Free Attendance Tracker Templates for Employee, Student and Meeting (Excel / Word / PDF)

Time off days means a lot to both the workers and their bosses. For the previous, get the chance for merited rests. Or on the other hand, they will want to go into a few individual matters. The last option, offers them breathing space in making plan changes for his representatives. The individuals who are intending to get some much-needed rest, either for downtime, debilitated time or crisis time. Data no time like the present off is constantly connected with or in light of employee attendance.

An attendance tracker will screen both participation and time-off days. It can give data about participation, leaves, and nonattendances. This tracker can give information on various inquiries. These incorporate a worker’s participation record, collected leaves, nonattendances, and lateness, and that’s just the beginning. Refreshing this tracker is significant. Do this so it can continuously give substantial and opportune data whenever when required. Concerning how significant an attendance tracker is, let us just apply it to a school climate. With it, instructors can shelter substitute cooperation in their classes. Lateness and unlucky deficiencies are additionally recorded. This will allow the educator the opportunity to determine understudy issues. She can ask them for what valid reason they were missing or in every case late for their classes. You could in fact screen self-taught understudies who involve attendance trackers for educators. These will record their scholastic activities.

For educators, attendance forms are not utilized exclusively for data gathering. They can involve the forms as a reason for a reward system in school. This applies to the more youthful students who need steady updates. The instructor can utilize it to feature the significance of regular attendance.

When applied to more established students, consistent absences might be a sign. There might be a lot further issues which will require quick consideration. Take, for example, a few students who might find it hard to conform to such circumstances. They need to confront conditions when they are away from home interestingly. Non-participation in their classes could be an outcome. Educators can follow the issue through their attendance tracker. From here the instructor can face the student about the issue. Then, at that point, they can cooperate in settling the issue. It’s additionally helpful for the people who are directing workshops, classes or instructional classes. Persistent non-attendance means that members aren’t happy with the course. A wavering attendance tracker ought to be a sign that you want to roll out certain improvements.

The mentor genuinely should get input from the members. Inquire as to why course introductions aren’t working and how she wants to acquire support. Tracking attendances are the underlying step for further developing cooperation as well as participation. It guarantees that everybody’s fulfilled.

Free Attendance Tracker Templates

For what reason do you want an attendance tracker?

Worker attendance trackers are not only for bosses. They are additionally for the actual representatives. This will act as a self-check taking look at gadgets on their attendance. They can screen the time they dedicate to the work environment.

They can likewise utilize it to register the most reliable sum they will get on their paycheck. A worker could alter his template for his representative attendance tracker.

Yet, a decent attendance tracker ought to be sufficiently fair to all workers. It ought to likewise contain the negatives. These remember unjustifiable benefits for lunch and late landings in the office. Here are a few justifications for why you want such a report:

With huge business foundations, a representative attendance tracker is exceptionally helpful. Without it, a business would track down it difficult to look at the attendance of every worker. Adequately just, the attendance tracking format can deal with this situation.

Utilizing a very planned template will make the business’ errand simple, and quick. You can utilize two layouts. One for the business to find worker attendance and the other one for the representatives. They can utilize it to work with demands for paychecks and for a long time off.

It’s useful for the business and the representative. For the previous, the layout will be a significant device in figuring payrolls. The right information gets recorded into the layout. Thus, precise and ideal payrolls are typically finished, thus without any problem.

With the template you use, you can diminish work expenses and increment proficiency. This will unquestionably be great for the business’ labour force. For the worker, the layout will act as a self-really look-at component.

The attendance template, thusly, turns into a valuable device. For the business, it’s a successful observing system. It’s likewise basically used to rapidly ascertain finance checks. This will consider fast conveyance to the representatives.

The worker, then again, can utilize the format to get exact payments. Then, at that point, he would feel better about work and the work environment.

Kinds of attendance tracker templates

An attendance tracking layout is for recording attendance. It very well may be for schools, business foundations, social clubs, and some more. It’s generally remained careful and secure by the client as it might contain confidential data.

In tracking attendance, the component of time is as essential to an association. Time is cash and when individuals know its worth, progress in accomplishing objectives comes more straightforward. The time component can incorporate participation, nonattendances, leaves, lateness and so forth. Alluding to the template will give an incredible method for tracking worker accessibility. Here are the two fundamental sorts of this template:

In schools, they use attendance trackers for educators. Teachers are likewise expected to sign in their attendance. Before, schools were scarcely observed for attendance. However, lately, most schools have their own month-to-month global tracking system.

Its application has made the undertaking of registering paychecks for instructors quicker. It has additionally killed the danger of time burglary by educators.

Associations, then again, use representative attendance trackers. At the point when overseen well, any association will run as expected. They ought to foster working systems so that no chance of time wastage.

Making standard attendance methodology for all representatives in observing time is critical. It will give the most data about a representative in an association.

Instructions to make your attendance tracker

Without a standard format, recording attendance can be chaotic and disordered. Instructors and managers actually should utilize an attendance tracking template.

Utilizing PC applications like Excel will improve making the template. You can make a basic yet extremely practical attendance sheet. Use it to monitor students or workers.

