for change control. Similarly, sometimes the changes made are not part of the original scope. Further, the change control method will tell what is necessary and should be part of it. Moreover, in the project charter, you can check with the help of a diagram(normally flowcharts) the routes with all the approvals of different stakeholders.

Clarifying Issue Management

The issue management should be clear to the Project manager. Further, it is his/her task to check throughout the project schedule. Moreover, it should be without subject management. In Addition, he/she can easily overcome all the tasks to deal with.

Contact Details of All important Members:

The project charter should keep all the contact details of participants. However, if there is any disaster, they can contact the member. Further, this is important for getting hold of the project manager, in case any member needs advice on the issue regarding the project.

A Project Charter’s Roles

A project charter is key in any project completion. If you don’t have a charter, your project can go in the wrong direction. These are the important roles for your information.

  1. It records all the points for doing the project.
  2. it gives a plan about all the objectives.
  3. It gives details of all the factors about project facing.
  4. Gives process to solve the issue regarding the project.
  5. It gives details about project stakeholders.
  6. It increases the relationship between, project manager, members and stakeholders.
  7. Works as a powerful tool, you can improve all project management problems.
  8. The project development and progress well.
  9. Defines the budget, schedule and deliverable of the plan.
  10. You can align well the project with the aims of the company.

A Project Charter Should Include the Following Elements

A project charter template will be easy if you have complete information. however, you can make your charter more effective and useful by including elements. Moreover, with the help of these elements, you can make a good charter for your project.

In the first part of the first project, including the project’s name, name of the sponsor, project leader and the preparation date. The most common elements for the charter are the following:

The project’s purpose:

You can give details of why it is important. Further, a business case or project contract can be used as a reference in combining this part of the charter. Moreover, you can keep important information in it.

Description of Project:

You will explain the targets of the plan. You will prepare a list with the item’s details. Similarly, which items will be built or what services you will perform.

Project’s Budget:

At the start of the project, you don’t have complete information. Similarly, you have no idea about the economy. Therefore, you make an estimate and take note of the initial scope of expense and predictable constraints of finances.

Project’s Risk:

There are always chances of risk in a small or big project. However, you should include it in a plan. So, everyone in the project is aware of the problems. Further, we can plan before time, for the progress and development of the scheme.

Project’s Milestones:

If you are aware of the project’s milestones, make sure you enter them all. Further, you just mention outlines to fix the schedule and date of deadline to meet.

Project’s Objectives:

In a good project template, project objectives should include. However, if you have proper knowledge you can plan to finish your project. Further, you can make a note of what you expect to provide. Moreover, you will aware of when you’re finishing the project. In Addition, it will help you to remove all the problems at the end of the project. As a result, you can sign off your project completely.

Project Manager’s Authority:

You can enter the project manager’s authority to hire and fire team members. You can enter the authority of the leader in the charter. Therefore, his/her roles and responsibilities must be clear.

The Timeline and Project Members:

The timeline of the project and whoever include in it is part of the charter. This will help all members to know about the start, finish dates and targets in between.

Project’s Return:

You can enter any returns you are expecting at the project’s completion. Similarly, you can show the results in terms of the performance of team members.

Contributors roles and responsibilities:

The tasks with their roles and responsibilities should be in the project charter. The project manager and their teammates should be clear about their targets. As a result, everyone can do their best effort in the completion of the project.

Resources Needed for the Project:

Every project needs resources. You should try to carry out tasks in a smooth way. Further, its best way is to write down all the resources and gather them to make the work smoother.

Important Things About Charter:

You must have good knowledge about project charters. However, it is better to make your own when starting a plan. There are few points which you should know for further guidance:

  • It is direct and exact with the details of 2-3 pages with important attachments.
  • Its use is for management purposes rather than technical specifications.
  • To make a project smooth and successful prepare it at the beginning of the plan.
  • It is signed by the initiator of the sponsor. However, sometimes both the sponsor and the project manager prepare it. Once it’s complete and signs, it becomes official.
  • It should be clear who is responsible for the coming up funds required for completing the project.
  • The charter gives authority to the project manager and makes it legit.
  • Because of the charter, the project becomes legitimate.
  • It can work for the project goals and targets through the objectives.


The project charter template is useful for completing the charter by filling right information. The project charter is a formal document, which contains project scopes, objectives and responsibilities.

You get approval from stakeholders. Further, it contains exact, precise elements before starting the project. You can download a free project charter template and make it customized as per your requirements.

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