20 Free Creative Brief Templates [MS Word]

A creative brief template is a document that tells about the creative approach and delivery of new marketing and advertising campaigns. Further, it connects the creative work which after requests broad the business goals by clearly outlining the strategy of the campaign. When you finish them well these documents are important in boosting the creativity and the team remain focus.

What is a Creative Brief?

The term creative brief is very common in the advertising field. It is the first step in creating and developing all types of materials like advertisements, websites and promotional videos, etc.

It is defined as a small document. Mostly project managers and professionals use it for creating and developing different materials. Further, they use such materials in communication, marketing and advertising campaigns. Moreover, a well made brief document is from 1-2 pages in length. This is enough to explain all the components. Further, it develops before the design phase. It clears the strategy for communication and the context which can ensure that all creative deliverables will produce in alignment with the strategy.

The reason for such a document is it produces by the requesting party or a customer. It also makes and gives to define clearly what is the expectation of deliverables and the strategy for communication it is aligned with. A great creative brief example is to inspire your whole team to inspiration on new ideas and communication strategies to solve the specific problem. In Addition, when you gather all the facts, you make your team in a position that they will be able to find the best creative solution.

Creative Brief Templates:

These are templates for marketing and advertising campaigns. You just discuss in this template the date and time of the shoot, client name, address and phone number, client story and brand identity and colours. A convincing document is important for guiding the team. Further, they are developing materials and creating the messages which fit into the communication strategy of the company and make it successful.

Moreover, completing such a brief is not such a task that can be completed by one man or woman. In Addition, you need such a team of professionals who came from different fields. They will be able to explain in detail the message which the creative piece means to put across.

Benefits of Making a Brief Template

A creative brief is a document that develops during the definition phase of the creative development process. However, its purpose is to encourage the creative team and give them information about marketing, branding and demographics. It helps build the foundation for the creative team to come up with and create deliverables for the customer.

A great brief contains the following best questions. These are:

  • What is the project?
  • The project is for whom?
  • Reason for doing the project?
  • How should the project be carried out?

There was a tie when customers make a complete brief which is part of their requirements. If not, then the customer will collaborate with the creative team to develop the brief. These documents are essential because they are advantageous for both the customers and the creative team. Here are few benefits:

Benefits to the Customer:

  • You can easily clear all the objectives and goals of the project.
  • Communicates all the assumptions and facts.
  • Allow all the stakeholders to provide input for the project.
  • Agreement with the customer’s company.
  • Provides the foundation for the assessment.
  • It also embraces the designers responsible for the result.
  • Another feature is serving as an indication of metrics for success.

Creative team benefits:

  • Gives the background information for the design.
  • Discloses the facts, truths and insights about the brand.
  • It is exposing the personality, preferences and values of the customer.
  • It is high-pointing buy-in the customer.
  • Gives explanation about the designs.
  • Quite helpful in scope creep from occurring.
  • They inform all the team members of the creative team.
  • It provides the criteria for assessment.

A document is like a creative brief should be one or two pages only. The creative team members don’t have time to read through too many pages and think about the particular project. As a result, it can delay their creativity and therefore delay in mediocre projects or design. In Addition, this is important to have a look at different briefs. That’s why it is important that which type you know when the need arises.

Examples About Creative Brief:

There are different examples available regarding creative briefs. The creative team review them and see them according to the situation to take help from them. Similarly, a great creative brief works as a formal and semi-formal report in which companies create for a particular project. Further, it depends on company owners that they select a team internally for a creative brief. However, another option is to outsource to another company or organization.

Concept About Project:

In this, we define the different features of a specific project. However, when we made brief the purpose is to present the value, need and reason of the project. Different sections deal with it. For instance, concept, design, implementation and finances. The combination of all these is important for making a successful project. Further, the document length varies because some projects need more details as compare to others. Suppose if don’t answer all questions in the document then you make up a follow-up brief.

Business Objectives:

In this type, the brief represents the goals, objectives of a company. However, they use to achieve the standard of business practices. Further, you need to focus as compare to the project brief. In Addition, this type of brief explains how the goal or objective will increase the profits of the business. In other words, how a company will boost through particular activity. Moreover, this is one of the best briefs in the business.

What we offer as a value proposition:

This brief type is a more specific and detailed one. However, the company is looking for such a brief where expenses bring a big change to business operations. However, the proposition needs to establish how the business will establish from such a big expense. Further, this type of brief must outline why it is essential. The specific benefits which will receive as long term benefits which will derive from them. This type of brief is typically shorter because it is focused on a single item. These are the most common made briefs in the business. However, if you think these don’t fit you can check new online creative briefs.

Templates for Creative Briefs

The creative brief template has no specific and fixed format. However, you can make using word processing software. Further, you can use a template for your organization each time you need it. But you have to create a new brief for every project. That’s why you need to include all project details each time. To be able to make an effective brief, you need to know what are the important elements. Let see the details:

Company Description:

It’s important to give details about your company to the designer or creative team. Similarly, it will help to get the context of the project as well as the nature of the business. Further, you can build links to your website and any background material which may help the creative team.

The Project Summary:

Speak about the project and its need. Further, describe the project. What’s it about and all other information which will be helpful for the creative team to do the project creatively.

Explanation about your objectives:

This is the most important part of the whole document. Further, you need to think about strategies and objectives in detail about the project underway. Moreover, you need to see why you need a project and what are your expectations with the project and what are project objectives. In Addition, if you are solving a problem you need to think about how you will measure the success of the project. Therefore, these detail will help the creative team to understand the project and provide a better solution.

The Target Audience:

During the starting of your project think about your target audience. Further, you should share information with demographics and behavioural insights.

Deliverables Required:

You should make a plan about all deliverables which creative team require. Further, you need to provide file formats, size information and any other essential details. This is because that the creative team will be able to deliver the rights assets of your company.

Information For Competition:

You should keep in mind your competitors when you are making a brief. You should enter an overview or summary of the competition as well as trends and market conditions that will impact your industry. In your project, you can include comparisons with your competitors.

The details for Tone and style of the Project:

The message, tone and style should match with your brand. Further, it will show what your project is what are you trying to achieve the project and what action you want from your customers. Moreover, you make sure you incorporate any messages and strategic positioning which needs to deal with. The reason is your creative team come with aligning your project objectives.

Scheduling of the Project:

If you have a schedule or fixed date for your project include it in brief. Make sure you discuss with your creative team and tell them about your completion date. Therefore, it’s a good idea to discuss the creative process especially when it’s fixed time.

Project Budget: check your project budget and put it in your brief. Similarly, you should discuss with your project team and if they are making more estimates, You should argue and make them agree to the project budget. This is ideal if you agree before starting the project.

Major Stakeholders List:

The major stakeholders are an important part of the project. Whenever there is any discussion you should include them and you should have their contact information. Further, you should provide feedback about the project and how you would like to receive deliverables which already been completed.

You should keep these elements in mind when you are making a document. Further, you need to check everything is covered. As a result, you will make it brief, thorough and effective and easy to understand.


A creative brief template which uses for marketing and advertising campaigns. You can develop different materials like advertisements, websites and promotional videos. This is not a task of one man and woman but you need a team of professionals from different fields. They work as a team and make the project brief as per expectation and within the schedule and budget. You can find many types of creative briefs free from the internet and you can customize as per your need.

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