Free Printable Landlord Reference Letter Templates (Word / PDF)

Landowners are frequently approached to compose strong reference letters for their ex-tenants at whatever point the inhabitant needs to move to an alternate residential property. The reference letter from the landowner reinforces their rental applications and assists them in protecting another residential property with another property manager. This solicitation is normally made when the tenant has been living in the property for quite a while and their tenure agreement has finished enjoying a positive outlook.

In the reference letter, the landlord ought to give a detailed depiction of their involvement with the particular occupant, feature the inhabitant’s significant qualities and character attributes, and furnish the new landowner with important experiences about how they had the option to keep a phenomenal leasing relationship with the previous tenant, and vouch for the inhabitant’s nomination.

This article gives a down-to-earth manual for composing landowner reference letters, including the parts of the letter, things to keep away from while composing it, and the fundamental tips to remember, guaranteeing that you compose areas of strength for a letter for your tenant.

What is a Landowner Reference Letter and a Landlord Reference Form?

A landowner reference letter is a report that is composed by a tenant. This report is regularly mentioned by a tenant with the goal that the person in question can demonstrate past tenure as well as guarantee one more landowner of their excellent occupancy records. As a landowner, you might be asked by your past occupants to compose a landowner reference letter at whatever point they choose to lease another property.

A landowner reference form, then again given by the new landlord of the occupant. This form is utilized to guarantee the completion of the relative multitude of details that the new landlord will refer to. Some landowners require a tenant to fill in the whole landlord Reference Check form before giving admittance to the property for lease.

Significance of Utilizing a Landowner Reference Form

Before we take the plunge into the cycles of creating and utilizing a landowner reference letter, let us initially examine the advantages of having another rental report, which is the landlord reference form. Besides giving a landowner reference letter, occupants may likewise be approached to answer a landlord reference form as a piece of the new tenure’s fundamental cycles. A couple of the justifications for why it is critical to utilize a Landlord reference form include the following:

A landowner reference form can make the tenant aware that some explicit methods and strategies ought to be continued on the property that the person will lease: Records given by landowners fill specific needs. On the off chance that you are given a landowner reference form to reply to, it isn’t made only for protracting the techniques of your rental application. Landowner reference forms and other rental records can give you a mentality that there are explicit guidelines and cycles that you should observe as a singular leasing space inside the area of a given property.

A landowner reference form can empower property managers to resolve specific issues and concerns, particularly during the genuine cycles of referring to: Organizations’ need to safeguard their freedoms and qualifications. A piece of this is guaranteeing that rental reports are addressed appropriately and suitably by their inhabitants. A landowner reference form can make it more straightforward for Landlords to know the things that they need to intently investigate when referring to exercises. This can empower them to get the most out of the methodology, which can then result in a sound and deferential landowner-occupant relationship.

A landowner reference form can be saved by the landlord for the following reasons: There is a great deal of individual data that is demonstrated in the landowner reference letter. Consequently, the landowner can utilize this report at whatever point there is a need to refresh the records of the tenant. A portion of the details in the landowner reference form can likewise be utilized for reasons such as examinations and surveys, occupancy pattern identification, business-to-client relationship improvement, and business advancement. Make a point to give a disclaimer on how you intend to involve the things in the landlord reference form so your occupant can know about them.

Who Can Request a Reference Letter from the Landowner?

Occupants looking to lease new residential property from another landowner can demand that their past landlord write them a reference letter. Be that as it may, this is normally the situation when they have lived on the property for quite a while and have laid out a decent connection with the particular landowner. Then again, leaseholders who regularly move, starting with one residential property and then onto the next, may likewise request landowner reference letters. In any case, in this situation, they ought to look for references from past property managers who realize it is okay to furnish them with strong suggestions.

What to Include?

Landowners composing reference letters ought to give sufficient genuine data in their letters to assist new landlords with determining whether a given candidate is reasonable for the property.

Here are the fundamental details that you ought to consolidate in your landowner reference letter:

  • Your name, address, and email or telephone number
  • The principal fundamental thing about a successful reference letter from a past landowner is the shipper’s or essayist’s recognition of data and contact subtleties. The details to include in this segment include your name, street number, and contact data.

The sample shows how to include your landlord

John Anderson,
2222 Block Ave.
Mississauga, Lk 99801

After giving the data given above, leave a single clear line and give the date on which you are composing the letter, as displayed beneath in our landlord reference letter test:

April 18, 2023
Beneficiary’s data

The landowner reference letter ought to likewise incorporate the beneficiary’s name and address. Incorporate the beneficiary’s right title, like Mr./Mrs./Ms., contingent upon their orientation, before their name and address.

The example below further explains the most proficient method to design this part of your landowner reference letter:

Mr. John Sath,
1342 Regina Road,
Prospect, AK 9966

Formal welcome

Toward the start of your reference letter from the property manager, compose a conventional welcome utilizing their right title and last name. Remembering a formal and customized greeting for the reference letter lays out a cheerful tone essential for building compatibility with the letter’s beneficiary.

Test Landlord reference letter welcoming/greeting:

Dear Mr. James,


The subsequent stage expects you to give an initial passage that promptly conveys the letter’s motivation and catches the peruser’s eye. Then, at that point, as is customary with any reference/suggestion letter, you ought to present the tenant and portray all their relevant rental data. This involves giving the inhabitant’s name, the actual location of the property the tenant leased, the specific dates of tenure, month-to-month lease amounts, and the sort of tenure arrangement (e.g., rent or month-to-month) that the inhabitant marked.

If is conceivable, incorporate a particular agreement of the tenure understanding that the occupant didn’t stick to, like late instalment infringement, to empower the property manager to settle on the particular candidate.

For additional elaboration on the most proficient method to compose this part of the landowner reference letter, see the example given below:

This reference letter is to suggest Kevin Hells, who was my previous occupant at the Square side in Prospect, AK 99801, between November 2018 and May 2022. Ms. Kevin leased a condo in building A, unit number 7, On the perplexing’s most memorable floor. She consented to a rent arrangement on December 1, 2018, with a month-to-month lease of $1,480, payable in full every month. Ms. Hekins was perhaps the most dependable occupant I have ever had. She generally paid all her leases on time and abused no terms of our rent agreement.


The body of the landlord reference letter ought to portray your insight into the tenant. The part can be composed using either a solitary body passage or more sections. By and large, this part of your landowner reference letter ought to dive into the inhabitant’s way of behaving, which shows their unwavering quality as an occupant.

To assist planned landowners with coming to an educated conclusion about the decision about whether to lease to this specific tenant, you ought to give all the relevant data about the inhabitant’s lead inside your investment property, including whether the tenant kept up with your investment property, any sure pet encounters, or pet infringement (if pertinent).

Survey the example body passage gave underneath and use it as a source of the perspective moment that composing your property manager reference letter’s body:

Ms. Henkins was a commendable occupant. She never irritated her neighbours and kept up with outright regard for the property she leased. I have never gotten complaints from my different tenants about her or her guests. She generally kept the condo spotless, clean, and in legitimate condition. For the whole time frame that Ms. Henkins has been my occupant, her direction has forever been remarkable, and I should praise her for that.


The last part of your reference letter from the landowner ought to emphasize why you feel your previous occupant is the best possibility for leasing the particular property. Express your trust in the occupant’s capacity to keep a spotless and safe living climate for them as well as their neighbours, a quality that most landlords frequently search for while choosing planned occupants. Subsequently, give your contact data, such as a dependable email address or cell phone number.

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