Free Data Analyst Resume Examples & Templates (Word)

free data analyst resume example

As associations gather a consistently expanding measure of data, the job of the data analyst has become more significant than at any time in recent memory. A data analyst is responsible for deciphering complex informational collections and transforming them into significant insights that can drive informed decisions across the business.


Obligations of Data Analyst

Data analysts are responsible for gathering, cleaning, and dissecting enormous informational collections to distinguish patterns, examples, and bits of knowledge. They utilize factual strategies, AI procedures, and information representation devices to decipher complex informational indexes and make an interpretation of them into significant bits of knowledge that drive business choices. Data analysts work together with cross-utilitarian groups to comprehend their information needs and give proposals because of the information examination. They make reports, dashboards, and representations to introduce information clearly and concisely to partners. Also, they recognize regions for process improvement and prescribe answers to enhance business tasks. Generally speaking, a data analyst assumes a basic role in changing information into important bits of knowledge that drive informed dynamics across an association.


Instructions to Make a Compelling CV for Data Analyst

As a profoundly scientific and thorough data analyst, your CV plays an essential role in displaying your abilities and experience to likely managers. Your CV ought to feature your skill in dissecting complex informational collections, distinguishing patterns and examples, and giving significant bits of knowledge to drive business choices. In this article, we will investigate the key components that make up a successful data analyst’s CV, including important abilities, training, and expert experience. We will likewise talk about how to convey your accomplishments and present your capabilities to stand apart from the opposition. Whether you are an accomplished data analyst hoping to refresh your CV or a rookie in the field looking for direction, this article will give you important bits of knowledge to assist you with finding serious areas of strength for a successful CV.

Choose an Ideal Resume Design

Being great isn’t generally sufficient; you should supplement your range of abilities with an incredible resume. As a data analyst, you need to guarantee that you focus on the details. Coming up next are the different sorts of resume designs and their proper purposes:

  • Sequential CV: This is the most well-known design, where your work experience is recorded backwards in sequential order, beginning with your latest position. This configuration is great if you have a steady work history and need to exhibit your career progression.
  • Practical CV: This configuration centres around your abilities and experience instead of your work history. You can feature your abilities, accomplishments, and capabilities, and give instances of how you’ve used them in past jobs.
  • Mix CV: This configuration consolidates the sequential and useful arrangements, featuring both your work history and abilities. You can begin with a synopsis of your abilities and accomplishments, followed by an ordered posting of your work insights.
  • Designated CV: This configuration is custom-fit to a particular job or industry, featuring your abilities and experiences pertinent to the gig you’re applying for. You can tweak your CV to stress your skill in unambiguous areas of data analysis, for example, data visualization or AI.

Give a resume header

Your resume header ought to contain the following details:

  • Your complete name and any important accreditations you hold, where appropriate.
  • Your degree of involvement (e.g., “section level” or “senior level”) and other pertinent data about your title.
  • Guarantee you give a business email and telephone number for the recruiter to contact you if vital.
  • Incorporate a connection to your portfolio site, a LinkedIn profile, or a store on your GitHub to show your work, cooperative, and networking abilities.

A typical resume header for a data analyst can be delineated below: Mucus Thomson (Senior Data Analyst) Google Data Analysis Certification [email protected]. +1 – 235 – 654-889. Include your statement Summary and objective statements are comparable in that the two of them sell you momentarily and compellingly to the business as they go through your resume. The two statements can be utilized, contingent upon the concentration and particulars of the situation.


Summary proclamation

This is a concise statement at the highest point of your resume that shows the potential manager your characteristics and why you are ideal to get everything taken care of. You can write the summary statement as per the approach shown below: Experienced data analyst with 7 years of involvement working with 12 organizations to coordinate, examine, and decipher information to pursue vital business choices. Skilled at using subjective and quantitative investigation principles to accumulate and improve analytics processes, further developing work productivity by 25%, and finishing projects three months early.


