10+ Free Timeline Templates (Word / Excel / Powerpoint)

Most projects typically include the utilization of a timetable outline, a device that gives a simple to-understand history of the task. In light of this, the readers can decide continuous examples and patterns. The course of events likewise has a significant impact in project the board. For example, it’s utilized to delineate cut-off times, achievements, and other significant occasions and dates over the span of the project. It obviously attaches the objectives of the task to the significant dates. Likewise, it additionally permits project supervisors to make explanations on the archive to show the real advancement of the project.

What is a timeline template?

A timetable is a show of the ordered succession of occasions along a line that permits the readers to comprehend the connections between the various occasions rapidly. Some course of events models has a plain order, while others have yearly passages. Some are even simply reasonable. Timelines are every now and again used to represent infographics by joining realistic pictures and message to improve introductions. Course of events formats are visual guides that show the progression of time and can incorporate charts, visual components, and text.

Types of timeline templates

To make a timeline, you can look over numerous sorts of templates. Prior to picking the template to utilize, it’s critical to consider your desired information. For example, do you intend to make a set of experiences, timeline template or a wedding timeline template? Should the occasions in the timeline stringently stream in sequential order? The kind of timeline relies upon the information. Here are the different kinds to look over:

Gantt chart

Likewise called a horizontal bar chart, this is a template that pictures how you will monitor a project. The flowing even bar chart contains the project tasks and how they’re all connected with one another as the project pushes ahead. Many project supervisors consider this as the ideal timeline when they need to arrange dates, spans, assets, and tasks, whether the scale is huge or little.

Vertical bar chart

This demonstrates helpful in monitoring time against sums like a timeline that actions cash gathered for an occasion or even development. Over the long haul, the vertical bars will develop taller as the measures of cash increment on the y-axis. The vertical development assists you with envisioning the increase rapidly. An upward bar chart timelines is exceptionally helpful for finance groups and business examiners.

Static timeline

This is a course of events that imagines the occasions in a particular plan or progression request throughout a given time span. The occasions in the diagram ought to follow an exact request, beginning with the main occasion on the left side and the latest ones on the right. This is a powerful outline to show authentic occasions.

Static timeline

Both the sequential and vertical charts are sorts of static timelines since the data they give doesn’t change or move. Since you present the information simultaneously, there’s compelling reason need to examine a passage to get more details.

Interactive timeline

Likewise called a powerful timeline, the diagram empowers the readers to scroll, change, or travel through the information progressively. It likewise takes into account collaboration with complex data to find new bits of knowledge. This is an ideal chart for projects that keep going for quite some time as it includes enormous measures of information to dissect to distinguish trends and patterns.

Who can utilize timeline templates?

As a result of its simplicity in sharing information, a timeline graphic is currently utilized in a few projects. A visual timeline, for example, shares more details with only one look contrasted with blocks of text. It’s an important device in occasion the executives, business and promoting, and project arranging. A timeline helps in the representation of complicated information. From business situations to historical occasions, it assists with perception to make complex data straightforward. Here are individuals who can exploit timelines:

Students and teachers

On account of their common sense, timelines have turned into a fundamental piece of the study hall. They permit students to effectively participate in the growing experience while making it simpler for them to retain dates and occasions, figure out data, and envision the sequential request of authentic patterns or occasions.

Project directors

Timelines are extremely helpful in project the board for colleagues to outwardly monitor activities and perceive how every occasion connects with the others. Take, for example, a Gantt chart, one in the event that not the most famous timelines utilized by project supervisors. With this diagram, they can arrange for every one of the tasks so complicated projects become more straightforward to coordinate and make due.

Business analysts

Utilizing intuitive timelines, investigators can filter through a lot of perplexing data to reveal valuable experiences. This empowers them to distinguish examples and patterns and present these in a more fathomable manner without any problem. They can likewise utilize timelines templates to outline the start to finish of a venture by making an analyst schedule.


While concentrating on history, courses of events likewise demonstrate their value since historians can utilize them to delineate the progressions that happen over the long haul and successfully show the sequence of specific occasions. From this, students of history can utilize timelines to show what occurs, when, and how long passes between occasions.

Free Timeline Templates

You can download timeline templates free of cost from our website and customise it as per your need.

How would I make a timeline?

Making a timeline is conceivable in various ways. To make a graphical portrayal of a succession of undertakings or occasions, utilize a SmartArt realistic timeline. Subsequent to making the draft of the timelines, you can add more details, change tones and designs, or apply favored styles. Here are ways to make a timeline template: Conclude what the timeline will show. Timelines should have titles that distinguish the project or occasion they plan to delineate. Place the proper title at the highest point of the format.

Make the timeline

Conclude what part you need to make first. On the off chance that it’s for a task, indicate the date when the work will begin and when it ought to get finished. For this, make a flat bar in the template. Add the beginning and end dates of every occasion beginning from the one on the left.

Choose the timeline’s scale

In view of the absolute length of an opportunity to delineate, partition the timelines into equivalent areas. Utilize little vertical lines or runs and mark them appropriately. For example, on the off chance that you have a timeline that covers one year, partition it into months. Partition one day into hours, etc.