Excel is a strong application that you can use to make attendance layouts without any problem. These days, numerous associations rely upon Excel in tracking attendance for various purposes.

The product even has channels that can organize names sequentially. It might make postings with either the first or last name starting things out. Furthermore, that is only one component of Excel programming.

Learning Excel is just easy. Guidelines are straightforward. Yet, assuming you have an Excel master, that will be better. An Excel spreadsheet is in the shape of a table. It has sections assigned with letter set letters and rows, assigned with numbers. While utilizing Excel, think about these fundamental undertakings:

Sorting the names sequentially

  • Enter the names of members in the first column of your new worksheet.
  • Retype the first name utilizing the last name first, assuming that is what you need. Retype the second name in a similar request in an alternate cell.
  • Feature the cells with names by hauling your cursor through them. Then, at that point, click on the “Home” tab.
  • Click on the “Fill” option. You can see this in the “Editing” part of the strip.
  • You can choice the “Flash Fill” choice starting from the drop menu. This will consequently fill the remainder of the section with the names.
  • Right-click on the header of the absolute first column and pick “Delete.”
  • Feature every one of the names and snap the “Information” menu. From that point, you can click from the “A – Z Sort” symbol. Every one of the names ought to now show up in order and organized because of their last names.

Add the title and the days

  • Type your title that will come in the first cell. The name of your report appears in the second cell.
  • In the cells of the second column, type the days you would need to screen the attendance.
  • Drag your cursor from the first cell to the final remaining one with the last day to choose them. Right-click on the chosen cells and pick “Format Cells.” Snap on the “Alignment” tab then, at that point, tick the “Merge Cells” checkbox.

Design your sheet

  • Click the “View” tab. When there, click on the “Page Layout” symbol. You’ll perceive the way the spreadsheet would seem to be on a letter-sized page.
  • Assuming you’re tracking attendance month to month, change the direction. Do this by tapping the “Page Format” tab. Select “Orientation” then, at that point, click on “Landscape.”
  • Drag the cursor to choose the cells containing content. Click on the “Home” tab then, at that point, click on the “Fill” symbol. You will see an assortment of fill tones. You can do best selection on the spreadsheet.
  • You can change the font style tone as well. Select a variety that will balance well with the cell’s fill. Assuming that you need to, you can likewise change the Font Style and Size. Click on the bold icon for accentuation. Take a stab at highlighting the names and change their font styles, Sizes, and Varieties, as wanted.
  • Feature the cells in the first row and snap the “Home” tab. Then, click on the “Center Arrangement” symbol. Then, at that point, feature every one of the cells which contain the dates and put them in the centre arrangement.
  • Click on the “File” menu then select “Print” to print out your format.
  • Save the layout to your PC for some time later. To do this, click on the “File” menu and select “Save.”

Best Attendance Tracker Applications

Whether your business is medium or huge, you might require a gadget to track worker attendance. Fortunately, there is presently accessible programming that can find attendees. It could make life more straightforward for one who has the errand to oversee and screen representative attendances.

With an efficient means of overseeing attendance, you’ll see an improvement in efficiency. It will assist with making booking and payroll calculations consistent. The upside of attendance tracking programming is that there will be less impedance.

The product will do their capability all alone. There’s less opportunity for human blunders. Representatives will in any case need to time in and out or physically input their functioning hours. The product can likewise track get-away days, wiped out leaves, occasions, and other took care time.

Here is a few attendances tracking software that you might consider for your association:


This one has demonstrated its worth as is broadly utilized by numerous associations. The product flaunts numerous special elements. It can permit checking through GPS as well as web access.

Although it’s far-reaching, Hubstaff isn’t obtrusive for representatives. It’s straightforward and its natural connection point can assist with getting new representatives on board in the least time.

The product has a cutting-edge feel and representatives will find it simple to get familiar with its application.

Kronos Labor force Prepared

This is steady programming in the attendance tracking business sector. Yet, numerous cutting-edge organizations find it somewhat obsolete. The product accompanies its equipment. The product has a somewhat straightforward point of interaction.

In light of such, you’ll require additional time while utilizing it and can be overpowering for workers.

Replicon Time Join in

Utilizing this product makes for a simpler time frame while tracking attendance. An extraordinary decision for organizations recruits salaried workers. It may not be awesome however is surely far superior to a significant number of the competitions out there.

The bundle accompanies demos, free preliminaries, and execution workshops. Such elements will help in on-barricading and in effectively setting the framework.


It is one of the more famous and top-rated attendance tracking software on the lookout. It truly does well with groups which are in a hurry or doing them following on versatile.

You can get to this with portable and work area applications. Your representatives can likewise sign in through Twitter or instant messages so they can record their work hours. This has basic onboarding and a decent UI. Furthermore, to gain proficiency with the system, it accompanies client guides.


In the same way as other others, this one is likewise a decent attendance tracker. It likewise offers its equipment. It’s great for private ventures however can in any case adapt and perform well in greater organizations.

Being cloud-based requires no establishment. Onboarding is somewhat simple even with client experience appraised at medium.


This Employee attendance tracker format will permit you to track the attendance of every one of your representatives initially. Utilize this attendance sheet in Excel to make an expert-looking worker attendance record. This is an available format.

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