Objective explanation

An objective statement is a concise assertion toward the start of a CV that frames the competitor’s professional objectives and what they desire to accomplish by getting the work they are applying for A typical example is A recent graduate hoping to protect a Data Analyst situation with ABC Organization, where proficient specialized and insightful abilities will be a staggering resource for the organization. The primary contrast between the two kinds of statements is that a summary statement centres around the competitor’s abilities and achievements, while an objective assertion centres around the up-and-comer’s vocation objectives and goals. An objective assertion is frequently utilized by section-level competitors or those hoping to change career ways to motion toward bosses what sort of occupation they are searching for.


Provide a work section insight

While composing the work experience part of a resume, it is critical to feature your achievements and the effect you have had on the associations you have worked for. Here are a few hints on what to include:

  • List your work history in switch chronological request, beginning with your latest work and going in reverse.
  • For each work, incorporate your work title, the name of the organization, and the dates you worked there.
  • Use list items to portray your obligations and achievements. Begin every list item with an activity action word to make your accomplishments convincing.
  • Measure your achievements with numbers, rates, or dollar amounts at every possible opportunity. This will assist with exhibiting the effect you’ve played in your past parts.
  • Feature particular abilities or devices you utilized in every job, like SQL, Python, or Tableau.
  • Tailor your depictions to the gig you are applying for, zeroing in on the abilities and experience that are generally applicable to the position.

Here is an example of a resume section Examined customer data utilizing SQL and Excel to recognize patterns and examples, bringing about a 15% increment in client maintenance and a 10% expansion in income. Or then again -Teamed up with cross-utilitarian groups to distinguish business necessities and plan data models for business insight and reporting purposes. Or then again -Made perceptions and reports utilizing Tableau and Power BI to introduce experiences to partners, bringing about more informed decision-making.

Another Example

Senior Data Analyst ABC Organization, France 2015-2020

  • Utilized many software SQL and Cloudera to break down the information and made the report within the given time limit.
  • Utilizing SQL, Python, and Excel further developed consumer loyalty by 25%.
  • Prepared a group of 12 information experts soon.
  • Driven the organization to the highest point of the most precisely broken down data-providing organizations.

Include an education section

Most data analyst jobs will require a four-year certification in information science, business examination, software engineering, or different measurement-related fields. Although these certifications are favorable, you can in any case find a new line of work as a data analyst without them. You can include any statistics course or a web-based affirmation course in data science in your resume’s education area. Your education section should look like this:


MSc. Software Engineering and Insights, 2017-2018 Massachusetts Foundation of Innovation, Massachusetts, USA

List your certifications accurately

The certification part of a data analyst’s CV should exhibit your important certificates and prepare programs that show your skill in data. Here are a few hints on the most proficient method to compose this part:

  • Begin by posting your certifications in switch sequential request, with the latest certification first.
  • Incorporate the name of the certification, the responsible association, and the date you got it.
  • Assuming the certificate has a lapse date, incorporate that also.
  • On the off chance that you have different accreditations, sort out them into pertinent classifications, for example, Data Analysis Instruments, Factual Investigation, or AI.

Incorporate your technical and soft skills

This part gives the reader an outline of your assets. As a data analyst, you should have a strong comprehension of illustrative and inferential statistics that permits you to grasp the personal conduct standards of customers, significant classifications, and other basic business data. Here you will find an example of the technical skills section of a data analyst’s resume

  • Amazing information on Python, Information Perception, SQL, and Information Cleaning.
  • Master client of Microsoft Excel, Minitab projects, and SAS Enterprise Miner.
  • Except if you have a certificate for these specialized abilities, which you ought to remember for the certificate area, posting your specialized abilities in this manner is alright.
  • There is a wide assortment of delicate abilities that data scientists can exhibit to support their possibilities of work and at last, make them important resources for the organization.

Another example of soft skills

  • Basic thinker, and a solid cooperative person, with inventive critical thinking skills.
  • Commonsense relational skills and effectiveness in fulfilling time constraints.
  • Mechanically wise to assist with relating information to end clients in a more easy-to-use approach.
  • Incorporate any relevant sections (if necessary)

Remembering extra sections for a data analyst’s CV can assist with featuring the singular’s particular skills, encounters, and accomplishments past their work insight and schooling. These extra sections can give a more far-reaching image of the competitor’s capacities and interests and can assist them with standing apart from different candidates.