Missing time

In the event that there’s a range of time with no movement, sidestep one of the fragments in the timeline to show a delay.

Add the events

Whenever occasions happen or assignments get finished, show these utilizing little focuses or circles along the line. Associate an upward line and expand it from the base or top contingent upon how much space there is in the template. Toward the finish of the vertical line, draw a crate and write the name of the task or occasion to finish.

Add visual elements

Adding designs and pictures to show occasions is really smart, as these add lucidity while expanding the visual appearance of the timeline.

Launch the program

There is a decision to either open another record or a current template.

  • In the menu bar, Wen you click the Insert tab > SmartArt. This gives the choice to choose from different SmartArt Graphics. To make a timeline, select one of the templates and snap Process > Simple timeline.
  • Attempt various templates and styles to see which one is ideal.

Add the information

  • In the wake of choosing the Simple timeline, you will see 3 placeholders and achievements.
  • Click the Milestones [Text] or utilize the text sheet. Utilizing the last option permits you to effortlessly add more achievements.
  • Click Enter for to add more list items. Word naturally changes the font size contingent upon the number of occasions or how much text you that info.
  • The milestones are evenly situated on the hub with similar distance between them regardless of the number of dates you that additional.

Customize the timeline

One fantastic component of Word is that it offers multiple ways of styling the timeline. The manner in which you set font properties, tones, and more will influence the entire outline of the timeline. A client might demand to have their font type and brand colours on the course of events layout. You can change these subtleties effectively with only two or three ticks. SmartArt likewise offers different templates to change the presence of the timeline. In the menu bar, click SmartArt Plan and open the menu for SmartArt Styles to peruse different choices.

Change the font properties for the occasions

With Word, you can change the font, font tone, font weight, and different properties utilizing Rich Text Designing. Pick the text you need to change and utilize the Rich Word processor to change the fonts.

Change the positions and colours of the achievements

Select any of the milestones on your timeline by tapping on the right button of the mouse. This opens a menu from which you can alter the blueprint tone, fill colour, and different properties of the achievement chose. Word additionally permits you to utilize Simplified to move the places of the milestones, evenly or in an upward direction. Repositioning milestones nearer to their graphic texts makes it simpler to make the right associations between the images and text.

The most effective method to utilize project timeline format in Excel

A project timeline template is a visual portrayal of the sequential succession of tasks or occasions in a project. It includes a progression of tasks relegated to groups or people that need to get finished inside a set time span. With Excel, you can make a timeline template utilizing two techniques:

Use SmartArt tools

Utilizing SmartArt tools is the most ideal choice when you really want to make an essential and straightforward project timeline in Excel. Here are the moves toward do this:

  • Click Insert tab on the undertaking board at the top.
  • Click Supplement a SmartArt Realistic.


  • Search for the Essential Course of events outline type and snap it.
  • Alter the text on a case by case basis to mirror the data in the project timeline.
  • You can add however many fields depending on the situation in the SmartArt text box. Do this by hitting Enter in the text sheet to open an exchange box. Excel likewise permits you to change the SmartArt timeline design in the wake of embedding text. You can transform it to a fundamental bar outline, line graph, or a stacked bar diagram.
  • Take a stab at exploring different avenues regarding the different variety plans for charts in the SmartArt Plan tab. Utilizing the SmartArt realistic device is great for undeniable level project timeline where you can show every one of the critical achievements of the project. However, this probably won’t be sufficient to show the exercises in general and assignments that lead up to those achievements. In such a case, you can pick the subsequent technique.

Scatter plot chart

These are charts that show exceptionally complex data of interest at a solitary look. To do this, first lay the reason for the chart by making an information table with the fundamental data that might incorporate due dates, achievement or project names, need levels, and other important data. While adding the dates to the timeline, try to organize the cells to show the right arrangement for the date. Produce a scatter plot outline by following these means:

  • Click and drag the information table to choose it
  • Click Insert in the top menu
  • Click Scatter chart icon
  • Pick the design of the chart

In the wake of making the disperse plot graph, begin arranging it to plainly show the information of your timetable. Here are the means:

  • Select the chart
  • Click Chart Design on the assignment sheet on top
  • Click Add Chart Element icon
  • Add a Data Label and Information Callout
  • Alter the title of the chart

Keep testing to redo the outline further. customize this chart is a touch more multifaceted than SmartArt designs, it probably won’t be the most ideal decision for flat timelines.


Timeline templates are essentially perfect assuming you want to make a rundown of occasions, steps or cycles in sequential request or on the other hand if you have any desire to check a few milestones! Never miss a key activity, a date or a cut-off time once more! They are exceptionally visual, clear to understand and coherent. What will you track down in these slides? We have added many timelines: curved, straight, looking like a street, hand-drawn, formal… You pick! Their designs are differed, so you can choose your own one relying upon the reason: school, business, showcasing… not surprisingly, blue, yellow and red prevail furthermore, you will likewise find symbols that you can connect with your timeline.

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