Printable Bicycle Bill of Sale Form (Word / PDF)

A bicycle bill of sale form is a report that records the lawful buy and offer of a bike between a dealer and purchaser and offers confirmation of the difference in possession. This record will give data concerning the distinguishing proof of the bike, the expense of the deal and marks recognizing the deal between the gatherings.

What is a Bicycle Bill of Sale?

The Bicycle Bill of Sale structure is a report used to record the legitimate buy or exchange of a bicycle from the purchaser to the merchant. Consider it a receipt. It gives evidence of possession by portraying the fine subtleties of the bicycle up for procurement, the expense of the bicycle (if any) as well as the purchaser and dealer’s marks of understanding.

For what reason Do I Need a Bicycle Bill of Sale?

A Bike Bill of Sale is significant for various reasons.

It gives records and verification of proprietorship.

Helps follow back the historical backdrop of the bicycle (if it was taken).

It offers a feeling of safety that can safeguard the purchaser or merchant on the occasion the bicycle was taken or utilized in criminal behaviour before or after the exchange.

It is perfect for speedy and simple “With no guarantees” deals.

The Where and How of Selling a Bicycle

There are lots of bicycle snatchers hoping to sell bicycles they take for fast and simple money. So here’s our recommendation on the where and how of selling your bicycle.


It’s more secure to offer your bicycle to individuals you know or to legitimate athletic gear shops. If you need to offer to an outsider (either on the web or through a news promotion), then, at that point, meet and make the trade in a public spot with a lot of individuals around.


At the point when you are prepared to sell your bicycle, you want to do the accompanying things:

  • Clean your bicycle and every one of its parts.
  • Check to ensure every one of its parts work appropriately from the brakes, chains, and wheels.
  • Have a thought about what you’re expecting to sell your bicycle for. Odds are you must arrange the cost, so have a high sell mark and a low sell mark. Furthermore, try to be sensible with the cost – if not, you might experience difficulty finding a purchaser in a sensible period.
  • Contact companions, place advertisements or go to pawn or utilized hardware shops. Try to talk with every expected purchaser to find one ready to make the best cost.

Finally, meet the vender. complete the Bike Bill of Sale structure to conclude the deal, and move it to the new proprietor. You should also check the car bill of sale form.

Most Effective Method to Sell a Bicycle

Since bikes don’t need to comply with the more serious guidelines that engine vehicles do, the selling system is fairly basic once an intrigued purchaser has been found. Nonetheless, those starting the selling system have work to do if they have any desire to augment how much cash they can sell their bicycle for.

Stage 1 – Inspect the Bike

Search for any conspicuous wear or broken parts on the bike. Assuming they’re not difficult to fix, fixing them can further develop the value the bicycle can sell for. For intensely harmed bikes, selling them at a limited cost “with no guarantees” is the prescribed methodology because of the time, exertion, and cash expected for large fix occupations. This all relies upon the attractiveness of the bike. Top of the line bikes might just merit investing genuine energy assuming that it expands the last selling point by hundreds or even a great many dollars.

Is the bicycle collectable?

Assuming this is the case, let it be. Except if you run an expert rebuilding shop, the bicycle ought not to be contacted. Proficient authorities frequently favour the bicycle in its unique condition, and the choice of rebuilding is best passed on to those with critical involvement with esteeming collectables.

Stage 2 – Research Prices

Sorting out what to charge for your pre-owned bike is somewhat basic, and should be possible in practically no time. One can utilize the connections underneath to see the suggested selling cost, and afterwards change that cost contingent upon the state of the bicycle. Fundamentally new bikes must offer near the most expensive postings, and the converse circumstance applies to assume the bicycle is extremely old.

Bike Blue Book (Value Guide) – Enter the year, brand, model, and state of the bicycle to get the typical cost range.

Checkaflip – Uses current and recently offered eBay things to show the typical selling cost of explicit things, including bikes.

Stage 3 – List it Online

Before taking photos of the bicycle for the listing(s), wash it or essentially wipe down the bicycle to eliminate soil and other rubbish. While getting ready to take photographs, set everything up by putting the bicycle in an interruption-free climate. The purchaser isn’t keen on your carport or gleaming vehicle – they need to see the bicycle, and the bicycle as it were. Likewise, focus on the lighting – brightness from lights or the sun have to keep to a base. The objective is fundamental, clear photographs of the bicycle that permit the purchaser to decide if it is ideal for them. There are a few internet-based commercial centres that utilize for promoting bikes. Coming up next is a rundown of a couple of famous choices:

eBay – They possibly charge an expense when the thing sells.

Facebook Marketplace – Free to list.

Craigslist – A nearby commercial centre for selling bikes face to face. Free.

Optional Option – offer it to a physical shop

A speedy pursuit on Google can give the dealer a rundown of neighbouring pawn shops or utilized sporting gear stores. While helpful, be ready for a lowball offer, as the need might arise to flip it. Further, offer the bicycle for a greater expense to their clients. This is an extraordinary choice if the web-based posting hasn’t drawn in many (or any), intrigued purchasers, within 30 or 60 days of posting it.

Stage 4 – Complete the Transaction

When a closely involved individual proposes to buy the bike, you ought to start drafting the bill of offer. In any case, don’t sign it until the purchaser conveys the assets in full; this forestalls extortion and is particularly significant for online exchanges. Both the dealer and purchaser should sign the bill of offer. Usually, the finishing structure keeps by the purchaser, as they can hold it for confirmation that they are the genuine proprietor of the bicycle. Except if you anticipate selling it independently, furnish the purchaser with any documentation, embellishments, stands, and some other apparatuses or parts that initially accompanied the bicycle.

By and large, the cycle follows these means:

  • The bicycle analyzes for harm and fixed (if necessary).
  • Vender explores what their bicycle is now selling for.
  • Merchant records the bicycle on the web.
  • Vender and purchaser arrange and choose a cost.
  • The purchaser pays the vender for the bike.
  • Vender drafts the bill of offer.
  • The two players sign their names (with eSign or the hard way).
  • The purchaser keeps the first bill of offer; the vender can duplicate themselves if they wish.

What are the Elements of a bicycle bill of sale?

Components of a Bicycle Bill of Sale Form · Date of offer · Buyer’s name and address · Seller’s name and address · Specific bicycle data – Year, make, model.

How To Sell a Bicycle?

These are a few points which are key to remember.

  1. Inspect a Bike thoroughly,
  2. Is the Bicycle Collectable?
  3. How to list it online
  4. Transaction Completion


A bicycle bill of sale form is an authoritative report. Further, it uses to demonstrate that a purchaser bought a bike from a dealer for a predetermined measure of cash. Similarly, this archive is significant as it fills in as actually composed verification of the exchange. Further, it safeguards the new proprietor on the occasion they are examined concerning their legitimate responsibility for the bicycle. In Addition, particularly on the off chance that they endeavour to sell the bicycle sometime down the road.

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