A few extra sections that can be incorporated:

The Tasks area can grandstand any information investigation or AI projects that the applicant has chipped away at. This can incorporate the issue articulation, the approach utilized, the information sources, the instruments and methods utilized, the outcomes accomplished, and any representations or reports produced. The Distributions segment can list any exploration papers, contextual analyses, or articles that the up-and-comer has written or co-created in the field of data analysis. This can show thought authority and ability in the field. The Honors and awards segment can list any honours, grants, or respects that the examiner has gotten for their work in data analysis. This can incorporate scholarly honours, proficient honours, or acknowledgement from industry affiliations or distributions. The Expert Memberships segment can list any expert associations or affiliations that the competitor is an individual from. This can show a commitment to proceeding with schooling and keeping current with the best techniques and patterns in the data analysis industry. The Volunteer effort section might grandstand at any point any humanitarian effort or local area administration that the competitor has taken part in, especially assuming it is connected with data analysis or technology. This can exhibit an energy for the field and a longing to utilize one’s abilities to have a constructive outcome.

Tips to Consider

Your capacity to sort out all of your data into an expert-looking resume separates you from the opposition. The following are a few fundamental variables to consider while making your resume:

Appropriate formatting

Follow these ways to make an expertly organized continue:

  • Utilize a reasonable and simple-to-understand textual style, like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman.
  • Keep the font size between 10-12 focuses to guarantee that the text is comprehensible.
  • Use list items to coordinate data and make it simpler to peruse.
  • Utilize striking and italic arranging to feature significant data, like segment headings or key achievements.
  • Utilize a perfect and straightforward format with a lot of blank areas to make the resume sample to check.
  • Utilize predictable organizing throughout the resume, like a similar textual style, size, and style for headings and list items.
  • Utilize an expert tone and try not to utilize shoptalk or casual language.
  • Guarantee that the edges are steady and that the whole resume fits on a couple of pages.
  • Edit and clean the resume
  • Try to edit and alter your resume cautiously, checking for spelling and grammatical errors, organizing irregularities, and generally clearness. Have another person survey it too to get a new point of view.

Tailor your resume for each work

Adjust your resume to fit the set of working responsibilities you look for. For instance, as an information examiner knowledgeable in Microsoft Excel and Python, on the off chance that you go after a position where Python is the principally acknowledged programming language, you ought to consider changing your resume to feature your Python abilities. What’s more, if you have finished projects or have experience straightforwardly relevant to the position you look for, incorporate them, as they work on your possibilities of getting shortlisted for a meeting.

Use activity action words

Activity action words major areas of strength are words that assist in unequivocally conveying your accomplishments and obligations more. Utilizing activity action words can assist with making your resume more significant and exhibit your abilities and accomplishments all the more. While utilizing activity action words, try to involve them in the past tense (e.g., “examined information to distinguish patterns”) to feature your previous encounters and achievements. Consolidating activity action words in your resume can make it more unique and lock in. A few instances of activity action words that can be utilized in an information examiner’s resume are:

  • Investigated
  • Imagined
  • Deciphered
  • Created
  • Worked together
  • Advanced
  • Carried out
  • Assessed
  • Created
  • Recognized

Make the CV ATS agreeable

The Candidate Global positioning framework, or ATS, is programming used to channel candidates’ resumes. This product checks for explicit watchwords in the application; if a candidate’s resume doesn’t contain the right catchphrases, the candidate might be precluded naturally by ATS, regardless of whether they are generally equipped for the position. In this way, guarantee your resume has every one of the watchwords referenced as part of the set of working responsibilities.

Free Templates & Resume Examples

You can download the data analyst resume template from the website free of cost and amend it according to your requirements.


  • It is vital to demonstrate the way that you can take scientific discoveries and transform them into something that will return benefit your bosses.
  • As a data analyst, your specialized abilities are fundamental. Feature your skill in programming dialects, information perception devices, and measurable examination programming.
  • Share the full extent of your most critical ventures.
  • Utilize explicit instances of ventures or examinations you play finished in past parts to exhibit your abilities and experience.
  • All your specialized abilities and encounters ought to be recorded in your work history segment.
  • Give an itemized record of related knowledge and training while going after a position. Feature any pertinent training or certificates, like a degree in measurement or a certificate in a programming language.

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